Travel Luxuriously: 4 Ways to Get Between Toronto and Montreal


    Canada is a country brimming with diverse landscapes, attractions, and destinations that are perfect for any traveler to explore. Two of its most popular cities to visit are Toronto, Ontario, and Montreal, Quebec. Although they are located 336 miles apart, both cities provide unique experiences and are frequented by locals and tourists alike. In this article, we’ll discuss the best ways to travel between the two and highlight some of the top attractions and hotels that make both cities worth visiting.

    Travel Options:

      Traveling from Toronto to Montreal has several options to choose from. There is driving, flying, taking the train, and taking the bus. Driving takes five to six hours and is 336 miles. Flying is the fastest option and takes one hour and fifteen minutes, but requires transporting to and from the airport. Taking the train takes approximately five hours or more, but it is the most convenient and comfortable mode of transportation. Taking the bus is the most economical option, but it also takes the longest.

      Flight Details:

        Flying to Montreal from Toronto can cost between to $180 and is popular with airlines like Air Canada, West Jet, and Flair. Flights between the cities are frequent and can be booked at any time, but booking early can help save some money. Flights usually take one hour and 15 minutes, but the travel time to and from the airport and factor in time spent checking in and retrieving bags, making it crucial to schedule accordingly.

        Train Details:

          VIA Rail provides a downtown-to-downtown service between Toronto and Montreal which takes around five hours or less. While it is not particularly scenic, it has free WiFi and comfortable seats. VIA Rail train also offers different classes, cheapest of which is called Escape that costs around $40 if booked enough in advance. Expect to pay approximately for an economy ticket. Business-class upgrades are available at an additional cost.

          Bus Details:

            Traveling by bus is the most economical mode of transportation to get to Montreal from Toronto with prices starting as low as $35. The Megabus provides a daily express service and offers free WiFi. Greyhound Canada is also available with rest stops along the way. The bus is often the slowest option, taking between six to nine hours for the journey.

            Driving Details:

              Driving from Toronto to Montreal is a reasonable 5-6 hour trip that amounts to 336 miles by taking major highways. The drive provides the opportunity to plan your own itinerary and stops along the way. Popular stops include Prince Edward County, a charming area popular for agri-rich landscapes and Kingston, a city steeped in history and located halfway between the two cities.

              Montreal Highlights:

                Montreal is a city with its distinct culture, heritage, and cobblestoned streets. It is the biggest city in Quebec but only about half the size of Toronto in terms of population, giving it a small-town vibe. Mount Royal, situated in the city's heart, offers a great panoramic view, while Old Montreal is popular for its European-like structures. Visitors can also visit the Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal, the Botanical Garden, or dine in one of the foodie-approved neighborhoods, like Mile End.

                Hotel Options:

                  Montreal offers several great hotels to stay in. Hotel Nelligan is a cozy hotel located in the heart of Old Montreal offering stunning rooftop views. Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth provides a 1960s-style experience with unique room designs and a central location. Le Petit Hotel is an intimate, 28-room boutique hotel that offers a sophisticated atmosphere and stellar guest experience. All these hotels provide great choices for Toronto to Montreal travelers looking for a comfortable stay.


                    Traveling between Toronto and Montreal provides a unique and diverse experience, with several options to choose from. It is best to plan your itinerary, taking into account the mode of transportation, attractions, and hotels you want to visit, ensuring the best possible travel experience and enjoyment. With this guide, you’re one step closer to a fun, memorable, and exciting trip.

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