Standards for Obtaining an Inspector's License in Ontario

Want to become a certified home inspector in Ontario? A number of provinces in Canada, including Ontario, have yet to institute mandatory licensing for home inspectors.

Tips for Those Seeking a Career as a Home Inspector in the Province of Ontario:

First, enroll in and finish the ICA's home inspection training program. When you work with us, you'll have everything you need to inspect homes and businesses in Ontario, including the necessary training and credentials.

Second, either open your own home inspection business or seek employment with an established one.

Real estate agents and their clients in Canadian provinces without licensing requirements will want proof that you have received appropriate training and certification in home inspection. To remedy this, we offer a useful program. The report-creating software is yours to keep for the lifetime of your membership with ICA.

In just a few short weeks, you can finish the required coursework to become a certified home inspector in Ontario, Canada. There is no set schedule for the training sessions. If you're interested in starting your own business and working for yourself, home inspection could be a viable option within a matter of months. ICA provides the education necessary to achieve any objective.

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If you're looking to become a home inspector in Ontario, ICA has an online course for you to take.

If you want to become a certified home inspector in Ontario, our course has everything you need. You can learn everything you need to know about residential and commercial inspections, code compliance, and report writing by enrolling in our online training program. After finishing the program, you will be eligible to take the ICA Home Inspector Certification Exam. Please feel free to publicize your newly acquired certificate number on all of your marketing materials, including business cards, websites, and inspection reports.

Advantages of Using Inspection Certification Professionals

Our Ontario home inspector course is unique in that it offers students access to a number of optional, supplementary classes at no extra cost. There are supplementary training options available to help home inspectors succeed, including a course on radon testing, another on commercial property inspection, and yet another on mold testing. They're only the beginning of the wealth of supplementary materials available to you as an ICA student. Marketing, Mobile Homes, Manufactured Homes, Log Homes, WDO, Well Inspection, Septic Inspection, Thermal Imaging, Pool & Spa, Irrigation Systems, Asbestos, Lead Paint, and Roof Inspection with Drones are just some of the courses available to ICA students.

A lifetime license to a piece of report-writing software is included in your ICA tuition. Our Ontario home inspection training program includes the purchase of Report Form Pro Nitro, one of the best apps on the market for professional home inspectors. Report Form Pro Nitro, a mobile-friendly, $400 home inspection report, is completed on a smartphone or tablet. Photos taken with your Android or Apple mobile device can also be easily added. The app comes equipped with a home inspection checklist to help you through the process.

We have partnered exclusively with Spectora to offer our ICA students an upgrade to their home inspection software, but students also have access to the industry-standard Report Form Pro Nitro software at no additional cost as part of our home inspection training curriculum.

Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI) is an organization that Inspection Certification Associates is affiliated with. As a company, we also have a close relationship with InterNACHI. In fact, we provide a free one-month InterNACHI membership to each of our graduates. You'll also get a free year of access to home inspection service Edcetera (a value).

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Do you still have questions?

Find out more about home inspection training in Ontario here.

By the time you've finished our home inspection course online, you'll be a fully licensed professional. After you finish the course, we will issue your home inspection certification and certification number via mail. Your business cards and inspection reports should prominently display that number. In Ontario, you're good to go after that.

No Inspectors should not go up on the roof of the house during the inspection. Binocular inspection from a safe distance is recommended for a roof, as per current home inspection standards. In some cases, home inspectors have even begun using miniature drones to survey roofs, though this is still a relatively novel practice. When inspecting a home's roof, more than 90 percent of inspectors rely on binoculars.

The number of weekly inspections performed has a direct correlation to the average annual salary of a home inspector in Ontario. In the United States, a part-time home inspector who performs two inspections per week on average can expect to bring in $35,000. A full-time home inspector can complete two or three inspections in a day. Canada's average annual salary for a full-time home inspector is over $100,000. They typically inspect between 6 and 10 homes per week. Greater Toronto, Hamilton, and Ottawa pay the most for home inspectors in Ontario.

A standard home inspection will set you back around $400. When pricing a home inspection, factors such as the home's age and size will affect how much you can charge. Our training program includes instruction on how to figure out how much to charge for a home inspection.

Yes Together, we and InterNACHI accomplish great things. A free one-month membership to InterNACHI is given to each of our graduates.

Yes The American Society of Home Inspectors is a group that we collaborate with closely. Even more so, ICA is a Gold Level Member of ASHI, and our training is tailored to their standards of practice.

The Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors (CAHPI) is a group that Inspection Certification Associates is a part of.

Certainly, we provide study materials for the CAHPI examination, including the home inspection standards of practice and code of ethics, in our online home inspection student reference library. It's worth noting that a practice test is an available add-on if you choose to register for the CAHPI certification exam. Both the real CAHPI home inspection test and the practice test can be taken online.

No In Ontario, home inspectors are not required to participate in continuing education.

Yes After you finish our online course for home inspectors, we will mail you your certification. We also provide you with a laminated copy of your credentials that you can keep in your wallet.

The agreement we have with Wherein each of our alums is given a complimentary copy of their Statistics Form for Pro Nitro Reporting software for home inspections Because of its simplicity, this is the report that most of our graduates begin with. The $400-normally-sought Statistics Form for Pro Nitro The Home Inspection Report can be completed on any device with access to a web browser, including a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Photos are also simple to add. Additionally, they offer an Android and iOS app version of their home inspection report. Both of these are excellent choices for a home inspection report, and the only thing that really matters is that you find one with which you are at ease.

No You can take as much or as little time as you need to finish our course.

When you enroll in our Alberta home inspection course online, we'll throw in our mold and radon certification programs at no extra cost.

Yes All the equipment you'll require is included on the list we provide. Your moisture meter and combustible gas detector will set you back about $200 altogether.

Eight hours of video marketing lessons are included in our free bonus course. Starting a successful home inspection company is a core skill taught to all ICA students.

In Ontario, home inspectors are not required to pass a mandatory provincial exam.

Ontario does not have a governing body for home inspections.

Yes In fact, after completing our course, the vast majority of our students go on to found their own thriving home inspection businesses. We also provide instruction on how to launch a business and how to promote it.

Yes Inspecting commercial and residential properties will be within your scope of practice. On the business side, you will be trained according to ASTM standards.

Everyone who enrolls in this course, and everyone who completes it, can count on our undivided attention and assistance. It doesn't matter where you are or what time of day it is, we are here to help you through any stage of a home inspection.

Doubtlessly not Students from all walks of life are welcome to join our home inspection training program. To become a home inspector in Ontario or any other Canadian province, you do not need a background in construction.

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