What Causes Your Cat's Dandruff, and How to Treat It

While your feline friend may appear unconcerned most of the time, the truth is that they are still prone to illnesses that affect humans as well. One of them is dandruff, which appears as white flakes on your cat's skin and typically appears when their fur is matted or otherwise unclean. If left untreated, cat dandruff can irritate your cat's skin and cause irritation and discomfort in addition to being unsightly.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to significantly assist your cat if they are suffering from dandruff. When attempting to understand why it occurs, it is usually helpful to first determine why your cat developed this skin condition in the first place.

There are a number of causes for this condition in cats, and there are a number of treatments available. Of course, it's best to seek a veterinarian's advice before making any self-help attempts regarding your cat's dandruff issue.  

Continue reading to find out more about the causes of cat dandruff and possible treatments.

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Why is my cat covered in dandruff?

If your cat has dandruff, there are several possible causes for why this skin condition may have arisen. To treat the condition, it can be crucial to identify the cause of dandruff.

"Cats occasionally develop what is referred to as an unthrifty coat," Dr Founder of the home-based veterinary clinic Vet At Your Door, Deirdre Frey, explains "The coat might be untidy and have dandruff on it." ” 

There are a number of causes for your cat's untidy coat, which causes dandruff. These causes can vary, so it's crucial to have a veterinarian examine your pet to make sure the problem isn't severe or harmful to their health.  

Sometimes a relatively simple factor, such as feline obesity that makes it difficult for the cat to properly groom off dead skin cells and extra hair, can be blamed for dandruff. Additionally, allergies may be to blame for your pet's dandruff. Additionally, an accumulation of the undercoat may be the cause. Your pet could also just be suffering from dry skin, as Dr. Is typical in the drier winter months, according to Frey.

One of the main reasons it is crucial to visit a vet if your cat has dry skin is that there are occasionally more serious causes for the dandruff. An allergic reaction, which can be very serious, is a further possible cause, as was previously mentioned. These responses are frequently linked to a food that your cat ate. Another potential cause of dandruff is malnutrition.

More effective treatments for dry skin

However, those are not the only reasons why cats get cat dandruff. Obtaining a veterinarian's professional opinion is necessary because there are times when the cause is something even more serious. The presence of parasites like ringworm, lice, or ticks can cause dandruff in cats. Additionally, a bacterial or fungal infection may be to blame. Another potential culprit is a yeast infection.

Sadly, it's also possible that your cat has dandruff as a result of a more severe condition, like diabetes, hyperthyroidism, or certain types of feline cancer.  

Your cat may additionally experience a condition known as "walking dandruff" as a result of the Cheyletiella mite. This mite usually isn't a problem if you use flea control products.

How can I treat the dandruff on my cat?

Determine whether there are any underlying causes for your cat's untidy coat (and consequently, any dandruff) — have their grooming habits changed as a result of their poor health? Or are there any other external factors that could be causing your cat to shed skin that is flaky and resembles dandruff?

The best way to do this is to visit a veterinarian. They will be able to assist you in determining the cause of the cat dandruff. Additionally, pay attention to whether your cat's behavior has changed in any way other than the presence of dandruff or if they appear to be acting normally.  

Of course, the presence of dandruff on your cat does not indicate that a serious or life-threatening condition exists in your pet. However, it's better to be certain for both your own peace of mind and that of your cat.  

Try some easy fixes first to see if that solves your cat's dandruff issue if their behavior hasn't changed or if they otherwise seem normal.

Here are some actions you can take to assist in treating your cat's dandruff:

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Bathe and brush your cat.

Brushing your cat may be one of the simplest ways to possibly improve their dandruff situation. Because it distributes oils evenly, this not only enhances the health of your cat's fur but also may help prevent dandruff.  

Additionally, giving your cat a regular brushing keeps their coat glossy and promotes good health. Consider brushing your cat's fur as a massage. Bathing your cat may be another way to alleviate their dandruff problems.

Of course, depending on how your pet behaves, this may not be possible. However, if your cat is mellow, consider giving your pet a bath with hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioner. Try a specialized cat dandruff shampoo if your vet advises it, but watch out for overuse.

Purchase a humidifier for your house.

Try purchasing a humidifier for your cat if the air in your home is dry. The moisture issue can be successfully resolved if your cat has dandruff as a result of dry skin.  

If you can maintain a humidity level in their living space of about 50%, your cat's skin will appreciate it. Additionally, you can combine this strategy with some of the others mentioned to make sure you approached the issue thoroughly.

Alter the diet or add supplements for your cat.

If cats also have allergies, this is one of the reasons they get dandruff. The skin of cats exhibits allergies, not the upper respiratory system like that of humans, according to Dr Frey clarifies

"Most food allergies are caused by the protein in foods, like chicken or beef, Try looking for a food with fewer ingredients and a single, different protein than the one he is currently eating if you suspect he may have a food allergy. ”

Your veterinarian can assist you in determining which products your cat may be allergic to and, more importantly, can assist in giving your pet some much-needed relief. If your cat's coat is not due to allergies, you might think about giving them supplements that can keep their fur healthy, shiny, and sleek.

Dr Frey advises feeding your cat omega-3 fatty acids, which can improve the health of your cat's coat by supplying them with more of the essential oils they require to maintain healthy fur. Ask your veterinarian about additional vitamins or food items your cat would benefit from if it has nutritional deficiencies.

There's a chance that your cat's dandruff symptoms are brought on by a lack of water. An essential component of a healthy coat is hydration. Perhaps a drinking fountain or even wet food would be beneficial for your cat.

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Consult a vet regarding your cat's dry skin.

The most crucial thing to remember is that you should consult a veterinarian first if your cat has dandruff or has an untidy coat. This is due to the fact that cats can develop this condition for a number of more serious reasons. If your cat unfortunately has one of these conditions, it's preferable to detect it as soon as possible.  

Have your cat examined by a veterinarian to determine if there is an underlying cause for the unruly coat, advises Dr. Frey suggests Your veterinarian will conduct a thorough physical examination and might advise running tests to look for underlying causes. ” 

Seeing a veterinarian is a good idea even if your pet otherwise seems to be acting normally. Of course, the appointment should be made even sooner if your cat is generally acting ill. This is also true if, in addition to dandruff, your cat also exhibits other strange symptoms.

Always check to make sure your cat doesn't have a secondary condition, such as diabetes or ringworm. And if there is an external cause, it is always preferable to identify it as soon as possible.  

Your cat will be grateful that you took the time to look after them and their coat, no matter what the cause of their dandruff may be. Healthy cats are generally happier cats, and happier humans are generally better for everyone.


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