What to Do About a Noisy Door

If your door makes an annoying squeaking sound, it may be time to clean and lubricate the hinges. Squeaky hinges could be a sign that the door isn't flush with the frame, which would cause the hinges to bear too much weight. Do not dismiss these signs as unimportant. Make sure the door frame is level and secure. Otherwise, you might just be masking the squeaking noise temporarily before discovering that the door is hanging unevenly due to misaligned framing or softened, rotted wood.

A squeaky door isn't a major issue that needs immediate attention, so long as the door and frame are level and secure. However, it may become annoying in the long run. Fortunately, a squeaky door can be easily repaired. It's a simple fix that won't break the bank, so there's no need to run out and buy any special equipment.

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Checking the hinges for any foreign material that might be restricting motion is the first step in fixing a squeaky door. Removal of the hinge pins, followed by a steel wool scrub, lubrication, and reassembly, is a common solution for dirt, dust, and grime buildup that prevents the hinges from functioning properly.

Hinge problems due to rusting are another common problem. Get rid of rust from the door hinges with WD-40 and steel wool. You can loosen the hinges if the paint is the problem by using a utility knife to slice through the paint.

In order to determine why a door is making noise, and thus how to fix it, we must first identify the underlying issue. A door that squeaks may be indicating that the frame isn't properly aligned, or that the wood has rotted or softened. A can of lubricating spray on the hinges might temporarily stop the squeak, but if the frame is deteriorating, the issue will arise again soon. In order to solve the problem for good, you'll need to either repair or replace the frame.

A loosening of the hinges over time could be the problem if the frame itself is solid and aligned correctly. Equally likely to cause squeaking when the door is opened and closed are hinges that have not been properly lubricated, or which are covered in dirt, grime, rust, or even paint. The actual door is the last possible point of inspection. A squeaking sound can be made by a swollen wooden door rubbing against a similarly swollen wooden doorframe.

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Checking the hinges is a great place to start when making repairs. Checking the overall state of the hinges will tell you if a quick spray of lubricant will do the trick or if the hinge pins will need to be removed. In order to silence a squeaky door, please refer to the following instructions.

  • The use of a lubricating spray
  • Hammer
  • Closure pin
  • Pliers with a needle nose
  • Steel wool
  • White lithium-based grease
  • Towel or rag

The simplest solution is to spray some lubricant on the hinges and see if that helps. In the absence of dirt, rust, or paint on the hinges, lubricating spray may be able to reach the hinge pin and quiet the squeaking door. Many spray lubricants feature a tiny straw or tube that helps the lubricant reach even the tiniest of cracks and crevices, maximizing the lubricant's chance of penetrating the hinge's inner workings.

A spray lubricant may help, but if the problem persists, you'll need to do more extensive maintenance. Get a small finish hammer and a nail. Put a nail in the base of one hinge so that it rests against the pin, and then tap the nail to loosen the pin. When the pin is exposed above the hinge, remove it with needle-nose pliers.

In order to get to the hinge pin, you may need to use pliers to pry off the bottom cap of the hinge. To remove the cap from the hinge, firmly grasp both sides with the pliers, then wiggle it back and forth while pulling it down. The nail and hammer will now be able to reach the hinge pin, allowing you to remove the pin from the hinge.

Hinge pins should not be taken out in bulk. To protect the hinges, doorframe, and door, only remove one hinge pin at a time and keep the door closed as you work.

After taking out the hinge pin, you should examine it and clean it with steel wool to get rid of any dust, dirt, grime, or other debris that may have accumulated. Hinge sticking or restricted hinge pin rotation can be caused by paint residue. If there is stubborn dirt or rust that won't budge, dilute some household cleaner and give it a shot.

Apply some white lithium grease to the hinge pin and then reinstall the pin after cleaning it. The pin can be lubricated with white lithium grease, which also protects the metal from rust. White lithium grease on the hinges won't dry out as quickly as other homemade options.

White lithium grease the hinge pin, then slide it back into place in the hinge and tap it gently to tighten. To make sure the squeaking has stopped and the door is secure, open and close it several times while repeating steps 2–5 for each additional hinge pin. Reattach any hinge bottom caps you may have removed.

If the oil or grease is not removed from the hinges after the job is done, it can leave a stain. Use a rag or an old towel to remove any oil or grease. Look for grease marks on the door frame, the door, and the floor as you work. Put away your tools, straighten up the workspace, and wash your hands to get rid of any oil or grease.

If the squeak of your door is driving you crazy and you don't have any spray lubricant or white lithium grease on hand, you can try one of several homemade lubricants. In place of spray lubricant, you can use hairspray by simply spraying the hinges. Because of the lubricating properties of the hairspray, the hinges can pivot silently on their hinge pins.

Mayonnaise and vegetable oil have been recommended as alternatives to white lithium grease by some users. Take out the hinge pins and coat them with mayonnaise or oil. Put the pins back in the hinges and use a damp cloth to remove any excess oil. The petroleum-based wax is also suitable for making unscented paraffin candles. Lighting the candle will melt the wax, which can then be applied gently to the pins holding the door shut. After the wax has hardened, reinstall the hinge pins and give the door a squeak check. To silence a squeaky door, reach for the white lithium grease or lubricating spray.

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