The Folder Method for iPhone App Organization

There is a limit to how long you can get away with just piling apps onto your home screen and files onto your iPhone's Files app. You'll eventually need to organize your apps and files into folders to make it easier to find what you need and to reduce the number of items on your Home Screen.

Find out how to make a folder on your iPhone and get your files and Home Screen in order.

On an iPhone, you can make new folders by

Creating folders and moving apps into them is the best way to keep your iPhone Home Screen organized. The procedure is as follows.

To create a folder for an app, go to the Home Screen (and if you have multiple, ask yourself: "Which Home Screen do I want to organize my apps on iPhone in?"), tap and hold the app, and then release it. You can add two apps to the same folder by dragging one onto the other.

First, as you can see in the GIF demonstration above, drag one app on top of another until a transparent frame appears around the app you dragged it onto.


Both programs will be stored in a separate directory.

Want to know how to organize your iPhone's apps? It's as simple as adding more apps by dragging and dropping them into the same folder. You can also create a new app folder by dragging and dropping another app group onto this or any other Home Screen on your iPhone.

Use the iPhone's Files app to make folders.

The Files app is another location on your iPhone where you'll need to be familiar with the folder-creation process.

The blue folder icon indicates that this is a native iPhone app.

To organize your iPhone's files, follow these steps.

Launch the app from your iPhone's Home Screen and select the menu button (three dots):

New Folder in Files

Choose New Folder from the File menu.

Instantly, a new folder will be created, and you can give it any name you like:

rename a new folder

Like the Home Screen, you can simply drag and drop your new folder and the files within it to wherever you'd like to store them.

Tips for iPhone app management

Now that we've covered the topic of iPhone folders, let's examine the most efficient ways to organize your apps within them.

To get started, give each folder a descriptive name that reflects its contents.

The iOS will provide a name for the new folder on the Home Screen once it has been created. If you tap and hold an item until a menu appears, you'll see an option to "Rename" at the bottom of the list.

Rename a folder with apps

To rename a folder, select it and then tap the Rename button.

new folder's name

To better manage your apps, simply make folders for each of your tasks and drag and drop the appropriate apps into them.

Please be patient as this may take a moment. Since iOS 16, however, you can't create folders within folders to further refine your app collection's hierarchy. No, that function is disabled In order to make more room in your folder, you can shift some of your apps to the next page.

To do so, tap and hold the desired app, and then drag it to the folder's edge, being careful not to drag it out of the folder. When you drag and drop an app onto a new page, the system will automatically generate the following page within your folder.

Keep in mind that when a folder is displayed on the Home Screen of an iPhone, only the apps on the first page within the folder will be shown.

If the prospect of organizing your iPhone's content seems daunting, here are a few examples of folders you might want to consider making:

  • Networking sites
    When it comes to social networking and communication tools
  • Games
    A person can never have too many games to pass the time while waiting in line, so keep all of your favorites in this folder.
  • Productivity
    Ideal for use with timers like Session, email clients like Canary Mail, planners like MindNode, NotePlan, and 2Do, translator apps, virtual private network (VPN) and security cleaner apps, and so on.
  • Finance
    Use apps like Expenses and Chronicle to tab bills, track budgets, and manage income in addition to your trusty old Excel spreadsheet and Calculator app.
  • Travel
    Away From The Reserving This folder will be useful if you travel frequently, even if it's just within your own country, and use services ranging from, Airbnb, and Uber to local taxi, restaurant, cell operator, and snail mail apps.
  • Messaging
    Get your various messaging programs in order, including but not limited to SMS, e-mail, WhatsApp, Signal, etc.
  • Shopping
    Everyone these days has an app, from grocery stores to electronics and clothing retailers, so why not consolidate them all into one?

The iPhone app Launcher can help you further streamline your Home Screen organization.

This app transforms your iPhone's Home Screen into a streamlined, efficient hub for managing your apps.

Launcher lets you add widgets and connect to frequently-used websites, apps, and actions via custom shortcuts made in the iPhone's built-in Shortcuts app.

Launcher widgets also allow for quick access to your favorite albums, artists, and more.

link directly

Launcher is the perfect app for expanding the capabilities of your iPhone's native app widgets.

The app is available for purchase with the Setapp iOS, iOS Mac, or Power User subscriptions.

Moreover, since Setapp is a collection of apps, it gives you access to a plethora of additional resources for your iPhone, including an dependable, user-friendly VPN (props to ClearVPN), email clients, task management apps, focus tools, financial tracking apps, and much more.

Setapp is home to some of our favorite iPhone applications.

Delete unnecessary images with Gemini Photos. Gemini Photos can quickly and easily remove duplicates, blurry photos, screenshots, and photos of text from your Camera Roll.

Paste is a convenient tool for organizing and managing clipboard content across multiple devices.

Repeat is one of our favorite iPhone apps because it helps you form routines that lead to the kind of life you've always imagined for yourself. The app's features make it easy to create a remarkable existence.

And these are just a few of the apps available through Setapp for your iPhone.

Setapp is like having a mini-computer in the palm of your hand, with apps like Canary Mail, GreenBooks, Expenses, and Chronicle for managing your finances, Dropshare for sharing files, the advanced calculator Euclid, and many more.

Conclusions on the iPhone's folder-adding procedure

Once you put in the time and effort to categorize your apps and organize your iPhone workflow, you'll find that creating folders on iPhone is a breeze.

When making a new folder on an iPhone, users typically use the tap-and-hold and drag-and-drop gestures. Use your phone to its full potential and be ready for anything the day brings with the advice above.

You can sign up for Setapp right now if you're interested in testing out the productivity and task-management iPhone apps that are part of the service. Setapp offers a free 7-day trial on all of its plans so you can try it out and see if it meets your needs.

Sign up for Setapp right away and start using any of the aforementioned applications.

Notably, Setapp's iOS, Mac iOS, and Power User plans all include access to the company's iOS app store.

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