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What Is The Proper Method For Measuring The Space Between Your Eyes' Pupils

If you've never ordered prescription eyeglasses online before, you might feel apprehensive about the process, especially when you come across terms like pupillary distance.

Rx, or prescription

Some of the terms used to order glasses online, such as pupillary distance, may seem foreign to someone who has never done so before. We've got you covered, so relax. Everything you need to know about pupillary distance, how it relates to your prescription, and how to measure it can be found in this article and in our video tutorials. Use the following links to jump to the sections that most interest you:

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Download our specialized ruler from this link when you're ready to gauge your pupillary distance.

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How to measure pupillary distance (PD).


The distance, in millimeters, between the centers of each pupil and the bridge of your nose is the "pupillary distance" or "pupil distance." The distance between your eyes, or your pupillary distance, is crucial when making a pair of prescription eyeglasses. Even if your prescription is spot-on, you won't be able to see through your glasses if they aren't measured properly.

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Two ways:

  1. Our custom ruler is the perfect tool for the job.
  2. An optometrist is the place to get this.

To make the lenses for your glasses, your optometrist measured and used your PD. The prescription you receive after an eye exam may or may not include this information. You can get your PD measured at an optometrist's office or you can measure it yourself and use it when ordering glasses online. Don't worry if visiting your eye doctor to get your measurement isn't an option; with our handy ruler, you can take the reading right at home. Now is the time to check out our tutorials, which you can find by scrolling down.


Try not to estimate your iridocorneal angle and then order glasses that won't fit.

For prescription eyewear to function properly, the wearer's pupillary distance must be precise. It's like ordering a pair of shoes online without knowing your exact foot size and then having to return them because they're either too big or too small. The same rule applies here: if you don't know your pupillary distance, your prescription glasses won't work properly and you'll have to get a new pair.


Some examples of these non-scientific terms are:

The distance from the center of each pupil to the nasal bridge is used to calculate monocular PD, also known as dual PD.

Distance between the centers of both eyes' pupils is known as binocular PD, or sometimes just PD.


If possible, take a PD test with just one eye. Reason being:

One of our eyes might be set farther back from the nose bridge than the other. An individual's binocular PD could be as low as 58 The sum of their PD is only 5mm, but their right eye's monocular PD could be 27mm and their left eye's could be 31mm. 5 milimeters to the left We can be as precise as possible when making your lenses thanks to monocular PD, and this is especially true of progressives, which combine your distance and reading prescriptions into a single lens.


In most cases, a child will have a binocular PD of 50 millimeters or less. We advise you to double-check your measuring tools and procedures if you obtain such results.


If your doctor gives you a PD under 40, it's probably your monocular PD (except in the case of a newborn or very young child). You can double any single number and use that as a comparison to the frame's PD range if you find only one number. Put "Monocular PD" in the prescription field when placing your order.


It is recommended that you measure your pupillary distance with a friend rather than on your own. You'll need a buddy and our unique ruler for this lesson. If you don't have anyone to help you measure, keep reading for our guide on how to take measurements by yourself.


1 Get a hold of our cheat sheet, which features a PD ruler you can print out and use. Check the key's size against your driver's license to make sure it fits.
2 Inviting a friend to stand no closer than 8 inches away Make sure the ruler's center is directly over your nose bridge.
3 Simply close your left eye and focus solely on the forward object of your gaze to obtain an accurate reading of your right eye. As your friend closes their right eye, they should measure the distance between your right pupil and the 1mm mark on the ruler.
4 If you want to gauge your left eye, you need to stare straight ahead while covering your right. Then, have your friend close their left eye and measure the distance from the center of your left pupil to the mm mark on the ruler.
5 If you want a reliable result, you should perform this procedure at least three times.


Calculating Your Own PD

You'll need a mirror and our unique ruler if you want to do your own measuring. The best way to take measurements is with a friend. If you're able to get a friend to help you measure, you can check out our tutorial on working together to get accurate results.


1 Get a hold of our cheat sheet, which features a PD ruler you can use to gauge your progress. To check the key's size, hold it up to your driver's license.
2 Face a mirror from a distance of 8 inches or more. Place the special ruler's center in line with your nose bridge.
3 Close your left eye, focus on a distant object, and use the mm mark on the ruler to find the exact height of your right pupil.
4 If you close your right eye and focus on a distant object, the mm mark on the ruler will align with the center of your left pupil, allowing you to take an accurate measurement of your left eye's ocular
5 Do this at least three times to make sure your measurement is precise.


What App to Use to Track Your Physical Development (Convenient and Modern)

If you own an iPhone X or later, you can use one of several useful apps to quickly and easily determine your PD. It is recommended by our customers that you download a free app called "EyeMeasure" (as of January 2020) in order to perform the measurement. The accuracy of the measurement cannot be guaranteed, and we have no connection to the app's creator. During our own internal testing, we found that this app has an approximately 1% success rate. 5 - 2 Our true binocular PD values are 0 mm smaller than this.


1 To those who don't already have it, download it from the app store now.
2 Invoke EyeMeasure and look directly into the camera.
3 Make a note of the app's "Far PD."
4 If you want a precise number, you should take the reading at least three times.

Congratulations In order to successfully order prescription glasses online, you must first measure your pupillary distance.

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