Watching the Super Bowl from Canada: A Comprehensive Guide

On February 12th, Canadians will have a range of options to catch all the Super Bowl LVII excitement, including the choice between Canadian and U.S. advertising.

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To ensure you don't miss a single play of the thrilling Super Bowl LVII in 2023, it's important to explore all the available options for watching the game in Canada. The two teams set to battle it out at the State Farm Stadium will be the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs.

How to watch the Super Bowl in Canada?

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For those planning to tune in, get ready for a treat. This year's Super Bowl showcases a clash between the top-seeded teams, making it highly likely that we'll witness the very best football has to offer. The AFC is represented by the Kansas City Chiefs, who overcame challenges from the Jacksonville Jaguars and Cincinnati Bengals, despite their star quarterback Patrick Mahomes II suffering a high ankle sprain early on in the divisional playoff game. Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Eagles secured the first-round bye in the NFC and went on to defeat the New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers in a calm and composed manner. Both the Chiefs and Jalen Hurts' Eagles faced tough journeys to reach the Super Bowl, but they made it look easy.

With identical 14-3 regular-season records, Philadelphia and Kansas City were separated by just two touchdowns in terms of total offensive output. The Chiefs had a slightly higher average points per game, while the Eagles conceded fewer points by 1.5. Mahomes boasts superior passing numbers and a history of going deep into the playoffs, whereas Hurts excels as a two-way threat, especially when considering the opponent's injury. Additionally, an interesting storyline emerges with Chiefs head coach Andy Reid having coached both teams during his career.

Beyond the football action, viewers can look forward to the advertising extravaganza of the year as major companies spend big bucks on extravagant commercials.

Of course, there's also the highly anticipated halftime show. A tradition that originated during the first-ever Super Bowl in 1967, halftime performances have evolved from featuring marching bands and drill teams to capturing the attention of television viewers in the late 1980s. Michael Jackson's iconic performance in 1993 solidified the halftime show as a cultural phenomenon, paving the way for superstar acts. Nowadays, even non-football fans eagerly tune in to watch the halftime show, which attracts over 100 million viewers.

Taking center stage at the 2023 Super Bowl Halftime Show will be the sensational Rihanna. After declining the opportunity to host in 2019, the international superstar is set to deliver a memorable performance in Arizona. Expect a setlist packed with her greatest hits and the possibility of special guest appearances, as is often the case. Additionally, this year marks the end of Pepsi's ten-year tenure as the show's presenter, with Apple Music taking over.

If you're wondering how to watch the Super Bowl halftime show, the process is the same as watching the game or streaming it – it's all part of the main broadcast. To learn more about that, keep scrolling!

Here are some ways you can tune in:

  • TV Broadcast (CTV, Fox, and more)
  • Streaming (CTV, DAZN, and more)
  • Attending a watch party
  • Going to the game itself (if you're lucky enough)

Read on for our recommendations on how to make the most of the first two options!

For Canadian viewers, there are two primary options. Those with cable TV can access the Super Bowl through CTV and Fox. CTV is the main channel for watching the game with Canadian advertisements, and it is simulcast on three English-speaking channels: CTV, CTV Two, and TSN. This is the ultimate way to catch NFL action on Canadian TV every week, and it holds true for Super Bowl Sunday as well. If you've been following the playoffs in the preceding weeks, you can find the NFL on TSN and NFL on CTV schedule on the TSN website.

For individuals seeking to watch the CTV broadcast, please note that the usual Canadian commercial spots will be substituted with high-budget American Super Bowl ads. There has been some discussion in Canada about the decision to allow the United States to influence Canada's primary telecommunications organization.

The kick-off time is set for 6:30 pm (EST), so pre-game coverage will commence much earlier at 11:00 am (EST). We have not overlooked our French-speaking Canadian viewers, who can catch Super Bowl LV at 5:30 pm (EST) on RDS.

While many bettors will be focused on how to place bets on Super Bowl 2023, it is crucial that they have access to full coverage if they want to make the most of Super Bowl Sunday.

For all those Super Bowl fans who would prefer to watch the action online, they should visit To connect, CTV users can download the CTV GO app onto their mobile phone or tablet. This can be done through a dedicated sign-up or by logging into their TV package. The same applies to streaming the NFL in Canada through TSN – you can use the website or the TSN GO App as long as you are signed up for TSN GO or have TSN included in your TV package.

If you prefer not to deal with dedicated TV channels, you can access the NFL Game Pass through DAZN's streaming service, which includes every NFL game, including the Super Bowl, NFL Red Zone, and NFL Network, along with other non-NFL sports. DAZN has exclusive rights for streaming in Canada.

Unfortunately, there are limited options for free NFL streaming in Canada, especially for Super Bowl streaming – you will need a way to prove that you have access to the respective channels.

Alternatively, Canadian football fans can watch the game online through the premium streaming channel However, this method only works for Canadians using a VPN for the U.S. or those capable of rerouting their internet access through the U.S.

CTV is the obvious choice for Canadians as it provides full coverage and features sports pundits and commentators familiar to viewers during the NFL regular season. The same can be said for TSN – both are our recommendations for watching the NFL playoffs in Canada.

Although this is true, Fox's coverage is distinct, as they have the commercial power to create exciting ads and invite top names in the sport to share their opinions. Ultimately, individual preference matters most on the day.

We have covered the official methods of accessing the games through proper TV channels and online streaming services. However, there are also various online sites that promote the game and even offer full coverage, but these are mostly unregistered and best avoided.

Watching the Super Bowl live is an excellent way to experience all the action from the two best teams of the 2022/23 NFL season. It is also ideal for live betting enthusiasts. If you have a mobile app installed on your phone or visit a reliable sportsbook, you can stay updated on all the betting action, odds changes, and make more informed decisions with your money.

Here are some of the top sportsbooks:



Is it possible to watch the Super Bowl for free in Canada? Will Super Bowl 2023 be streamed for free? Where can I stream the Super Bowl for free? Unfortunately, there is no legal way to watch the Super Bowl for free in Canada, at least through online streaming. The closest option is if you can receive CTV through an over-the-air antenna setup on your TV. However, when it comes to streaming, you are out of luck. However, if you already have a cable package, you can log in and stream from CTV and TSN.

Can I stream the Super Bowl on CTV or TSN? Absolutely! This could be the solution for those who are oblivious to the fact that they already have access to it. If you have CTV included in your cable package or have a separate subscription to their web service, you will have the opportunity to stream the Super Bowl through them. Additionally, you can use your cable package's streaming service while tuned into CTV or TSN. The same applies to TSN.

Is it possible to watch the Super Bowl on DAZN in Canada? Certainly! DAZN recently obtained the streaming rights in Canada, which also includes the Super Bowl.

Which channel will broadcast the Super Bowl in Canada? The Super Bowl will be regionally aired on CTV and TSN, and streamed on DAZN. Canadians might also have access to the American broadcast, which will be on FOX this year.

Who will be the halftime show host for the Super Bowl? Who hosted last year's halftime show? Hosting this year's halftime show is none other than Rihanna, marking her inaugural appearance. Previous performers include the star-studded lineup curated by Dr. Dre last year, Canadian artist The Weeknd, and the duo consisting of Shakira and Jennifer Lopez in 2020.

How can I watch the Super Bowl halftime show? Where can I stream the Super Bowl halftime show in Canada? Just like watching the game itself! It won't be on a separate channel as it will be played between halves on your chosen network. Refer to the information above regarding where to tune in for the game and you'll automatically have access to the halftime show.

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