Watching Season 27 of The Bachelor on ABC in Canada: A Guide

The 27th installment of The Bachelor, an American dating and relationship reality TV series, is set to return on the 23rd of January in 2023. The success of The Bachelor has led to the development of various spin-offs within The Bachelor franchise. We are here to provide you with instructions on how to watch Season 27 of The Bachelor on ABC in Canada!

The highly popular reality series will be premiering on ABC. However, due to content deals, the broadcast and streaming of ABC content in Canada may be restricted.

To instantly access ABC TV in Canada, you can utilize a trusted VPN. A reliable VPN, such as ExpressVPN, is capable of bypassing geographical restrictions.

A Comprehensive Guide to Watching The Bachelor Season 27 on ABC in Canada

Follow these steps to enjoy Season 27 of The Bachelor on ABC in Canada using a premium VPN.

  • Download and install a top-quality VPN app, such as ExpressVPN.
  • Subscribe to a monthly or annual plan.
  • Connect the VPN to a server located in the United States.
  • Log in to ABC.
  • Search for Season 27 of The Bachelor and indulge in the captivating show!
  • Where Can I Watch Season 27 of The Bachelor?

    The exclusive platform for watching Bad Behind Bars: Jodi Arias is ABC. In addition, you can watch the 30 finest ABC shows on DirecTV, Hulu Live TV, fuboTV, and YouTube TV.

    If these services are not available in your region, you can access Season 27 of The Bachelor with the assistance of ExpressVPN.

    How Can I Watch Season 27 of The Bachelor Online on ABC for Free?

    You can stream Season 27 of The Bachelor on the free ABC streaming app. However, you will need to overcome the geographic restrictions of the ABC app by using ExpressVPN. With our recommended VPN, you can also enjoy the 30 best ABC movies.

    The Release Date of Season 27 of The Bachelor: When Does The Bachelor Start?

    Season 27 of The Bachelor is scheduled to be released on Monday, the 23rd of January in 2023. Now that you are aware of the date, mark your calendars and prepare to witness this extraordinary title soon!

    What is Season 27 of The Bachelor About?

    Season 27 of The Bachelor will revolve around the journey of Zach Shallcross, a 26-year-old tech executive from Anaheim Hills, California.

    30 talented and captivating contestants will compete in this reality TV competition, all hoping to win the heart of Zach, the Bachelor.

    The Contestants of Season 27 of The Bachelor: Who are the Potential Cast Members of The Bachelor 2023?

    The rumored cast members of Season 27 of The Bachelor are as follows:





    Alyssa "Aly" Jacobs


    Smyrna, Georgia

    Strategic Mastermind in the Field of Healthcare

    Anastasia Keramidas

    Turning the age of 30

    Baltimore, Maryland

    Maestro of Content Marketing

    Ariel Frankel

    Reaching the age of 28

    Manhattan, New York

    Executive Extraordinaire in the World of Marketing

    Bailey Brown

    Attaining the age of 27

    Brentwood, Tennessee

    Specialist in Scouting and Hiring Top-tier Executives

    Becca Serrano

    Stepping into the 25th year of her life

    Burbank, California

    Aspiring Nightingale

    Brianna Thorbourne

    Celebrating her 24th birthday

    Jersey City, New Jersey

    Visionary Businessperson

    Brooklyn Willie

    A young and enterprising soul of 25

    Mineola, Texas

    Speed Demon of the Rodeo

    Cara Ammon

    Racing through life at the age of 27

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Talent Seeker for Corporate Entities

    Catherine “Cat” Wong

    On the verge of turning 26

    Chevy Chase, Maryland

    Artistic Dynamo on the Dance Floor

    Charity Lawson

    Currently 26 years old

    Columbus, Georgia

    Therapist Devoted to Children and Families

    Christina Mandrell

    In her 26th year of existence

    Hendersonville, Tennessee

    Creator Extraordinaire of Engaging Online Material

    Davia Bunch

    At the age of 25, she leads the way

    Roebuck, South Carolina

    Mastermind behind Marketing Endeavors

    Gabriella “Gabi” Elnicki

    A resident of Pittsford, Vermont, aged 25

    Baltimore, Maryland

    Defender of the Tiniest Lives in Neonatal Care

    Greer Blitzer

    Reaching great heights at the age of 24

    Bellaire, Texas

    Representative for All Things Medical in the Sales World

    Holland Parsons

    Enriching the field at the age of 24

    Boca Raton, Florida

    Architect of Insurance Promotions

    Jessica “Jess” Girod

    23 years of life and expertise

    Winter Springs, Florida

    Coordinator of All Things E-Commerce

    Kaitlyn “Kaity” Biggar

    Walking the path of an ER travel nurse at 27

    Kingston, Ontario

    Empathetic Healer in the Emergency Room

    Katherine Izzo

    A 26-year-old guardian of health in Tampa, Florida

    Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

    Master of Hospitality Operations

    Kimberly Gutierrez

    Entering her 30th year with grace

    Charlotte, North Carolina

    Providing Care and Comfort to New Mothers

    Kylee Russell

    Bringing compassion at the age of 25

    Miami, Florida

    Guide in the Realm of Financial Planning

    Lekha Ravi

    29 years young and advising with wisdom

    Fargo, North Dakota

    Fearless Business Owner

    Madison Johnson

    In her 26th year of independence

    Bloomfield, Iowa

    Champion of Positive Change in the Nonprofit World

    Mercedes Northup

    A 24-year-old advocate for a better world

    Churchville, New York

    Dedicated Attendant to Patient Care

    Olivia Lewis

    At the age of 24, she brings comfort and support

    Delphos, Ohio

    Stylist Extraordinaire

    Olivia Miller

    25 years of age and a visionary in the world of fashion

    Jericho, New York

    Maestra of Project Management

    Sonia Sharma

    At the forefront of her career in her 29th year

    Vanessa Dinh


    Farmington Hills, Michigan

    Restaurant Marketing Specialist

    Victoria Jameson


    Keller, Texas

    Professional Beauty Enhancer

    Viktoria Eichner


    Vienna, Austria

    Childcare Provider

    The Master of Ceremonies for Season 27 of The Bachelor

    Jesse Palmer serves as the host for The Bachelor Season 27. Palmer is a renowned personality in Canadian television, known for his work as a sports commentator, actor, and former professional football player. He has also fulfilled hosting duties for The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise.

    Zach Shallcross takes on the role of "the bachelor" in The Bachelor Season 27. Zach also made an appearance in season 19 of The Bachelorette. Prior to his involvement with The Bachelorette, Shallcross held a managerial position at the software company Oracle in Austin, Texas.

    Which Couples are Still Together from The Bachelor Season 26?

    In an unexpected finale, Clayton Echard and Susie Evans emerged as an enduring couple from The Bachelor Season 26. In April 2022, Clayton and Susie solidified their relationship by relocating to Virginia Beach, Virginia. As of July 2022, their bond has only grown stronger.

    Is There a Trailer for The Bachelor Season 27?

    Indeed, behold the trailer for The Bachelor Season 27 crafted by Bachelor Nation on ABC:

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    To have the opportunity to participate in the cast, you must complete and submit the Cast Application form on the official Bachelor Nation website.

    The filming locations for Season 27 of The Bachelor encompassed various captivating destinations: Los Angeles, Tallinn, Estonia; The Bahamas; London, England; Budapest, Hungary; and Krabi, Thailand.

    Zach Shallcross, an Anaheim Hills, California native, is a 26-year-old individual known for his roles as a TV personality and a tech executive.

    Final Thoughts

    The highly anticipated 27th season of The Bachelor is set to premiere on January 23, 2023. Dedicated followers residing in Canada can indulge in watching The Bachelor Season 27 exclusively on ABC by utilizing the exceptional and recommended ExpressVPN.

    By utilizing ExpressVPN's advanced and optimized technology, unrestricted access to geo-restricted content from across the globe is made attainable.

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