Unlock Your Earning Potential as a SkipTheDishes Courier

Enroll now to join the team of delivery personnel that power the Skip Network, Canada's most popular food delivery application, which is relied upon by over 25,000 restaurants and 5 million customers across the country. The Courier App is the perfect tool to receive order requests, manage your schedule, and begin delivering meals to hungry customers today. Download the app now and sign up at: couriers.skipthedishes.com/application/

Make extra cash. Your weekly earnings will be directly deposited into your bank account, and you will keep 100% of the tips on every delivery.

Enjoy the freedom of being your own boss. You can decide when and where to make deliveries by setting your weekly availability or picking up shifts when you have free time.

Get all the tools you need. With the SkipTheDishes Courier App, you can:

  • - Deliver only on shifts that suit your schedule.
  • - Set your own weekly availability.
  • - Earn more by picking up extra shifts.
  • - Choose your delivery area.
  • - Chat with live support.
  • - Track your earnings for every delivery.
  • - Refer friends and get extra cash.
  • - Monitor your stats, such as the number of deliveries you've made.
  • - Take advantage of deals exclusively available to couriers on the Skip Network.
  • - Review customer feedback.

The SkipTheDishes Network is available in all ten provinces, with new cities and towns added regularly to meet the increasing demand. Join the team today by downloading the SkipTheDishes Courier App and signing up to deliver food to hungry customers in your area. Learn more at: https://couriers.skipthedishes.com/application/

Please note that the Courier App requires access to your location at all times while in use to show you delivery zones nearby, match you with new orders, and track your progress during delivery. For more information, please refer to our privacy policy: https://www.skipthedishes.com/privacy-policy. You may opt to turn off location access when you are not on shift or using the Courier App.

Effective May 29, 2023, Version 4.16.6 includes critical bug fixes and significant improvements to the Courier App's performance.

Did you enjoy using the SkipTheDishes Courier App? Please rate our app! Your valuable feedback will assist us in making improvements.

An Amazing Application

I have been using this exceptional app for over two months now for my delivery needs. While there have been a few minor setbacks, overall, it has delivered consistently and efficiently. Initially, once you sign up for Skip, the app may not be accessible, but as soon as your account gets approval for your driving area, you can start using it right away. Setting your driving schedule for the week becomes simple every Wednesday or Thursday, as the company releases it, and the process involves confirming everything promptly to start driving. To make significant money, it would be best to identify the peak times for huge client orders and accept every opportunity available. The app provides a base pay rate for driving locations provided you accept 80% of your orders, which compensates for slow days. Since the app tracks your movement to the customer's location, being punctual is critical, and payment is disbursed every Monday, but there is an option to get paid earlier if necessary. The application tracks both daily and weekly earnings, which are easily accessible once you get a knack for the system, and eventually, earn you considerable income.

Use the referral code FB0UWQ to earn $50 after completing your first 25 orders. This incentive should be an excellent motivator to get started.

Current App Issues

It is currently 6:45 pm, and despite having a 5-9 pm shift, the app has glitched out. It won't allow me to end my earlier shift, which began at 3:15 pm and ended at 4:15 pm, and keeps claiming that I am still on it, regardless of my efforts to log out or delete the application. As a result, the system keeps reminding me of missed shifts, even though I haven't missed any. The problem with my earlier shift is preventing me from starting the current shift I'm supposed to be on now. The app is seriously compromised, and it is affecting my earnings because I'm not receiving any orders. The issue needs immediate resolution.

Technical Hang-ups with the App

The app has experienced new challenges recently. After completing orders, it now tends to freeze, forcing users to close and reopen the system by tapping the 'X' button. This phenomenon wasn't there before. Push notifications are also not entirely reliable, and orders tend to vanish after matching with drivers. The application has numerous problems, almost to a saturation point, and there's a dire need to revert to the former app or, better yet, resolve the numerous current issues.

The developer, SkipTheDishes, stated that the app's privacy practices may include managing data as detailed below. For further details, please follow the developer's privacy policy.

The following data may likely get collected and linked to your identity:

    Location Identifiers Usage Data Diagnostics Privacy practices may vary, based on the specific features you use or your age. Learn More

    If you require application support, use this link.

    The document entitled "Privacy Policy," accessible through a hyperlink bearing the prefix "," and opened in a new browsing tab (as specified by the "target" attribute having the value "_blank"), establishes the rules and guidelines regarding the protection of personal information. This document can be accessed without disclosing the browsing source (as ensured by the "rel" attribute having the values "noreferrer noopener"). The aforementioned hyperlink contains the HTML anchor tag (""), and as such, all of its characteristics have remained unaffected by this rephrasing.

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