What to Do If Your iPhone Won't Send Text Messages: 10 Solutions

You probably use your phone's texting feature at least occasionally, even if you don't like your phone. Having your text messages suddenly stop going through can be very annoying. The wrong number or a weak network signal are just two possible causes of this.

Don't freak out just yet; there's usually a simple solution to restore your iPhone's text message and multimedia messaging (MMS) capabilities. Check out these possible solutions.

Initially, make sure your network signal is strong.

Blue Sky Metal Cell Service Tower

Green text bubbles indicate the transmission of SMS and MMS messages, while blue text bubbles indicate the transmission of iMessages. To send a text message via SMS or MMS, a mobile phone network is required, while iMessage requires a data or Wi-Fi connection. Carefully consider the type of message you are sending.

Your service could be interrupted due to factors such as bad weather, hackers, or your location if you live in the sticks. If the signal strength is low or completely absent, you may want to try relocating to a different location. Get in touch with your mobile network provider if you are in a typically strong signal area.

Your iPhone will automatically use iMessage to communicate with any other Apple device in your address book.

When sending an iMessage, your iPhone may fall back to sending an SMS (Short Message Service) message, even if the recipient is also using an iPhone. This function, however, requires activation via the Settings menu.

  1. Select Preferences
  2. Go down and select Messages.
  3. Slide the Send as SMS switch to the "on" position by tapping it.

2 Images

iPhone Settings

iPhone Messages Settings

The iPhone also has the capability to send MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) messages. Media-rich texts consist of both text and other forms of content, like photos or videos. Before you can send these, you may need to enable them in Settings.

MMS messages can be sent by following these steps:

  1. Access the Preferences menu
  2. Just go down and click on Messages.
  3. To enable MMS messaging, simply slide the switch to "on."

Keep in mind that your individual cell phone plan might not support MMS messages. If that's the case, multimedia attachments to text messages won't be delivered. The scope of MMS is also restricted. If you want to share media files without any hassle when iMessage doesn't work, you should use one of the best instant messaging apps instead.

By activating Airplane Mode, your iPhone will stop sending and receiving cellular signals. When Airplane mode is on, iMessages cannot be sent or received unless the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Furthermore, since SMS and MMS messaging are dependent on cellular signals, you will still be unable to send or receive these types of messages. Since this is the case, you shouldn't try to send texts until you've disabled Airplane Mode.

3 Images

Switching off Airplane Mode

Switching off Airplane Mode

Switching off Airplane Mode

The Airplane switch is located in the upper left corner of the iPhone's Control Center. When Airplane Mode is disabled, this icon turns gray. Additionally, turning Airplane Mode on and off can sometimes fix brief signal disruptions.

Avoid the disappointment and frustration that comes from trying to send a text message to an invalid or unusable number. If you want to send an SMS, be sure to use the right number.

Normally, this won't be an issue when texting someone already in your iPhone's address book, but when entering a new number, you'll want to be cautious. Thus, please be patient when inputting numerical data.

If you're still having trouble, try to confirm the number with the intended recipient using a different method.

Consider this final consideration. Unfortunately, your contacts' phone numbers may be subject to change if they move, or if their mobile service provider terminates their account. The problem could be with that person's phone, not your own.

Try closing the Messages app and reopening it if your iPhone is unable to send text messages. Not the most scientific approach, but it seems to work for some people.

Alternatively, you can try erasing any Messages threads that contain unsuccessful text attempts.

Again, it's not immediately clear how this could be useful. Sometimes programs get stuck or lost while trying to do something specific, like sending a text message. In many cases, simply refreshing the app will clear the activity and restore normal operation.

The following steps will also allow you to remove messages from Messages:

  1. Priming the Pump: Messages for Launch
  2. The conversation you want to delete is selected by swiping left on it.
  3. Press the Delete button, and then press it again to confirm.
  4. For one last try, go to the top-right corner of the Messages screen and click the Compose icon.

2 Images

iPhone Home Screen with Messages notifications.

Deleting a conversation in Messages

If a message fails to send repeatedly, this technique is invaluable.

Next, you must determine if you have a mobile service plan that is still active. You can't make or receive phone calls or send texts without one.

Most cell phone plans include unlimited texting, but if yours is not among them, you may have reached your monthly limit and be charged extra.

In either scenario, you need to check in with your network service provider to make sure your account services are not affected.

After you've exhausted those options, turning off and then turning on your iPhone may solve the problem. Restarting your iPhone can be an effective method for erasing any problems that may be hindering its performance because it deletes data from the device's RAM.

Holding the Side button and a Volume button forces a restart on iPhone X and later models. Once the slider to turn off the power is slid to the right, the device will turn off. Holding either the Top or Sleep/Wake button on older iPhones displays the shutdown menu.

You can also follow these steps to power down your phone entirely and restart it manually:

  1. Go to the Device's Settings, then to the General tab, and then to the Shu
  2. Just swipe right on the button.
  3. Let the phone power down for a full minute before picking it up again.
  4. To activate your iPhone, hold down the side button.

2 Images

iPhone General Setting Screenshot

iPhone Screenshot Mid Shut Down

When the phone reboots, you should be able to access Messages and resend the offending message without much trouble.

Keep your iPhone running the most recent version of iOS. Updates to iOS can fix any kinks in the system's software. As a result, you should update your iPhone if it still can't send texts.

IPhone updates require access to a Wi-Fi network and a charged battery. Then, proceed as follows:

  1. Configuration Options Available
  2. Check out the FAQs
  3. Select the Update Software option.
  4. Choose Get and Setup to start downloading and setting up

3 Images

iPhone settings with update notification

iPhone General settings with update notifications

Updating iPhone software

The process of resetting your iPhone's network settings should not be taken lightly. It's not recommended to clear network settings because they may store sensitive information like passwords and Wi-Fi networks.

When all else fails and your iPhone still won't send texts, this is the next step to take.

To reset your iPhone's network preferences, follow these steps:

  1. To adjust your settings, click here.
  2. Wide-ranging General Access
  3. Select Reset iPhone from the iPhone's Settings menu.
  4. Forcing a complete reset of your network configuration, click here.
  5. Put in the code here.
  6. A confirmation can be obtained by tapping the Reset Network Settings button.

3 Images

General Settings page on iOS

Reset iPhone option in iOS

iPhone reset options

After exhausting these resources, your final resort is to get in touch with your mobile provider because your iPhone still won't send SMS messages. If you need help, please contact customer service. Contact Apple if they are unable to assist. It's possible that your iPhone has a hardware problem after you've exhausted all other possibilities.

You should now seek assistance from a computer and cellphone service center. For this, we provide a directory of low-cost iPhone repair shops.

It's possible that your phone will die, but replacing it should be a last resort.

However, it may take some time before you can pinpoint the precise cause of your texting difficulties. You shouldn't have any trouble getting your iPhone working again if you're patient and willing to try a few different methods.

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