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I. Introduction

A. Americans intimidated by dialing European phone numbers

B. Tips and list of calling codes for Europe

II. Calling Internationally

A. Making international call from US landline, mobile phone, Skype, or European number

B. Dial international access code:

1. 011 for US or Canadian landline or mobile phone

2. 00 for any European country, drop 0 if number begins with 0 (except for Italy)

C. Dial country code (see chart below)

III. European Country Codes

A. List of countries and their codes (see chart)

Woman in a phone booth

IV. Conclusion

A. Summary of dialing procedure

B. Encouragement to call confidently

I. Introduction

- Explanation of European phone number and calling standards

- Differences from US phone number and calling standards

II. Domestic Calls

- Dialing the phone number, including initial 0 if there is one

- Area codes and phone numbers can vary in length

III. Examples

- Calling internationally from one European country to another

- Dialing from US to France, Spain, Italy, and Germany

IV. Resources for help

- countrycallingcodes.com and howtocallabroad.com

V. Calling Home

- Dialing the US and Canada from Europe following the steps:

    1. Dial Europe's international access code (00) or press and hold the 0 key on mobile phone

    2. Dial the country code (1) for US and Canada

    3. Dial the phone number, including area code

    VI. Conclusion

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