Where can I go in Canada to watch the Super Bowl in 2023?

On February 12, 2023, the 57th annual National Football League (NFL) championship game, known as Super Bowl LVII, will be played. The AFC champion Kansas City Chiefs will take on the NFC champion Philadelphia Eagles in this year's Super Bowl. The game will be played at Arizona's State Farm Stadium on January 18; the Eagles will be considered the "home" team per NFL regulations as the NFC's representative in odd-numbered years.

The Canadian broadcast of the game will air on the CTV network and its streaming platforms (along with NTV, the primary private TV station serving Newfoundland and Labrador). which is no longer closely affiliated with CTV; the TSN and RDS cable sports channels; the TSN and RDS streaming apps; the TSN and DAZN streaming services

At the time of this writing, TSN's data-enhanced feed of CTV/TSN's coverage is in free preview, and there's a good chance that this will continue for the 2018 game. Subscriptions are necessary for the other streaming services.

Fox will air the game as well, and both CTV and TSN will air Fox's broadcast. However, if you're watching Fox through a Canadian cable or satellite provider, you won't be able to see American commercials. Fox's Tubi service, which streams Fox broadcasts, will not be available in Canada, and neither will the Fox streaming apps.

Please tell me the Canadian Super Bowl time.

The scheduled start time of the game is 6:30 PM, which is consistent with previous years. m The majority of Ontario and Quebec are in the Eastern Standard Time zone.

In terms of time in other zones, this translates to:

  • 3:30 p m Time in the Pacific Time Zone, which includes the majority of British Columbia.
  • 4:30 p m Arizona's Mountain Time (also the time zone of the Yukon [as of late 2020], Alberta, the vast majority of Nunavut, some of the Northwest Territories, and some outlying areas of eastern B.C.) C , and Lloydminster, Saskatchewan's closest city to Alberta)
  • 5:30 p m Manitoba, most of Saskatchewan, northwest Ontario, and a small section of Nunavut are all in Central Time.
  • 7:30 p m Atlantic Time (which includes all of Atlantic Canada except for southwestern Labrador)
  • 8:00 p m Time in Newfoundland (which includes the island and a small portion of southern Labrador).

Broadcast of the entire game is scheduled to start at 6:00 p. m ET / 3:00 p m PT with introductions by Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen on Fox, and pregame festivities like the coin toss and the U.S. S hymn of the nation

At 1:00 p.m., Fox will air its primary pregame show. m ET / 10:00 a m PT, but we really don't think you'll get much out of it if you do.

Approximately ten minutes after the end of the second quarter, or between 8:00 and 8:30 p.m., the halftime show will begin, with a performance by Barbadian singer Rhianna. m ET Halftime shows at Super Bowls typically last about 20 minutes.

It's possible that the game could end as early as 9:30 or 9:45 p.m. m ET, and the broadcast will likely run over by at least 20 minutes due to postgame ceremonies such as the presentation of the Vince Lombardi Trophy. According to their current schedule, Fox's postgame show won't air until 10:30 p. m It's currently scheduled for 8:00 p.m. ET, but that could change depending on when the game ends.

The Super Bowl is spelled in what way?

The "Super Bowl" moniker consists of two words. The term originates from the end-of-the-year college football bowl games, the most famous of which is the Rose Bowl Game, held in the bowl-shaped Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, California. Other similar games, such as the Orange Bowl and the Cotton Bowl, have since followed.

So, "Super Bowl LVII" or "Super Bowl 57" or something similar is incorrect, but we need to mention it here because that's how a lot of people type it. (You've heard of search engine optimization, right? )

The day of the "Big Game" may also be a good time to study rare owl species, depending on your particular areas of interest.

How do I watch the Super Bowl online in Canada?

To a certain extent

Typically, if you want to watch the Super Bowl on one of the media outlets that the NFL has granted streaming rights to, you'll need a paid subscription to do so. This could be a cable or similar TV service that includes at least one of CTV, TSN, or RDS. or a subscription to a service like TSN Now, RDS Now, DAZN, or another OTT service The 2023 edition, however, may be an outlier for reasons we'll get into below.

While CTV (and NTV) offer free over-the-air broadcasts in a number of Canadian cities, only subscribers of participating TV providers are permitted access to live streaming of CTV's linear channels (and NTV's free online stream typically only includes local Newfoundland and Labrador programming). In other words, there is no legitimate way to watch CTV online without paying for a cable, satellite, or fiber-based TV service subscription.

The following authorized streaming options are available to you if you do not have a TV service subscription (all prices are in Canadian dollars and prior to applicable sales taxes):

  • Apparently aiming to compete with the American ESPN service, TSN's new direct-to-consumer service, TSN, launched in the early 2023 and will provide a "data-enhanced" feed of the regular game broadcast with additional graphics. As of today, February 5th, this service is available for free for a limited time as a preview, with the only requirement being the submission of an email address (which is not verified before viewing).
  • The Sports Network now offers an a la carte streaming service called TSN (formerly TSN Direct) for $19 per month. /month or $199/year If charged annually, the price is . The match will be broadcast live on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4, and TSN5. (The day pass that had been available in previous years will no longer be available after 2022. )
  • Le Réseau des Sports (RDS) is TSN's French-language sibling network. RDS (formerly RDS Direct) is the equivalent service for RDS. The service is identical in price to TSN's direct-to-consumer offering, but it only broadcasts games live in French.
  • The Canadian rights to the National Football League's (NFL) online streaming package, NFL Game Pass, which provides access to live and archived versions of all NFL games, including the Super Bowl, are held by DAZN, a global sports streaming service owned by Access Industries. The shortest subscription period costs $24. For $.99 per month or $199 per year, 99) can also be purchased

Due to the NFL's sale of Canadian rights to Bell Media (parent company of CTV, TSN, and RDS) and DAZN, international broadcasters like Fox do not have the right to stream the game in Canada. We do not anticipate that you will be able to watch the game in Canada via the network's websites, as the Fox and Fox Sports apps are not currently available in the country.

We're well aware that there may be unofficial ways to watch the game online as well. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of such methods, and you should use them at your own discretion and risk.

Is there a legal way to stream the Super Bowl in Canada?

Again, if you have a digital TV and an antenna, you can get CTV (and NTV) for free over-the-air in many Canadian cities. If you want to know which over-the-air stations are available in your area (the Canadian markets begin at 901 on this list), you can do so by visiting RabbitEars.info.

It's possible, depending on where you are, to even get a U.S. Fox affiliate if you try hard enough. S To receive American programming, you'd need to be either extremely close to a U.S. market (like Windsor, Ontario, which is right across the border from Detroit) or have a more powerful antenna that can pick up a signal from a bit further away (for instance, in order to receive CBC programming in Toronto, you'd need to be within striking distance of the city). Some people in Toronto may be able to pick up Buffalo-based stations' broadcast signals.

Does Canada have access to American Super Bowl commercials?

Super Bowl commercials typically cost millions of dollars and are created specifically for the event in the United States. However, Canadians seeking these advertisements will typically have to look elsewhere on the web.

In most of the country, the CTV feed, complete with CTV commercials, will be shown if you tune in to an Fox station via cable or satellite. This is because of a rule called simultaneous substitution (or "simsub," for short) enforced by the CRTC, Canada's telecommunications regulator. (This is sometimes confused with "simulcasting," which is a slightly different concept, but we won't get into that here.)

While some advertisers will be purchasing time on both the Fox and CTV broadcasts, the vast majority of ads will be unique to each network.

You'd be correct in assuming that the CRTC has outlawed simsubs for the Super Bowl; this practice will not be allowed during the 2017–2019 Super Bowls. CTV's parent company Bell Canada challenged the ban in court, and in late 2019, the Supreme Court of Canada reversed the CRTC's decision, finding that the CRTC had exceeded its authority by imposing the ban. Regardless of the outcome, the "new NAFTA" trade agreement that takes effect in July 2020 includes a provision instructing the CRTC to lift this ban.

As a result, simsubs have returned to the Super Bowl as of the 2020 event, and the CRTC is unlikely to make any changes to this policy in the near future unless they want to disrupt the Canadian television industry by eliminating simsubs entirely.

Two alternatives exist for circumventing the simsub policy:

  • If you have an antenna and can receive a Fox affiliate's broadcast signal, then you can watch all of Fox's commercials during the game. Since direct airwave broadcast signals cannot have simsubs applied to them, this is the case.
  • Because of their small size (less than 2,000 subscribers), or because the network requesting the simsub does not broadcast over-the-air in the area, some cable companies are not required to apply simsubs at all. However, only a small percentage of Canadians fall into these categories, so even if you do, you may not be able to watch the full Fox signal with commercials through your cable provider.

The good news is that these commercials can be viewed by anyone, anywhere thanks to the proliferation of online video platforms. While there are usually a few places that collect these ads, the most reliable in our view is YouTube's AdBlitz channel, though you may also want to check resources like the USA Today Ad Meter website, and in past years even the NFL's own website has provided a section devoted to the Super Bowl ads

CTV is responsible for requesting that simsubs be applied to Fox affiliate signals, but is not accountable for the actual implementation of the simsubs. Each TV provider (like Rogers, Shaw, Bell, Telus, Vidéotron, or Cogeco) handles this procedure independently.

In the event that the simsub doesn't cut off at the appropriate time or you are accidentally tuned into a different program, please contact your service provider immediately.

You can file a complaint with the CRTC about the simsub if the provider does not fix the problem quickly. Note that (in our opinion) filing complaints solely about missing the American ads is pointless, as the commission is aware that this is an irritant for Canadian viewers and tried to change the rule for 2017 only to have it overruled by the courts.

Where can I watch the postgame show

This year, following coverage of the game and trophy presentations, both CTV and Fox will air the same program: the premiere of the second season of Next Level Chef, Fox's cooking reality competition series hosted by Gordon Ramsay, which originally aired in 2022. CTV will be able to keep simulcasting Fox until after 11 p.m. m Time Zone: EDT

Sometimes the Canadian and American networks have diverged shortly after the game ended because the Canadian network didn't have the rights to the lead-out program scheduled by the American network. Although CTV has left coverage of the Super Bowl in the past after the Vince Lombardi Trophy was presented to the winning team, that won't happen this year.

TSN is expected to air the majority of Fox's postgame coverage before switching to their own, hosted by Jay Onrait on SportsCentre.

Huge alterations

This article is updated and republished every year to reflect the current Super Bowl format.

  • Super Bowl LVII edition, updated and reissued on February 7, 2023.
  • This article was first published on February 11, 2022, in anticipation of Super Bowl LVI.

Where Can I Watch is a reminder that the website you are currently viewing is a completely separate entity from any broadcaster or event host. Contact CTV, your TV provider, the NFL, or the CRTC if you have any issues with the Canadian broadcast of the Super Bowl. We regret that beyond providing you with these contact details, we are unable to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your coverage.

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