What is the Average Price of a Home in Ontario?

It's a big step to build your own home in Ontario, especially if you're designing your ideal house. Numerous decisions that affect the functionality and appearance of your home must be made. However, the overall cost to build a house in Ontario is the most important thing you need to consider.

cost to build a house in Ontario

This article will discuss the average cost of building a home in Ontario and various factors influencing the price of new homes.

What is the typical price to construct a home in Ontario?

How much does building a house in Ontario cost?

Ontario is a stunning province, but real estate markets drastically differ from city to city. According to some estimates, constructing a detached home costs between $145 and $265 per square foot, though there have been rumors that this price has gone as high as $400. Remember that this figure only includes building expenses and excludes other costs like permits and interest on home construction loans.

Yes, that is a sizable range, but it also demonstrates how difficult it is to build a house in Ontario. The cost of a new home can vary greatly depending on the location, the number of stories, and other aspects that we'll go over in more detail in the following section.

Factors that May Affect the Price of Building a House

Some of the factors influencing the cost of building a home in Ontario include:

Currently, the Situation

When purchasing land, the first thing you should consider is the property's condition.

You can get a general idea of how much work needs to be done based on the current state of the land. If there is already a house there, it should be simpler to build on the land.

Now, you must factor in plot preparation to your building costs if you're purchasing undeveloped land that has never been home to a structure. This typically entails using construction equipment, which results in additional costs.

Your real estate agents will walk you through this procedure and make sure you are aware of all the tasks required before new construction can be started.

Plot Setting

The location of the plot, in addition to the condition of the actual building lot, has a significant impact on the cost of a custom home.

Typically, real estate in rural areas is less expensive than in suburbs or cities. Due to their high demand, metropolitan areas and cities are the most expensive locations to construct on. Additionally, there are stricter rules, which may lead to higher costs.

Inspections, Permits, and Fees

When constructing a new home, there are always regulations that must be adhered to. The specific location of the property determines the scope of these regulations. These specifications may be as broad as overall safety ratings or they may be so stringent as to force you to use only certain building materials.

House Under Construction

Depending on your location, you may also need to pay for permits, home inspections, and other costs to comply with these rules.

Format, Size, and Design

Your dream home's layout, size, and design will also affect how much it will cost to build. Staying on the ground floor is less expensive than building a two-story home, and modern designs are frequently more expensive. However, some traditional designs require more work, so speak with a reputable builder to get an approximate estimate.

Construction and Materials

The cost of your new home will also be significantly influenced by the builder you select. Generally speaking, smaller cities and rural areas will have the lowest construction rates.

Due to Ontario's housing market's rapid growth, prices in major cities and their surrounding areas typically run much higher.

Additionally, specialized materials may be necessary for custom-built homes, which has an impact on their cost. The size of the building has an impact on material costs, which also affects other features like HVAC systems and their overall cost.

How to Request a Building Cost Estimate

Finding the typical cost to build a house in Ontario is challenging, particularly for custom designs. Construction cost estimators might provide a rough total cost, but you should check this.

Obtaining a quote from a reputable builder is your best option if you want an accurate estimate of your construction costs.

Estimate Cost for Building a House

For a number of reasons, building a home differs from remodeling an existing one. For renovations, skilled contractors might be able to provide rough estimates right away, but this is not always the case with new home construction.

For them to provide you with an accurate estimate of the total cost, builders need to have complete information about your dream home and the land you've purchased. For instance, you should inform your builder of the total square footage, the type of construction (a semi-detached home or a fully detached one), and whether the property is being built on or is vacant.

How Can the Price of Building a House Be Reduced?

Even though Ontario has lower building costs than other parts of Canada on average, there are specific steps you can take to cut costs and save money on your mortgage.

Examine Various Bids

Perhaps the most important project in your life is building your dream home. You shouldn't base decisions solely on cost because doing so could degrade the construction's quality.

Having said that, there is no reason why you cannot receive bids and assess the various builders you have available for hiring. You might be able to lower the overall cost of your home without sacrificing quality if you ask each construction company or designer for a quote after whittling down the list of candidates based on their level of quality.

Selecting already-built home designs

You can still draw inspiration from existing structures even though you're not renovating an existing house.

In fact, using a pre-existing home plan can significantly reduce your design and construction costs. Additionally, doing so will assist you in avoiding potential unforeseen expenses associated with custom designs and expensive materials.

The size of the construction

The cost of building your home will decrease if you reduce its square footage because less labor and raw materials are needed.

Savings on decorative elements

Even if they don't provide any functional value, aesthetic features can drive up the price of your home. Choosing, for instance, window sills made of premium materials rather than standard components

To cut the cost of construction, you can choose to simplify your home's design and remove or temporarily omit some aesthetically pleasing elements.

Now, bear in mind that some aesthetic features can raise your home's improvement value. As a result, if at all possible, it's worthwhile to add some of these later.

Make additional changes in accordance with your lifestyle

Nobody is more familiar with your family's needs and must-haves than you are. So, spend some time examining your builder's quotes and identifying areas where you're willing to make changes to lower the price of your house.

Architect worker with blueprints paper at house building

Keep in mind that this pertains to the construction supplies you use, the mortgage broker you use, and the amount of the down payment you are making.

How Do You Pay for the Construction of Your Home?

You must begin planning for paying for your home once you have the construction cost per square foot.

While some purchasers are able to pay for their land and construction outright, others must work with financial organizations like mortgage brokers. These companies may provide a loan that enables you to construct your home over a specific period of time, such as a construction mortgage, self-build mortgage, or a similar loan. These loans are secured by the property and the future home.

Exists a Different Custom-Built Home Option?

You have complete control over your home when you build a house in Ontario. However, this is not the only way to obtain your ideal residence.

As was already mentioned, the housing market in Ontario is booming, and homebuyers have a huge selection of properties to choose from throughout the province's numerous cities.

Check out the homes for sale in Ontario offered by Justo to learn more.


We trust that our article has given you a better understanding of the potential cost of constructing a home in Ontario and your available options.

Get in touch with Justo to learn more about buying the house of your dreams, and our agents will be happy to assist you in finding the ideal property.

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