Tim Hortons' Roll Up the Rim 2022: March Dates, Prizes, and Rules

Starting on March 7 and running through April 3, Tim Hortons will host a promotion formerly known as Roll Up the Rim 2022 but now rebranded as Roll Up to Win 2022, offering Canadians the chance to win prizes worth over $100 million.

This year, guests have even more reasons to play Roll Up To Win than before thanks to the introduction of bonus Rolls for mobile orders, and as always, every Roll wins.

There are a total of 15 2022 Volkswagen Taos Highline automobiles up for grabs, in addition to over 900 getaways, over $15 million in gift cards and promo codes, approximately 14 million free coffees or donuts, and 45,000 $25 Tim Cards (see more below).

Roll Up the Rim 2021 Tim Hortons: Sept Roll Up to Win Prizes, Dates, Rules,

Tim Hortons sat down with the numbers to find out some interesting information about Canada's most popular competition in honor of this year's edition:

  • Did you know that Sydney, Nova Scotia, is known as "Canada's Roll Up Capital?" The city on Cape Breton Island received more free coffee and donuts than any other location in the country.
  • Second place in the country was awarded to Saint John, New Brunswick. In the East, they Roll  
  • Tim Horton's is handing out a whopping nine There are enough free coffee prizes to fill two Olympic-sized swimming pools, or 8 million.
  • In case you were to pile the 4 The stack of 2 million free donuts from Tim Horton's would reach the height of 193 CN Towers.

Dates for the year 2022 are on the dice!

Dates for the 2022 Roll Up to Win begin at 12:00:00 a.m. m Beginning at 12:00:01 a.m. ET on March 7, 2022, and concluding at 11:59:59 p.m. m ET

Bet on the 2022 Roll and Win Prizes

Coffee and Donut Prizes, cars, electronics, vacations, gift cards, streaming service subscriptions, and more total more than $100 million in prizes.

The prize breakdown is as follows: To put it simply, ARV is the estimated selling price.

Awarding Major Prizes

Prize pool (i) 14,015,916x Coffee and Food, ARV $0 99 – price of $39 Canadian each

(ii) Fifteen (x15) Volkswagen Taos Highlines with the All-Weather Package and the Driver Assistance Package (ARV $38,195 CAD each)

10 one-week (6-night) stays at a variety of Hilton hotels around the world, with an approximate retail value of ,332 77 CAD to $11,585 Prize is subject to applicable COVID-19 restrictions at the time of fulfillment and costs an average of $41 CAD per person (airfare for each trip is awarded as a $2,500 CAD air carrier gift card).

(iv) 150 weekend getaways with a two-night hotel stay (awarded as Hilton Be My Guest Certificates valid for a two-night hotel stay, excluding transportation to/from the destination point, and subject to applicable COVID-19 restrictions at the time of fulfilment), ARV 0 CAD each.

(5v) Seven-hundred-and-fifty Parks Canada Group Discovery Passes (ARV $145) Twenty-five Canadian Dollars each

(vi) Ten RV rentals from CanaDream (each valid for seven days with a maximum range of 700 kilometers), ARV ,000 CAD

100 Samsung 65-inch Smart 4K UHD TVs, $1,099 each (average retail value) price:.99 Canadian Dollars

100 Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphones (average retail value $1,099) .99 Canadian

Value of $2,399 for twenty Microsoft Surface Pro 8s .99 Canadian

For (x) 234 Prepaid American Express Cards in the amount of $1,000 CAD

(xi) Fifty Cineplex® Premiere Cards (good for one admission per day for an entire year), with an estimated retail value of $1,250 CAD each

(xii) Ten $5,000 Canadian Dollar eGift Cards from Home Hardware

1,000 Home Hardware $100 Canadian Dollar e-gift cards

XIV. Fifty $100 Canadian Dollar gift cards to The Bay in digital form

(xv) Ten $4,000 Canadian in the form of JOURNIE Rewards gift cards will be awarded as part of the "Fuel for a Year" prize pack.

Digital Gift Cards for $20 Canadian from Uber Eats (xvi): 20,000 Gift Cards

XVII) Two-hundred-fifty limited-edition Chilly Moose 12-liter Harbour Buckets from Tim Hortons, retail value $134 .99 Canadian

50 Chilly Moose Tim Hortons 55L Limited Edition Ice Chests (ARV $389 each) .99 Canadian

(xix) Three-hundred PKG® Carry Goods Travel Essentials Bundles, Average Retail Value $300 CAD

1,500 pairs of Skullcandy Grind True Wireless Earbuds, retail value . 99 each

(xxi) one hundred thousand SN NOW 3-month subscriptions (average retail value $104) 94 each

(xxii) One thousand annual memberships to The Athletic (retail value ) Canadian Dollars 99 Each

XXIII) 45,000 $25 Canadian Dollar Tim Card® Gift Cards

Top Tim Hortons Donuts and Coffee List Canada: Price, Calories

Average Rewards

(i) $11 in retail value for 150,000 monthly PC subscriptions to Xbox Game Pass. .99 Canadian

(ii) in Cineplex Store® digital rental codes (each good for one movie rental) for 70,000 people. Prices in Canada start at

(iii) 20,000 digital codes redeemable for $10 off a Home Premiere movie rental at the Cineplex Store® (each code is good for one rental), $10 CAD ARV

400,000 $10 CAD The Bay Promotional eGift Cards

For example: (v) 250,000 times JOURNIE Fuel = $0.00 Codes for $5 off your order of 5L or more (discount good for up to 100L), each code is worth $5 CAD.

Hence, (vi) 250,000 x JOURNIE Fuel $0.00 07/L vouchers (discount good for up to 50L), ARV $3 Canada Dollars Fifty Each

25 percent off Chilly Moose (250,000 units) Digital Coupons for Canada (Amount Redeemed Relative to Eligible Purchases)

(100,00 Crave $10 CAD discount codes) (viii)

100,000 x $40 off the Tim Hortons Collection exclusively on PKGshop (ix) Canadian Discount Coupons

There will be 200,000 packages available at a 50% discount from Tim Hortons Collection Pkgshop. coupons.ca (APR varies with purchase amount)

(xi) 4,000,000 Skullcandy headphones at 40% off MSRP Canada Promotional Codes (Amount Redeemed Relative to Eligible Purchases)

300,000 three-month subscriptions to The Athletic at $19 each 99 each

(xiii) Ten million standard prizes of ten bonus points each for mobile orders

Standard prizes for mobile orders with bonus points: 10,000,000 (20)

(xv) Tims Rewards points, which can be redeemed for 5, 10, or 15 total points.  

Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim 2022: How to Play

From March 7th to April 3rd, 2022, you can participate in Roll Up To Win and increase your chances of winning with every roll.

When you make a qualifying purchase at Tim Hortons, either on your next shopping trip or when ordering mobile or delivery, just scan your Tims app or physical Tims Rewards card.

For every qualifying purchase of a hot or cold beverage, breakfast sandwich, or breakfast wrap, you will receive 1 digital roll.

To see your rolls, sign in to the Tims app or visit www.rolluptowin.ca.

Canadian residents over the age of 13 who are registered Tims Rewards members are eligible to win.

Which Items on the Menu Can Be Ordered as Digital Rolls?

One digital roll is awarded for each of the following: any hot beverage (except espresso shots), any cold beverage (except bottled beverages like milk, pop, and juice), and any breakfast sandwich or breakfast wrap.

Tim Hortons white hot beverage lids

Specifically, the following items can be rolled digitally:

  • A diminutive size (10 oz ), moderate-sized (15 Size: Large (20 oz. , 24 oz. ) hot drinks (espresso shots ordered separately or added to another drink not included)
  • Under 10 ounces size (approximately 15 ounces the big one (a 20-ouncer) iced drinks (not including packaged drinks like soda and juice)
  • Farmers' Market Breakfast Wraps (with bacon, sausage, eggs, and cheese).
  • Bacon, sausage, and/or egg breakfast wraps, grilled.
  • Bacon or sausage BELT® on a bagel.
  • Various Breakfast Sandwiches (including but not limited to English Muffins, Biscuits, Sausage, and Eggs with Cheese)

Digital rolls cannot be earned on any product that was obtained by redeeming a Roll Up The Rim 2022 Prize, Tims Rewards points, or Tims it Forward gifts.

Where do I find the instructions for accessing my Digital Rolls and Bonus Rolls?

Before making a qualifying purchase, you must scan either the Tims app or your physical Tims Rewards card.

The digital roll(s) you earned will be added to your account the next time you log into the Tims App or www.rolluptowin.ca after your order has been processed.

Those who use the Tims app to place takeout or delivery orders are also eligible for digital rolls.

If you forget to scan for Tims Rewards, you won't be able to add rolls to your account later.

With the Tims app, you can get a free digital roll with every qualifying order you place for in-store pickup or Tims Delivery.

Excluding orders placed through third-party delivery partner apps, customers can only receive one free digital roll with each mobile purchase made through the Tims app.

If you buy two medium coffees through the Tims app, you will receive three digital rolls total (two for the coffees and one for the mobile purchase).

When I use my Tims Rewards points or redeem a Coffee Prize toward a Qualifying Menu Item, can I get a Roll?

A digital roll can be earned with the purchase of select menu items.

Products obtained through the use of a prize, Tims Rewards points, or Tims it Forward gifts cannot be used to accumulate digital rolls.

Do You Have an Unlimited Supply of Digital Rolls?

Each qualifying purchase earns you one digital roll.

You can get as many rolls as you want, and Every Roll Is a Winner.

By way of illustration, if you were to buy two medium coffees, a donut, and a Farmer's Breakfast Wrap from Tim Hortons and then scan your receipt for Tims Rewards, you would receive three digital rolls (two for the coffees, zero for the donut, and one for the Farmer's Breakfast Wrap).

I'm confused as to how to roll the rolls.

A digital roll can be revealed by:

  1. Join the contest by signing in on the Tims app or at www.rolluptowin.ca.
  2. In order to access Roll Up To WinTM, please click on the large banner ad.
  3. Please complete a skill test by following the on-screen prompts and answering the question correctly.
  4. To see your digital roll, either tap "Roll Now" or swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

Create an account in the Tims app or online at www.timhortons.ca/signup to redeem digital rolls earned by scanning a physical Tims Rewards card that has not yet been linked to an email address.

The number printed on the back of your physical card will be required. Once you've done that, you can reveal all of your earned digital rolls by following the steps above.

Instructions for Playing Without a Cell Phone

Roll Up The Rim 2022 requires a Tims Rewards account, but the Tims app is not required to play.

Even if you don't want to use the app, you can still scan your physical Tims Rewards card at checkout and reveal your digital rolls at www.rolluptowin.ca without having to download or use the app.

Between March 7 and April 3, new Tims Rewards members will receive an extra 70 points after their first eligible points-earning transaction that includes a scan for Tims Rewards.

In what time frame must I access my digital rolls?

On or before April 24, 2022 at 11:59:59 p.m., all digital rolls must be made public. m ET

If the digital roll(s) aren't unveiled by this time, they're considered lost.

When I paid, I neglected to scan for Tim's rewards. After using the digital camera, am I able to retrieve the rolls?

A digital roll(s) can only be earned if the Tims app or physical Tims Rewards card is scanned prior to payment. It is not possible to retroactively add digital rolls to your account.

Procedure Requiring No Money Down

Mail a written request to the address provided in the official rules in order to receive digital rolls even if you did not make a qualifying purchase.

In your written request, please include the following at no cost to you: (a) the entrant's first name Post the completed request (in an envelope with sufficient Canadian postage) to the address provided on the form, including: (a) your full name and email address; (b) a statement indicating whether the request is for: (i) one Base Digital Roll, or (ii) one Base Digital Roll and one Bonus Digital Roll. addressed (in writing) to: Tim Hortons Roll Up To Win 2022 Contest To submit a request for a roll (a "Roll Request"), write to P.O. Box 12398, Saint John, New Brunswick E2L 5E7.

In response to a valid Roll Request, we will send an email containing the digital roll(s) requested.
includes a specific URL that, when clicked, will take the user to a page where they can log into their account and access the Digital Roll(s).

Tips for Having Friends Over for Rolls

You can send a digital roll or rolls to a friend or family member by simply sending them the link to your account.

To claim the digital roll and reveal the Prize, the recipient must sign in to their Tims Rewards account in the Tims App or online at www.timhortons.ca/timsrewards and follow the on-screen instructions.

One who reveals a digital roll wins the Prize it generates.

When a digital roll is shared with a loved one, the sender no longer has any claim to the Prize.

Instructions for Claiming Awards

The procedures for claiming a prize are different for each kind of reward:

  1. Prize offers for coffee and pastries will be posted to your Tims Rewards account under the "Rewards & Offers" tab. The Coffee or Donut Prize can be activated in "Rewards & Offers" after it has been unlocked. Then, the next time you shop at Tim Horton's, scan for Tims Rewards to redeem your Coffee or Donut Prize. Do not forget to include the qualifying item in your shopping cart for the discount to be applied at checkout.
  2. The Bonus Points for Mobile Orders Promotion Prizes will also be listed under "Rewards & Offers." Once activated, the next time you place an eligible order in the Tims app, the applicable bonus points will be automatically credited to your account.
  3. Prizes in the form of Tims Rewards Points will be added to your account and can be redeemed in accordance with the terms and conditions of Tims Rewards.
  4. When you win most Tim Card® prizes, the value will be added directly to your virtual Tim Card® account. However, under certain conditions, a new digital Tim Card® may be sent to the email address associated with your Tims Rewards account.
  5. Instructions on how to claim other prizes will be displayed on-screen and emailed to winners, and are also available at any time in the "Roll Up Rundown" section of the Roll Up To WinTM game within the Tims App or online at www.tims.com. rolluptowin ca

In what time frame must a prize be redeemed?

Prizes from the Coffee, Donut, and Mobile Order Bonus Points Offer must be claimed by April 29, 2022.

After this date, all unclaimed Coffee, Donut, and Mobile Order Bonus Points Offer Prizes will be null and void.

The Official Rules can be found at www.timhortons.ca/rutw-rules and detail the time limits within which winners must claim their prizes to avoid forfeiture.

How long do I have to wait between earning and redeeming my prize?

To claim a prize, digital rolls must be unveiled in the Tims app or online at www.rolluptowin.ca.

The Coffee or Donut Prize must be redeemed on a subsequent visit.

Roll Up The Rim 2022 prizes, Tims Rewards points, and Tims it Forward gifts cannot be redeemed for digital rolls.

Digital rolls can still be earned for eligible purchases made in the same transaction as a prize redemption.

Rules for the Full Roll Up the Rim 2022 Competition

For more information on Roll Up The Rim 2022, visit www.rolluptowin.ca.

Tim Hortons also provides an FAQ for their upcoming Roll up the Rim 2022 event.

Rally Behind the 2022 Campaign

Contact Tim Hortons at timhortons.ca/support for additional information about Roll Up To Win 2022 or general App support.

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