This article will show you three different methods on how to convert HEIC files to JPGs on a Mac.

There are several options available if you need to convert a large number of HEIC files on your Mac to JPG format. The good news is Each one is quick, simple, and free. They're actually pre-built into macOS.

Prior to starting

Don't waste time on duplicates when converting a lot of images from one format to another. So, to stay on top of the issue, utilize MacKeeper's Duplicates Finder.

  1. Duplicates Finder can be chosen from the MacKeeper menu.
  2. Choose "Start scan"
  3. Choose the files you want to delete.
  4. Select Remove from selected.

Want to keep duplicate files off of your Mac? Download MacKeeper for freeFree MacKeeper download and give it a shot for yourself. You are given a free repair so you can assess its capabilities.

Here are three methods for converting HEIC files on a Mac to JPG format.

How to read HEIC files

The new image format HEIC, introduced with iOS 9, was created to be more effective than current file types. It is a variant of HEIF (High-Efficiency Image File Format), and its name means "High-Efficiency Image Container."

HEIC files typically offer better quality than JPGs while being half as large. Additionally, macOS versions starting with High Sierra (OS X 10) contain HEIF and HEIC. 13) up until Monterey 12.

How to use Preview to convert HEIC to JPG

Using the integrated Preview application is the simplest way to convert a HEIC file to a JPG file on a Mac.

This is how:

1. Launch Preview and open your HEIC file If you want to bulk convert HEIC images to JPG, you can actually open multiple instances.

2. Choose File > Export from the top menu.

3. Select JPEG from the Format drop-down menu. Set the compression level using the Quality slider. The size of the file increases with quality

4. If you want to, rename your new file and select a location for it using the Where dropdown menu. Click Save Your picture has now been converted to a new JPG format.

How to convert a HEIC photo file to a JPG

With Apple's Photos app, you can organize all of your photos in one location. Additionally, it is capable of converting HEIC files to JPGs. As usual, begin by importing your HEIC images into Photos. Additionally, you can drag images into the Photos app.  

Simply click and drag the images you want to convert into any Finder window. They will be automatically changed to JPGs. You can do this with individual images or by simultaneously converting several HEIC files to JPG.

Select your images as before, but this time choose File > Export > Export Photos from the menu if you want more options. You can now specify additional formats and your naming convention. You can also specify the format of your subfolders.

How to use Automator on a Mac to convert HEIC to JPG

An integrated macOS app called Automator automates tasks so you don't have to keep performing them manually. Additionally, HEIC files can be converted using this practical productivity tool to JPG format.

  1. Open Automator from the Applications folder to begin using it. Now, using the cog icon, choose either Quick Action or Service, depending on the version of macOS you're using. Click "Select"

2. There are some dropdown menus on the right-hand side. Look for the one that states Workflow receives selected or Workflow receives current. Pick an image

3. Select Library > Photos from the Actions list on Automator's left side, then drag Change Type of Images into the gray area to the right. You might receive a message asking if you want your JPG files to replace your HEIC files or to be kept alongside them. Decide whether to go forward.

4. If you haven't already, select JPG as the new image format in the Change Type of Images section.

5. Export your script at this point. Select File > Export. Click Save after naming your script something like "HEIC to JPG conversion." We advise saving it to your desktop for convenience's sake.

6. Double-click the HEIC to JPG script that you found. When prompted, decide if you want to install it. Install first, then click Done

7. As of right now, Finder allows you to convert HEIC images to JPG. Right-click a few HEIC files to bring up the context menu, then select Quick Actions or Services. Your HEIC conversion script should be listed.

8. Select it, and it will convert your images and follow the defined steps automatically. You can do this with individual images or, if you prefer, batch convert HEIC to JPG.

An advisory regarding the use of third-party tools

If you Google "heic to jpg converter," you'll come across a ton of websites that can help you out. Additionally, you can find HEIC converters for these files in the App Store. These third-party tools aren't required if your Mac runs High Sierra or any newer version, but for older Macs, they might be the best option for converting HEIC files into JPGs.

However, use caution when using online HEIC converters. They frequently contain a lot of ads, and some of them might even contain malware (you should still regularly scan your Mac for viruses).

Additionally, by uploading your photos to these converters, you are likely sharing them with the site's owner.

Should you switch to HEIC from JPG?

Most of the time, HEIC offers too many benefits to ignore. Photos are smaller but more attractive. Only compatibility with older devices and possibly some websites are lost.

Thankfully, whether you're using a Mac, an iPhone, or both, converting HEIC to JPG is fairly simple. Most of the time, you won't even notice a change.

Therefore, you should use HEIC rather than JPG. And if you ever need to convert your images, using the techniques we've shown here will make it easy for you to do so.

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