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The Oprah Winfrey Show Interview with Meghan Markle: How Can Canadian Viewers Tune In?

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In full transparency, readers fund Tech Daily. We may receive payment (which does not affect the price you pay for the product or service) if you sign up for a service or make a purchase after clicking on one of our links. Learn more


Oprah Winfrey interviewed Meghan Markle, the future Princess of Sussex, and her husband, Harry, the future Prince of Sussex, on March 27, 2021.

Topics of their scandalous conversation included their fight with the British royal family, racism, and their eventual expulsion from the royal family.

On May 19, 2018, much to the dismay of his family, Prince Harry wed Meghan Markle. Although Meghan Markle was deemed unfit for the royal family, Harry married her anyway. Prior to the birth of their first child, Archie, the royal family openly expressed their racism toward Meghan and her skin color.

After being subjected to shocking media allegations, internal pressure, and racist comments directed at Meghan, Prince Harry and her decided to take a break from the royal family. They skipped out on their royal duties and moved to California, where they have been living in seclusion ever since.

On March 7, 2021, Harry sat down with Oprah for a worldwide interview, despite his hatred of the press and media and his belief that they are responsible for his mother's death.

It may be difficult to track down the Canadian interview if you're trying to watch it on demand. Is there a place I can see the interview, because I'd like to see it

Where Can I Find the Meghan Markle Interview?

Sorry, you can't find the interview anywhere on the internet. It is no longer accessible, and subscription services do not include it.

Allow us to investigate this enigma

CBS Originally Broadcast and Streamed It.

There was supposed to be a two-hour window for the interview, but the three guests went over time because they kept talking about their relationship with the royals. CBS aired the interview to 17 million viewers. After the interview aired, it was available for streaming on CBS and the CBS app for 30 days.

The show was only available for one month, and now it seems to have vanished entirely. There are a number of reasons why this interview is not available via any streaming service.

If the interview is available via subscription streaming services, why are you unable to view it?

Even though Oprah wanted to interview Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, her manager didn't bother looking for a streaming service. Since they did not want the interview to exist in perpetuity, they paid no attention to the possibility that it could be hosted on Netflix, Hulu, HBO MAX, or any other server for an indefinite amount of time.

Instead, her company aimed for record-breaking numbers so that they could monitor her massive audience size. They decided that broadcasting the interview live on CBS would be the best way to achieve their goal.

Harpo Productions' disregard for subscription streaming services and non-broadcast channels was motivated by a desire to maintain high viewership. This interview was planned in an effort to reach the widest possible audience.

Her group came up with a plan to maximize their impact while minimizing costs. They also needed a strategy that could grab the attention of the majority of people everywhere. That required meticulously curating this plan.

The group had a discussion with CBS and worked out a contract with the network. The interview was scheduled to air on CBS after 60 Minutes, one of the most watched shows on television today.

Millions of people were already planning to watch the show, and those who hadn't heard about the interview by the time 60 Minutes aired would soon after. As an added bonus, CBS can be viewed without a subscription.

You can also use the CBS app or any standard cable package instead. The interview's timing immediately following 60 Minutes also paid off, as Oprah had previously served as a correspondent for the show. Lots of people tuned in to hear the former royals and their fans talk.

In 1927, CBS was founded as a radio station. Columbia Broadcasting System was established by radio pioneer Arthur Judson in 1927; the following year, the company branched out into television. The Andy Griffith Show, Gilligan's Island, and The Twilight Zone are just a few of CBS's original television series.

CBS also had a huge impact on the development of color television. Both black-and-white and color programming was broadcast. By the late '60s, CBS had begun broadcasting most of its shows in color rather than black and white.

Upon the rebranding of CBS All Access to Paramount Plus, the previously-aired interview was removed.

Originally released in 2014 under the name CBS All Access, the CBS app has since been rebranded as Paramount Plus. The channel's new and original programming, which included interviews, was available to viewers.

It was possible to view the Meghan Markle interview on CBS All Access at the time. It was as simple as going to the app store, downloading, and opening the app.

The interview was accessible without a CBS All Access subscription, which is required for most shows. Launching the app and selecting "Interview" was all that was required.

Let's say you missed the live broadcast of the interview. Therefore, all you needed was a way to get online and a device that could access the internet in order to watch CBS. com was the host site for the interview as well. As for Oprah, her team has discovered the most effective way to reach a wide audience, but it will only work for the next 30 days.

She couldn't post the interview on Paramount Plus without breaking her contract with CBS, a broadcasting company, because the app has since evolved into a subscription service.

CBS, however, reaped huge financial benefits from the interview thanks to the widespread availability of the video interview via free online streaming. Over 80 countries were represented, and 17 million viewers tuned in.

But if Oprah's crew avoided subscription services, why not?

Before signing with Netflix, Oprah had agreements with several other subscription streaming services to distribute her other content. Among them is an agreement with Apple TV. The fine print, as is the case with most contracts, contains tricky language that makes it difficult to pursue alternative venues. It was in 2018 that Oprah first began airing on Apple TV.

The length of the contract was not specified, only that it would extend over a number of years and include Oprah's talk show, The Oprah Conversation, on which she discusses such topics as success, happiness, and celebrity with other well-known individuals.

In addition to Elliot Page and Will Smith, the list of guests also includes Eddie Murphy. Oprah's Book Club - A former segment on her first talk show Oprah would pause for a moment to reflect on the best new books and explain why she thinks you should read them.

The segment has evolved into a fully developed program at this point. Even though she received a lot of negative feedback after airing her first book club episode, she continued to organize book club meetings. In fact, some bookstores go so far as to print special editions of books with stickers proclaiming their membership in Oprah's book club.

In addition to her other Apple TV series, Oprah Talks COVID-19 is the impetus for her contract termination. Oprah aired an episode about the global pandemic that was caused by the COVID-19 virus from March 21 to April 14, 2020. It's disappointing that the show only got a 2. Oprah has a multi-year contract with Apple TV, but the ratings for her shows have been dismal, averaging just 5.5/10 on IMDB.

Legal Restriction on Meghan and Harry's Relationship

Both Oprah and Meghan Markle and Harry were constrained by their contract, which prevented the interview from airing on Apple TV. Consequently, the couple relocated from their royal duties in England to California and signed a multi-year contract with Netflix.

The length of this agreement was not disclosed, only that it would extend over a period of years and result in a variety of new works featuring this couple. Everything from feature films to children's television to nonfiction documentaries, etc. The contract, for which the couple received $100 million, includes stringent restrictions.

In addition, as part of their agreement with Netflix, they were given permission to launch a dedicated Spotify channel for the project. Archewell Productions is an initiative that set up an independent radio station where listeners could tune in to hear stories that otherwise might not have made it onto mainstream media outlets like television.

Naturally, Meghan and Harry's decision to take a break from the royal family's financial support led to the need for new contracts. Like Oprah, they were unable to upload the interview to streaming service Netflix for their own unique reason.

Inability to stream Oprah's interview with them because they do not own the rights In any case, they are bound by their Netflix contract and could not negotiate with Oprah's team anyway.

Who Gets To Decide Who Gets An Interview?

The interview is owned by Oprah and her team, and they have shown no signs of putting it on a streaming service. They own the interview, not CBS, so releasing it on Paramount Plus would require them to sign additional contracts and give up certain rights.

CBS merely reaped incidental benefits from serving as a temporary conduit for the interview's public dissemination. Some grainy, low-quality videos have been uploaded to YouTube, but viewers should be warned that the experience may be frustrating at times due to buffering.

People who were interested in seeing the interview but were unable to do so because of CBS and Paramount Plus's restrictions vented their frustrations on Twitter. People would have been more likely to use the new platform if they could have watched the anticipated interview when it was released alongside the platform's rebranding.


Sadly, the full interview between Meghan Markle and Oprah is unavailable anywhere other than in shaky clips on YouTube and recaps of reposts on other sites. It's unclear whether the dispute arose from Oprah's company's greed, a breach of contract, or some other factor.

The interview premiered twice and was only available for 30 days. Will anyone outside of Oprah's crew be able to view the interview again Who knows

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