Tips on oral sex, including how to lick a girl and how to eat a girl.

The act of consuming a pussy, licking one's wounds, descending upon, or devouring another. Speaking of oral sex can be done in a gazillion different ways. However, as Shakespeare said, "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Whatever you call it, licking someone else's vulva is a lot of fun for women and other vulvae-bearing people. When executed properly, cunnilingus's emphasis on clitoris stimulation can be more pleasurable than penetration for many people.

How To Make Me Come is a sex blog that offers a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to lick someone out thoroughly. And if you're serious about improving your oral sex skills, read on. Keep scrolling for sexpert advice on the Kivin method, an oral sex hack that claims to make someone orgasm within three minutes, and how to use your mouth and hands simultaneously.

Eating Pussy: The Art of Eating a Girl to Death

In order to get down there, step one is to kiss your way

Head toward the river's southern bank. Mark this path with tiny kisses, starting at their neck and ending in their pelvis, to increase the intensity. Your vulva/vaginal area Congratulation, you completed the journey What a crazy adventure

Making eye contact is fine. It's a strong move, but it can either be creepy or hot, depending on the person you're bringing down. You get a sense of the person and think about the circumstances of the hookup, such as whether you just met them or if you've known them for a while (in a class or a job). ) or a more long-term commitment (let's see how things develop)? )

Kissing someone sensually up and down their inner thighs is a great warmup for making out with them. It's not required, but I think they'd dig it, and a little tease like that can build up some serious suspense.

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Identify the clitoris (Step 2)

Now it's time to enter Do not fumble around; locate your clitoris and enter it. In case you're not familiar with it, it's the bean-like structure perched atop the vaginal labia (the fleshy "lips" of the vagina).

Keep in mind that the clitoris is more sensitive than the penis and has more nerve endings before you begin. It's fantastic, and it gives most women and people with vulvae pleasure.

Get to know the clitoris, basically. If you know what you're doing (which you should have a better idea of after reading this), stimulating that tiny bundle of nerves can cause someone to convulse with pleasure. The proper way to begin is to DJ (rub the clitoris with your fingers) and then stuff your face in between their thighs.

Third, lick the area close to the clitoris.

Don't just go in for the kill -- clitoris-wide licking is the way to go. Sensations need to be worked up to a crescendo. It's time to lick their clitoris with your tongue after you've teased them to the point where they're clearly into it.

Regardless of how you choose to lick it, keep your attention and awareness on the clitoris. Ignore any initial resistance and ramp up the intensity if they respond positively with their bodies and/or vocalizations. To add variety, try experimenting with the shape of your tongue on the clitoris. While some prefer a wide, flat tongue, others favor a fine point. It's all about finding what works best for you and your partner by paying attention to how each of you reacts physically.

how to lick a girl out really well


If you're feeling particularly bold, you can also give the Kivin Method a go. Orgasm, according to the manufacturer, can be achieved in minutes. It's entertaining to test out whether or not you believe that. Instead of initiating oral sex by licking your partner's crotch, try approaching from the side and moving your licks up and down their body.

Stage 4: Inquire as to their level of satisfaction

You should really inquire as to their satisfaction. The addition of this not only provides a great lead-in to slutty banter (vital! ), but not only that, but not all vulvae are created equal. Vulvas come in a wide variety of forms, so your partner's preferences will vary.

One person may benefit more from more pressure or a certain tonguing technique than another. Their preferences can range from slow to hard to circular to up and down. If you're already doing great at this, asking for feedback is guaranteed to make them feel good and pave the way for more open and satisfying sexual exchanges.

5. Experiment with additional aids

Using a sex toy while you're both on the floor may help speed up the process of getting an orgasmic rush. A bullet, wand, or clit vibrator can be used on the clitoris while fingering or licking them out, if they agree (you should ask first). Try some flavored lube for an extra kick of excitement.

Get other sectors involved; step 6

If your partner enjoys having their balls played with during a blow job, you may want to do the same to other parts of their vulva or body while you lick them.

Depending on their preferences, you can run your fingers down their legs, grab their hips, and even massage their breasts and chest. You can choose from many different possibilities.

When they've given their full approval, you can use your fingers. Carefully probe their vagina with a finger and see if they like the feel (or just ask). ) Start slowly, moving it in and out until you reach the G-spot by curling your finger up toward their stomach. Start slow and gentle with the massage; if they enjoy it, you can increase the pressure and speed.

Throughout it all, keep in mind that the clitoris should *never* be ignored.

Change things up, step seven

Don't get comfortable; keep things interesting (unless they expressly request that you stop). If you stimulate the clitoris too much or for too long, you may experience some discomfort or pain. Play around with the pressure and smear some light kisses all over that clitoris.

8. Attempt the Kivin Technique

We've already mentioned the Kivin method, an oral sex technique often referred to as a "cunnilingus trick" that supposedly helps vulvae-bearing women and men achieve orgasm in three minutes. Of course the idea of timing your partner's orgasms or enforcing a "one size fits all" approach to sex sounds ridiculous, and it's not a good idea to do so. Considering how uniquely diverse humans are, the Kivin approach can by no means be expected to benefit everyone. But if you already knew that, you could just go ahead and try it out and see how much fun you have.

Exactly how does one go about using the Kivin technique? You basically approach it from an angle. In other words, you should not stand in the middle of your partner's legs but rather next to them. Put your index and thumb on either side of their clit and raise it to steady it. Then, lick laterally across the clit or clitoral hood (depending on their sensitivity and preference; keep asking what works for them) rather than vertically.

eating a girl out


Nine, *if* they have an orgasmic experience

While not everyone needs to have an orgasmic experience to enjoy life, ) When they draw near, continue doing what you're doing. They'll either tell you directly or give you subtle hints like a change in their breathing pattern or a grab for your hair that let you know they're getting close. But don't stop until they've reached the other side of that wave.

Don't take it personally if they don't orgasm; that isn't the point of sex and isn't a reliable indicator of whether or not a person experienced pleasure during sex.

Just how much people enjoy being devoured

In case you were wondering how to lick someone out, the people of Reddit have a detailed guide for you. Keep in mind that this is by no means an exhaustive guide, as every body is unique and responds best to different types of stimulation.

  1. In the event that they begin biting or pulling on a labia, Stop copying pornographic imagery and tropes, it hurts " [via]
  2. Always clitoral, with occasional fingering I can't think of a better way to put it, but having someone stick their tongue in there makes me feel like they're trying to shovel mashed potatoes into me. I find it extremely unpleasant. " [via]
  3. "The mouth stays outside, but the fingers are free to explore." " [via]
  4. I enjoy clitoral stimulation, but tongue in vagina is even better. In addition, I enjoy it when my partner plays around with my vagina. Amazing sensations " [via]
  5. "Penetrating my tongue doesn't feel like anything other than wetness, but other than that, I can orgasm from penetration in general." However, stimulating the clitoral area with your fingers is fantastic. " [via]
  6. One or two fingers in, one or two outside the mouth." " [via]
  7. I like oral very much because it's the only way I can usually orgasm, but I prefer penetration because it's more intense.
    When it takes too long, I begin to feel guilty. " [via]
  8. Stimulating the G-spot, two inches into the vaginal canal from the front, with two fingers is the only thing that has ever worked for me. To stimulate the clitoral erector muscle, you can either move your arm in a crooked fashion or your fingers (like come here), and then use oral (or other) stimulation. Establish a beat, and stick with it even as her enthusiasm grows (unless she asks you to, of course). " [via]

And with that, my fellow citizens, we have reached the end.

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