Tips for Getting Into the Ontario Provincial Police

A police officer's salary is not affected by the level of education he or she has. The provincial government of Ontario reports that in 2016, a police officer in Ontario made $106,788 annually on average, while a police officer with a bachelor's degree made $106,543. Those with higher education had a $245 annual salary disadvantage.

Good news for high school dropouts seeking meaningful work and a comfortable salary!

Despite the low educational requirements, not everyone who graduates from high school in Ontario ends up working as a police officer.

Key information to help you land your dream job is outlined in this article.

Future Prospects for Policing in Ontario

As of right now, the police officer job market is deemed to be "Average." This suggests that these positions are neither scarce nor easy to obtain. Wage growth has been less rapid compared to that of jobs rated "Above average," but it has outpaced the growth of jobs rated "Below average."

The Job Bank predicts a moderate increase in available jobs due to population growth and retirements. It can be stated with certainty that between 2016 and 2018, the labor market has been in equilibrium, with the same number of available jobs as the number of people actively seeking employment.

Both of Ontario's Top Two Regions

Toronto and Ottawa are currently expected to have the most job openings in Ontario. Out of the 4,001 to 5,000 job openings predicted between 2017 and 2021, 68 percent will be for replacement workers and 32 percent will be brand new positions.


There are currently 170 job openings in this area.


Fifty-six job openings are currently being advertised in this area.

Fewer than twenty openings exist in other areas.

Just how Long Does It Take to Become an Ontario Police Officer?

The hiring process can take as long or as little as you like. It varies from police department to police department, and it also depends on whether or not you make it through the application process successfully. It will take approximately 6 months to complete the application process.

Some police departments may make you wait a year before applying again if your application is rejected at any stage.

It is best to get in touch with the police department of your choice in order to learn the time it takes.

Learn more about the eligibility requirements (and what won't get you hired) to become a police officer in Canada.

In Ontario, what are the barest minimums for becoming a police officer?

It is imperative that you check that you are qualified to apply before submitting an application. Generally speaking, the following requirements are accepted by most Ontario police departments:

  • No one under the age of eighteen
  • Ability to communicate effectively in English
  • Successful driving history
  • Take care of your health.
  • Show moral rectitude.
  • A secondary school diploma or its equivalent in Canada.
  • Individuals who are either Canadian citizens or permanent residents
  • Credible certification in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in its current, standard form.
  • Full driving privileges, Class G license, and no more than 6 demerit points
  • Having the required level of health, vision, and hearing is essential.
  • No felony convictions that have not been pardoned and no pending felony charges.

Candidates for the Toronto Police Service must also fulfill the following criteria:

  • Carry an active O A C P certificate from the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police,
  • Successfully complete a security clearance process that includes a background check, credit check, and reference checks.

All applicants to the Ontario Provincial Police must also demonstrate a willingness to serve in any part of the province.

READ ON: Guidelines for Canadian Police Officer Recruitment and Common Qualifying Factors

Cost of Living Increases for Ontario Police Officers

Hourly rates in the province start at $30. 05-$57 hourly rate of and an average hourly wage of $46 15/hr Ontario police officers can earn anywhere from $56,000 to $117,600 per year, with ,115 being the average salary.

For Toronto police officers, the 2015 median salary was $107,627. Police officers in Ottawa made a median salary of $105,533 in 2015, while their counterparts in Hamilton made a median salary of $106,485 that same year.

For those interested in joining the Toronto Police Service, the starting salary is ,643. 30/year At the end of the fourth year, the annual salary is projected to reach $100,923. 48/year Paid time off, health insurance for you and your family, dental and vision coverage, a retirement plan, and time off for new parents are just some of the perks of working here.

As a member of the Ottawa Police Service, you can expect to earn a starting salary of ,615 per year. 92/year Annual salary is expected to rise to ,434 by the end of the fourth year, based on your performance reviews. 93/year Medical, dental, and vision insurance; long-term disability; and life insurance are just some of the available benefits.

Salary for the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is around $100,500 annually on average.

From the data provided by Glassdoor, here is a breakdown of police officer salaries in Ontario:

Department Average/year Range TPS (Toronto Police Service) $108,922 K - $115K Police from the Peel Region ,735 K - K The Municipality of Hamilton ,688 K - 100K Location: Toronto, Canada $102,548 K - $117K Ministry of the Province of Ontario Police $100,501 $100K - 103K Officers from the York Regional Police Service ,968 K - K Police Services of Ottawa ,508 $56K - $195K Local law enforcement in the Halton region $103,049 K - $104K

Motivated to pursue a career in law enforcement Here are some examples of how we've transitioned from paladin to police officer.

Instructions for Applying to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP)

Considering a career with the Ontario Provincial Police? Some basic requirements to stand out from the crowd are as follows:

  • Age restriction: 18 and up
  • Graduate of the Ontario Secondary School Program (high school) or its foreign equivalent is required.
  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada
  • A Class 'G' license is required, and you can't have more than six points on your driving record.
  • Required to maintain a clean record
  • Basic life support and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training is required.
  • Required to meet all standards for health, mental health, security, and finances.

This is a must-have for the OPP. One must be in peak physical condition and ready to serve. This second possibility is worth thinking about because detachments can be found anywhere from major cities to rural backwaters. Choose your top six desired locations when applying.

The Constable Selection System necessitates a medical examination for all prospective hires. Included in this is the requirement of adequate hearing and vision.

Use this test to evaluate your own progress.

Instructions for Applying for a Position with the Toronto Police

The following procedure is owned by the Toronto Police Service. The majority of Ontario's police forces operate in a fairly standard manner.

  1. Click here to get your OACP Certificate of Achievement.
  2. Examine your eyes and ears thoroughly in a medical setting.
  3. Maintain a fitness log; the most recent two weeks' entries may be requested at any time.
  4. Apply for a position with the Toronto Police Department online.
  5. Pre-Screening
  6. A History Questionnaire and a Typed Interview
  7. Take a fitness test and get a score of 7 or higher.
  8. Face-to-face discussions
  9. Please finish the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory.
  10. Look Into the Past
  11. Evaluating a Person's Psychological State
  12. Work Contract Pending Satisfactory Background Check

It is possible to reject applicants at any point in the application process. Those who make it through each round of the application process are ultimately considered.

After being chosen, the next step is recruit training. Those who apply to the Toronto Police Service are sent to the Ontario Police College for basic training. Police officers-to-be must complete this training program.

Paladin is the Place to Start Your Police Career

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