Why You Shouldn't Ignore Recessed and Pot Lights

Dim, shadowy rooms can be greatly illuminated by using pot lights. When a pot light is installed along the ceiling, the wiring and other components are concealed, leaving only the light source and its framing trim visible. In low-ceilinged areas, the flush-to-the-ceiling profile is a necessity, but in most cases, I find it to be a welcome addition, as it allows for more uniform illumination.

When pot lights were introduced, it ushered in a new era of convenient and efficient home lighting. The days of relying on a combination of lamps and that one central light hanging in the middle of the room are long gone. As a result of the recessed lighting, lighting at a lower cost Into Our Houses With Newer Ceiling Designs Still, you should weigh the benefits and drawbacks of using pot lights before deciding where and when to put them to use.

A Few Bathrooms With Pot Lights On the left is Acorn Communities, and on the right is Precision Custom Homes.


Recessed LOTUS LED lighting was installed in Holmes Family Rescue buildings. In North America, these ultra-thin recessed LED lights are a staple in the practices of architecture, interior design, construction, and electrical work.

Various Pot Light Designs

From 4 inches to 6 inches, pot lights cover a wide range of brightness and illumination needs. There are a variety of color temperature options available to you, including "daylight," "warm," and "cool." Forget about frequent bulb replacements with LED recessed lighting. The average lifespan of an LED light bulb is over 50,000 hours.

Options for recessed light trims can be found at many stores.  

The Best Places to Put Your Pot Lights

Especially useful in cooking areas

Above countertops where you need to see a little more clearly, pot lights are a great way to add some task lighting to the kitchen. Having said that, I do think that there are some wonderful examples of light fixtures that can improve your kitchen by placing them over an island, so this is where your own sense of style comes into play.  

To illuminate a kitchen, one can choose from a variety of methods. In the piece entitled "Ways To Light Your Kitchen," I explain everything in detail.

Bathroom with Recessed Lighting

Furthermore, the bathroom is a great place for recessed lighting. As long as you choose properly, you can even have them mounted above your shower. What I mean is picking bulbs that can handle being used in a damp environment. Choose one with high-quality trim that is impervious to both water and vapor. I can assure you that when the water starts to flow, you don't want it near your lights. However, they are risk-free if you pick the right light and have it installed by a pro.

Picture courtesy of Duvanco Homes.

Construct a Private Cinema

It also makes sense to use pot lights in a home theater; after all, you wouldn't want a glass chandelier to block your view of the big screen.

Put some accent lighting on a wall.

Use pot lights to "wash" a feature wall, such as one that contains a fireplace, a bar, or a piece of artwork.

Exposed-Bulb Recessed Lighting

Little LED lights are placed all over my deck for ambiance. The job gets done and they last a long time. For safety reasons, you should install lighting near your outdoor kitchen or grill.

Here are a few fantastic ways to improve your outdoor space.

Lighting for the Living Room

With recessed lighting, a living room can be made much more welcoming. As I've already mentioned, you can have them installed only in one area of your living room to draw attention to a piece of artwork or a feature wall, or you can have them installed everywhere. Pot lights provide a home with a sleek, modern appearance

Image courtesy of Omega Homes

Dimmable Pot Lights for the Basement

Basements are notoriously dim, so installing pot lights is a good idea. Recessed lighting is a great way to save space and brighten up my basement without the use of table lamps or other freestanding fixtures.

Remodeling a Basement in an Emerald Park Home

Problems with Pot Lights

Bulkheads are commonly used when installing pot lights in close proximity to an attic zone, as you may have noticed while watching my show. This way, we can access the attic without disturbing the insulation in an underutilized space. Lights are kept out of the frost zone, where condensation could cause problems, in this way.

To prevent moisture from seeping into the attic, use vapour-proof boxes when installing recessed lighting in an attic ceiling.

Warmth is produced by electric light bulbs Since table and floor lamps typically sit in open spaces, that isn't a problem. Heat needs to be able to escape from a recessed light because otherwise it could overheat and cause a fire if it were installed in a wall or ceiling.

If installing recessed lighting will necessitate enlarging your roof, you should avoid doing so. Extreme heat loss may result.

Make sure you're installing recessed lighting of the right kind. Image courtesy of Wastell Homes

Never try to wire a pot light on your own.

Many people believe they can install pot lights on their own because of advertisements claiming how simple they are. When they overstuff a circuit with too many inappropriate lights or use the wrong kind of bulbs, they create a disaster waiting to happen.

I never, ever try to fix anything electrical on my own. Numerous homes I've visited had pot lights installed by a hired handyman. But before you start drilling, make sure you have an electrician come in and run the wires correctly.

Many people find that installing pot lights throughout their homes helps them see and feel more comfortable. Consider getting LED-compatible pot lights for every room in your house if you plan to retrofit your home with recessed lighting this year.

Homeowners who aren't professional electricians have told me they've done their own electrical work at home. For some reason, that worries me. An inspection is required after every electrical project. Home and family security are at risk when you attempt repairs on your own. If you hire an electrician, they will ensure that everything is done according to code and to your satisfaction. Here's an article on electrical safety if you want to learn more: prevention measures for electrical fires at home.

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