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With PRESTO, you can ride transit across the Greater Golden Horseshoe without carrying cash, as it links GO Transit with nine other local transit providers.

With PRESTO, you can ride GO Transit and nine other local transit agencies throughout the Greater Golden Horseshoe without carrying cash. Instantly add funds to your PRESTO card from any location with the PRESTO App.

Here’s some encouraging news: In addition, we've expanded GO Transit's payment options. To pay your adult GO fare, simply tap your credit card on and off a PRESTO device. If you have a credit card saved in your mobile wallet, you can also use it by tapping your phone or watch. Discover the ins and outs of PRESTO credit-free contactless payment on GO.

In other words, what is PRESTO?

PRESTO is a convenient and inexpensive electronic fare payment system that streamlines public transportation use. A higher monthly frequency of travel results in greater savings.

Tap on and off with your PRESTO card or a credit card on a PRESTO device to pay your fare across the entire GO network and other transit systems. Your PRESTO card balance or your credit card will be deducted or charged automatically based on the system's determination of your fare. Please be aware that the tap on/off credit card option is currently only valid for use on GO Transit, Brampton, MiWay, Oakville Transit, and UP Express.

Autoload allows you to automatically add money to your PRESTO card.

Kids under the age of 12 ride GO Transit for free without needing a PRESTO card.

You can get deeper discounts by selecting a fare type. PRESTO offers discounts of 40% off the full adult GO fare for riders aged 13–19 and full-time postsecondary students, and 55% off for seniors.

PRESTO A mobile application has been developed to address this need.

The official PRESTO app makes managing and instantly loading your PRESTO card on the go a breeze. We've improved the app to make regional travel even less of a hassle and more secure for you. Some of the most notable features are:

  • Money and passes for public transportation can be loaded instantly.
  • Put money on your PRESTO card using a bank account, a credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or a previously saved payment method.
  • Organize Autoload and its settings.
  • You can manage your PRESTO card and credit card's default trip between two GO train stations.
  • Control up to ten PRESTO cards at once
  • You can get an instantaneous balance check for your PRESTO card.
  • If you're transferring, make sure you know when your time is up.
  • Explore past purchases
  • Get alerts when your balance drops

The PRESTO app is available on both Apple's App Store and Google Play.

A PRESTO rookie Get going with it

Get your hands on a PRESTO card quickly and easily at any of these locations:

  • Stores carrying Shoppers Drug Mart products and groceries
  • Online
  • Locations of GO Trains

The cost of the card is , so plan accordingly. This fee is used to defray the expense of processing the card and its use within the system.

A PRESTO card purchased from a Shoppers Drug Mart, grocery store, or Transit Agency outlet may take up to 24 hours to activate before you can create a My PRESTO Account and load funds or passes online.

To add funds to your PRESTO card, you can:

  • With the PRESTO app, you can add money instantly.
  • Automated loading system configuration
  • With the help of a PRESTO automatic teller machine
  • Going to a CVS
  • Checking out the PRESTO homepage
  • Purchasing tickets at the counters of GO stations, GO Bus terminals, and participating ticket agencies

The following must be considered before boarding the train:

If you have a PRESTO card, you can tap on by touching it to the station's fare payment machine. Verify that a fare has been deducted from your card by checking the device's screen. If the transaction was successful, you'll hear a beep and see a checkmark appear on a green screen. See a station attendant before departing if a red screen with an X and an explanation of the problem appears.

Once you get here:

As you leave the station, tap your card on the Fare Payment Device and release the card.

When boarding the bus:

To pay your fare, tap your PRESTO card on the driver-side terminal of the bus. This machine will verify your card, log your trip's origin, and deduct the appropriate fare for the next zone along your route.

When you get off the bus:

Just before you get off the bus, tap your card on the Fare Payment Device to pay your fare. Any remaining balance from that ride will be deducted from or credited to your card via the PRESTO system.

Always end your calls by tapping the receiver. If you don't tap off, PRESTO won't know where you got off and you'll be charged for the entire length of the route.

Use a Credit Card to Tap On and Off GO Transit

You can now use any major credit card—even ones stored in your phone or watch—to pay your adult GO fare. Simply use a PRESTO device to make purchases with a tap of your card or mobile wallet. Don't forget to turn off your phone when you reach your destination.

You must use identical on-and-off tapping to pay your fare. If you use a credit card to tap in, use the same card to tap out. If you use your phone or watch to tap on, you must use the same device to tap off using the same card stored in your mobile wallet. By doing so, you can avoid accidentally paying the fare twice.

If you pay with a credit card, you can also take advantage of our GO Loyalty Discount Program. You can't combine purchases made with a physical credit card and a credit card stored in a mobile wallet to qualify for these discounts; you must use the same form of payment for each and every trip. Learn more by clicking here.

Frequent GO Transit riders can save money by paying with their PRESTO cards because they are eligible for discounts such as the Youth, Post-Secondary Student, and Senior discounts that are only available to those who use the PRESTO card.

Here is more information about PRESTO contactless payment, or you can go directly to the PRESTO website.

A default trip can be set on a credit card when you tap it on a PRESTO device if you routinely take the GO Train between the same two stations. If you set up a "default trip," you'll only need to tap on at the beginning of your train ride. Note that only GO Train trips are set as default, not GO Bus ones. Find out how to program your card for a regular journey.

Present Benefits

Find out about the PRESTO Perks program and where you can use your PRESTO card to save money at some of Ontario's most popular tourist destinations.

Please see the PRESTO website for further details.

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