When filing taxes in Canada, how long should I expect my refund to take?

Timeliness of CRA processing can be perplexing to the uninitiated. For what reason is this taking so long Why would they look through my records if they didn't find anything? Should I be making excuses for myself?

The lengthy periods of time required to receive a tax refund are, thankfully, due primarily to administrative processes. Given the prevalence of queries like "How long does it take to get a tax return in Canada?" we figured we'd offer some clarification. What's the holdup? to "How can I see if I'm still active? ”

So buckle up, and we'll get started

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Briefly Explain The Tax Receipt

Let's start with a definition of tax returns before we get into the different wait times.

If you or your company have tax obligations to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), you must file a tax return with them each year detailing your income and expenses. The CRA uses the data provided by tax returns to ascertain if and how much money should be collected from taxpayers. As a result, failing to file a tax return can result in fines, interest, and even criminal charges.

Canada's 2021 tax filing deadline was April 30. If April 30 is not a weekday, the CRA tax deadline is the next business day, May 1st or May 2nd.

When Will My Tax Return Be Processed?

The length of time it takes for the CRA to process a tax return depends on a number of factors, including the type of return filed (individual vs. business) as well as the nature and complexity of the taxes being reported. Let's compare how long it takes to process returns using each filing method.

Doing Your Taxes Online

Due to the two-week wait time for a CRA tax return, many Canadians opt to file their taxes online for free. This timeframe, however, is subject to change based on factors such as the time of year in which you file your taxes and the number and severity of any errors found in your return.

The assessment notice and refund will be sent to you within eight business days if you file electronically and choose direct deposit. However, if you don't sign up for direct deposit, the CRA will mail you a check.

However, because the government processes electronic returns first, most taxpayers can anticipate receiving their refunds within two weeks.

Use of Paper Forms for Tax Return Submission

Returns can also be submitted on paper. In Canada, a paper tax return can take anywhere from four to eight weeks to process after it has been filed. But if you're due a refund, that process could be even more drawn out. Furthermore, the CRA prefers electronic filing and actively discourages paper filing of returns.

You also have to wait for the tax refund check to arrive in the mail if you file your returns manually instead of using direct deposit. In addition, if you have a debt to settle, your refund will take longer to issue.

Returns Submitted in Person

Final thought: "instant refunds" might be possible if you file at a local branch. However, these are not CRA-issued returns and may come with a hefty fee, so tread carefully.

Canadian citizens and permanent residents will find the most use in the data we've provided so far. It could take the Canada Revenue Agency up to 16 weeks from the time they receive your non-resident filed return before they issue a response.

Instructions for Verifying Your Refund

Income tax refund recipients can now check the status of their refunds via the Canada Revenue Agency's (CRA) website, relieving them of the anxiety of waiting for their money. Whether you're filing personal or business taxes, there are a number of options available to you.

Personal Accounts

Individuals in Canada who are awaiting a tax refund can do so via one of two channels: their online account with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or the My CRA mobile app.

Separate Logins for the Internet

You can check the status of your returns and the assessment notice by accessing your personal online account through a web browser. You can also make changes to your returns, edit your data, upload documents, and pay your taxes online.

My CRA App

Alternately, you can use the My CRA app for the same functionality (making changes and checking your status). Unfortunately, this app is mobile-device-specific.

Profits for Businesses

However, if you're a business owner waiting on a tax refund in Canada, there's only one place you can go to see how things are going: your Business Account.

My Company's Profile

You can check on the status of your corporate tax return, handle direct deposits, update your company's address, and file objections to disputed returns all from within your very own CRA business account.

Phone Line

At last, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has set up a phone line where individuals and businesses can call and verify the status of their refunds. The CRA phone lines are least busy in the mornings and late afternoons. If you want to avoid long phone waits, however, lunchtime is not the best time to call.

When contacting the CRA over the phone, you'll need to have the following information ready:

  • A Tax ID or Social Security Number
  • Brand or individual name
  • Address
  • Birthdate (of a person)
  • The particulars of earlier tax returns (for people)
  • Recent tax returns (commercial) information is provided.

The CRA is the place to go for any and all tax-related questions, not just to check on the status of a refund.

When Will I Get My Tax Return? Why Has It Been Delayed

tax delay reason notes on a tax form

We'll wrap up this guide by discussing several factors that can cause the CRA to hold up your refunds. Your filings could be delayed because of:

  • I've updated my contact details.
  • Paperwork is missing
  • You made a mistake on your return (like underreporting your income or overstating your expenses).
  • Selective review of returned items
  • You have already been punished for this.
  • Contingent liabilities are loans or benefits that have not yet been repaid.
  • Overpayments

Finally, some thoughts

In Canada, getting a tax refund is usually a quick and easy process. Aware of CRA payment dates, potential delays, and causes is essential, though.

Paying close attention to Canada's tax return deadline will ensure that you file on time, drastically reducing your wait times.

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