Tim Hortons' September Roll Up to Win Prizes, Dates, and Rules (Roll the Rim 2021)

On September 20 of this year, for only the second time ever, Tim Hortons will once again offer its Roll Up the Rim 2021 (now renamed Roll Up to Win 2021).

Roll Up the Rim 2021 Tim Hortons: Sept Roll Up to Win Prizes, Dates, Rules,

One of the best parts The grand prize for Roll Up to Win 2021 will be more than anyone has ever won before.

Roll Up the Rim 2021 Tim Hortons: Sept Roll Up to Win Prizes, Dates, Rules,

Part 2 of Roll Up to Win 2021 will award winners with 2022 Volkswagen Taos Highline cars, vacations, electronics, gift cards, gift subscriptions, nearly 12 million coffees, 4 million donuts, and 45,000 $25 Tim Cards, and much more. See below for further explanation.

Fight for Your 2021 Romantic Future with a Dice

At twelve o'clock in the morning on January 1, 2021, Roll Up To Win will resume. m Beginning at 12:01 a.m. ET on September 20/21 and running through 11:59:59 p.m. ET on October 17/21, 2018. m ET

Prizes will be rolled out in 2021.

Roll Up the Rim 2021 Tim Hortons: Sept Roll Up to Win Prizes, Dates, Rules,

Major Awards

Value at Retail Price or ARV

a)$0 ARV for the sum of 15,907,540 coffee and food prizes 99 – $5 Retail Price: CAD Each

(b) Ten (10) Volkswagen Taos Highlines, each with the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Package and the Alloy Wheel Package, at an average retail price of $38,195 CAD

(c) 150 weekend getaways for two nights (awarded as Hilton Be My Guest Certificates valid for a two-night hotel stay, excluding transportation to/from destination point), ARV 6 CAD each

(d) Ten (10) one-week (six-night) trips to a variety of Hilton hotels around the world, with an average retail value (ARV) of $5,867 CAD per trip (airfare for each trip is provided as a $2,000 CAD gift card).

100 American Express® Prepaid Gift Cards in the amount of $1,000 CAD

Value of $1,129 (f) Fifty Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Smartphones. $1.99 CDN each

(g) Two-hundred and fifty Samsung Galaxy Smartwatches, each with an estimated retail value of $296 Canadian

Xbox Series-S consoles (50 units), average retail value $380 CAD

a thousand copies of Xbox Forza Horizon 5 Standard Edition (Canadian retail value per game)

(j) One Thousand Digital Gift Cards to Home Hardware, each worth $100 Canadian

300 Parkland $100 CAD Fuel Cards

(l) Fifty Cineplex Premier Cards ("Free Movies for a Year") (admission for one person, once per day, for one year), ARV $1,250 CAD each

(m) $25,000 worth of vouchers good for one general admission movie ticket at Cineplex theaters (ARV $12 each). The Canadian price is each.

(n) ten $359.00 annual Crave subscriptions (including HBO, STARZ, and SUPER ECRAN) Amounting to Canadian Dollars per unit

750 units of the Skullcandy Crusher EvoTM headphones, retail value $199 Costing Canadian each

200,000 x 3-month SN NOW sports streaming subscriptions, average retail value $104. 97 each

eGift card codes for 20,000 meals from Uber Eats, each valued at $20 CAD

(r) One thousand annual memberships to The Athletic (average retail value ) 99 each

45 thousand $25 Canadian Dollar Tim Card® Gift Cards

Normal Awards

a) Two Hundred Thousand Three-Month Subscriptions to The Athletic (ARV $29) 99 each

b) Forty percent off of a million Skullcandy headphones (Approximate Redeemable Value (ARV) based on Eligible Purchase Value)

Four Million Times Twenty Dollars Canadian Skullcandy Canada's Online Coupons

100,000 Crave discount codes worth $10 CAD each (d)

ARV ; e) 100,000 x Cineplex Store digital rental codes (good for 1 digital movie rental each), Dollars 99 each

(f) 5 Tims Rewards points; actual retail value (ARV) depends on reward(s) obtained and will vary depending on winner's redemption level and rewards options in effect at the time of redemption (for example, 5,000 Tims Rewards points can be redeemed for a free coffee or a free donut). A registered Tims Rewards member can get a brewed coffee or tea worth $1 (70 points) for $1 (ARV) or less. 54 – $2 19.19 Canadian Dollars each] or any eligible dream donut, bagel, or baked good [ARV $1. 29 – $2 price of $39 CAD (one order) (based on average menu prices in Ontario, Canada (before taxes)

Following sections will be updated once the September 2021 Roll Up to Win Contest Rules are made public: THIS DATA WAS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN THE EARLY 2019 ROLL UP TO WIN 2021. ***

Instructions for Tim Hortons' 2021 Roll Up the Rim

When you make a qualifying purchase at a Tim Hortons location, you can earn one or more Rolls by scanning your Tims Rewards card or using the Tims Rewards app.

Exactly which Items on the Menu are Suitable for Digital Rolls?

One virtual roll can be earned by ordering from the following categories on the menu:

  • Any type of hot drink (with the exception of espresso)
  • All cold drinks (but not including milk, soda, and juice).
  • Egg sandwiches for the morning
  • Toasted breakfast wraps

The a comprehensive inventory of the contents those who qualify for a digital roll include:

  1. Small (10 oz.) Hot Beverages (15 fluid ounces size-large (20 ounces , 24 oz. (Cappuccino not included; extra espresso shots will cost extra)
  2. Beverages, Cold, Miniature, 10 oz. size (approximately 15 ounces ), and a big one (twenty (with the exception of packaged beverages)
  3. Farmer's Wrap (with bacon, sausage, or an egg and cheese)
  4. Wrap (egg, bacon, or sausage) on a hot grill.
  5. Whether with bacon or sausage, the bagel is topped with a BELT®.
  6. Sandwiches with bacon or sausage, grilled and served for breakfast.
  7. A breakfast sandwich, such as an English muffin, biscuit, bacon, sausage, egg, and cheese.
  8. The Classic Breakfast Sandwich, Made With Only Sausage
Roll Up the Rim 2021 by Tim Hortons Prizes, Dates, Rules, Winners

You can get as many rolls as you want, and you'll always be a winner.

Two Rolls for the coffee, zero for the donut (since it is not eligible), and one for the Farmer's Breakfast Wrap: that's what you'd get if you bought two mediums of each item.

In addition, this year, when you order eligible products through the Tim Hortons app for delivery, you'll get a Roll for each one.

Rolls Assurance will not be provided for orders placed through other food delivery apps.

Method That Requires No Expenditure

Send a written request on a blank white sheet of paper, which must include the following information if you want Rolls without paying for them:

  • Please provide me with the following information:
  • The nature of the request, such as
    • Only One Roll, or
    • When a Roll Request is mailed, it will be considered for a Bonus Offer if one is currently open for enrollment. one Roll and up to three Bonus Digital Rolls (based on the maximum number of Bonus Rolls that may be earned in connection with a live Bonus Offer at the time the applicable Roll Request is postmarked)

Send your completed form (along with a stamped envelope to cover postage in Canada) to:

A "Roll Request" is an entry sent to the Tim Hortons Roll Up To Win 2021 Contest at PO Box 12305, Saint John, NB E2I 5E7.

In the event that the Sponsor receives a Roll Request in compliance with these Rules, you will be given either:

  • If you asked for one roll, you'll get one; or
  • One Roll and up to three Bonus Rolls (based on the maximum number of Bonus Rolls that may be earned in connection with a live Bonus Offer at the time the relevant Roll Request is postmarked) If you sent in a request for one Roll and Bonus Rolls while a valid Bonus Offer was available for participation at the time such Roll Request was postmarked, you will receive the Bonus Rolls.

In response to a valid Roll Request, you will receive an email (to the address you specified in your Roll Request) with a link to download the digital roll(s) you ordered. The participant can access the Digital Roll(s) by logging into his or her Account and then following the on-screen instructions provided.

As a matter of certainty, the Roll Requests that don't include an email address won't be considered.

Roll Requests must be postmarked during the Contest Period and received no later than October 17, 2021 and no later than October 24, 2021 to be eligible. One Roll Order per properly postage envelope.

Lost, stolen, misdirected, delayed, incomplete, damaged, destroyed, late, or illegible Roll Requests and Unique Roll Links are null and void and Tim Hortons will not be held liable in any way.

Where can I purchase Digital Rolls?  

When you open the app or visit www.rolluptowin.ca after your order has been processed, you'll see a digital roll waiting for you.

It is not possible to add rolls to your account after the fact if you fail to scan your digital or physical Tims Rewards card at checkout.

When I use my Tims Rewards points or redeem a coffee prize toward a qualifying menu item, am I eligible to receive a roll?

No The Digital Rolls program does not apply to products obtained through the Roll Up to Win Prizes program, Tims Rewards, or Tims it Forward.

How Many Digital Rolls Can You Possibly Accumulate?

In Roll Up the Rim 2021, the number of digital rolls you can earn is infinite.

What is the proper way to roll the rolls?

Uncovering the Roll requires :

  1. You can enter via the Tim Hortons app or the website www.rolluptowin.ca.
  2. To proceed, you must successfully complete a skill-testing question by following the on-screen prompts.
  3. To see the Roll, select "Roll Now."

If you want to play but don't have a phone, look below!

Instructions for Playing Without a Cell Phone

Not having access to a cell phone need not prevent you from playing.

Scanning your physical Tims Rewards card during checkout will give you access to digital rolls.

If you want to join Tims Rewards, you must still register your physical card at timhortons.ca/timsrewards.

Log in to your account at www.rolluptowin.ca after you've registered and linked your card to see your digital rolls.

Rolls can still be amassed, even if the cards aren't linked Your Rolls order won't be processed until you sign up for an account and associate your physical card with it.

What's the Time Limit on Opening My Digital Rolls?

On or before Wednesday, November 21 at 11:59 p.m. EST, all digital rolls for Roll Up The Rim 2021 must be unveiled. m ET

Friend-Related Roll Delivery Instructions

Sharing a link to a Roll allows you to share it with others.

To redeem the digital roll and reveal the Prize, the recipient must sign into their Tims Rewards account in the app or online and follow the on-screen instructions.

When the Roll is revealed, whoever rolls it gets to keep the prize. When you give the roll to a friend or family member, you give up any chance of winning the prize for yourself.  

Click "Reclaim Roll" in the Roll Up Rundown section of the app or www.rolluptowin.ca to retrieve a previously shared Roll that has not yet been revealed.

Prize Redemption Procedure

The Location of Your Prize Coupons and Rules

Instructions on how to claim your Prize will be displayed on the screen after you reveal your Roll (through the Tim Hortons app or at www.rolluptowin.ca).

The "My Offers & Rewards" section of your Tims Rewards account is where you can claim your coffee, donut, and reusable cup prizes in the form of a coupon (which must be activated).

Win prizes that can be redeemed in-store at Tim Hortons, and they'll be added to your Tims Rewards account automatically.

If you win, Tims Rewards Points or a Tim Card Prize will be added to your account immediately. There is a remote chance that you will receive your electronic Tim Card by email.

As soon as you win, you will receive many digital prizes via email. These include Cineplex®, Home Hardware, Skullcandy, Uber Eats, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate digital gift cards and codes, as well as Crave, SN Now, Spotify Premium, and The Athletic digital subscriptions.

Steps to Take Before Claiming a Prize

The "My Rewards & Offers" section of the Tim Hortons app's main screen or timhortons.ca/timsrewards is where users can redeem their rewards for free beverages and reusable cups.

Your Roll Up the Rim 2021 reward will be automatically redeemed the next time you buy that item and scan your digital or physical Tims Rewards card (or place an order through the Tim Hortons app) at participating locations.

For how long do I have to claim my prize?

The deadline to claim free coffee and food is November 10/21 (other prizes have different deadlines).

Can I Win a Prize and Redeem It in One Transaction?

Free coffee or donuts won in the app or online can only be redeemed at a later date.

Free items obtained through the use of Roll Up to Win prizes, Tims Rewards points, or Tims it Forward gifts cannot be redeemed for additional digital rolls.

Digital rolls can still be earned on eligible purchases made in the same transaction as a free prize redemption.  

The Tim Hortons App in Detail

The Tim Hortons app is useful because it lets you place a takeout order ahead of time, ensuring that your coffee and food will be ready when you arrive at the restaurant.

Roll Up the Rim 2021 by Tim Hortons: Prizes, Dates, Rules, Winners

Tims It Forward, a digital spin on the classic "Pay It Forward," is one of the new features added in recent months.

Read the Official Rules for the Roll Up the Rim 2021 Competition

To learn more, please visit www.rolluptowin.ca. Roll Up the Rim September 2021 Official Rules Coming Soon

Tim Hortons also provides a FAQ for its Roll up the Rim product.

Further Updates on Tim Horton's 2021 Plans...

Tim Hortons has announced their upcoming 2021 goals. A few highlights of the company's plans for the year are as follows:

The company introduced newly cracked eggs as a game-changing innovation that will transform your morning meal into something you can't get enough of.

Roll Up the Rim 2021 by Tim Hortons: Prizes, Dates, Rules, Winners

Tim Hortons' dedication to community involvement will only increase in the coming year. Camp Day and the Smile Cookie sale, two of Tim Hortons' annual fundraisers, brought in $11 million in 2020 and are expected to bring in even more in 2021.

Changes to Tim Hortons' drive-thrus will be drastically enhanced in 2021 thanks to the company's continued adoption of digital technology, such as digital menu boards and enhanced integration with Tims Rewards.

Tim Hortons will also be expanding their in-app delivery ordering options in 2021.

Tim Hortons has discontinued double cupping in an effort to reduce waste. This change is expected to prevent the annual disposal of over 200 million cups.

They are also eliminating plastic straws from their restaurants, a move that will save about 300 million straws and other plastic items from being thrown away in the next year.

New and improved Tim Hortons Dark Roast Coffee, made from 100% premium Arabica beans, has been added to the menu.

Tim Hortons Dark Roast Coffee Relaunched 2021

Subtle hints of chocolate, cedar, and even fruit and flowers can be found in the Dark Roast.

The best selling donuts and coffee at Tim Hortons in Canada for 2020 have been announced. Who do you think would win in a popularity contest?

Top Tim Hortons Donuts and Coffee List Canada: Price, Calories
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