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","ethos nav trust":"Trusted to Serve","ethos" nav recent activities","ethos","what I'm nav ethics","Ethical Values","moral nav military values","military ethos,"values" nav professional","ethos","what to trusted The CAF Ethos is a statement of professional identity. The term "ethos" refers to the defining character of a group or society as expressed in its values and ideals. The seventeen components of the CAF Ethos can be broken down into three ethical principles, six military values, and eight professional expectations. ","ethos trusted p2":"Our level of commitment to a set of principled behaviors determines our strength of character","ethos trusted Culture shift / h2> / /h2> trusted h2 Every Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and Department of National Defence (DND) employee has a right to an inclusive, safe, and respectful workplace where they are valued for who they are and can contribute to the team to the best of their abilities. ","ethos doing What We're Doing title","ethos" doing p":"These initiatives are just some of the work being done across the entire Defence Team to achieve lasting change, as DND/CAF continues to build an environment where all members feel supported by their organization and can reach their full potential. ","ethos doing init1 Resolving Sexual Misconduct title","ethos doing init1 p":"Recently, a Training Needs Assessment was conducted with an emphasis on sexual misconduct in the ranks; the results of this assessment included several recommendations for a comprehensive strategy to meet the training and education needs across the entire spectrum of conduct. Supporting the larger CAF culture change initiatives, this will be an integral part of identifying and eliminating negative behaviors within our organization. ","ethos doing init2 title="Gender Inclusivity" ethos="Values that Welcome All" doing init2 p":"Gender-inclusive military ranks have been implemented to give service members the option of identifying with the rank that best fits their gender, and to create a welcoming and safe environment for all service members, regardless of their gender identity. As well, the sex designation on the military\u2019s driver\u2019s licence has been removed.","ethos.doing.init3.title":"Employment Equity","ethos.doing.init3.p":"The CAF Employment Equity Plan (2021-26) will guide efforts to increase the representation, inclusion, and participation of under-represented groups, across all levels of the organization. Importantly, the CAF Employment Equity Plan holds leadership accountable in measurable ways, by laying out specific reporting questions that they must answer each reporting cycle, to see where they are meeting their goals, and where adjustments need to be made.","ethos.doing.init4.title":"Inclusive Promotion & Selection Process","ethos.doing.init4.p":"Two key initiatives will improve CAF promotion and selection processes: all scoring criteria (SCRIT) are subject to a Gender Based Analysis Plus (GBA ) review, and the fall National Selection Boards now feature procedural improvements including bias awareness training and mandating that one voting member be from an equity seeking group. Senior leadership appointments and promotions will also be subject to additional evaluations, including a 360 degree assessment.","ethos.doing.init5.title":"Health & Wellness","ethos.doing.init5.p":"On March 4th, DND\/CAF launched the Total Health and Wellness Strategy \u2013 a comprehensive strategy that focuses on improving the health and wellness of Defence Team members and promises a strengthened workforce, best able to meet professional and personal challenges. Over 0 million will be invested in new and existing health and wellness programs benefitting all Defence Team members.","ethos.doing.init6.title":"Updated Nursing & Pumping Policy","ethos.doing.init6.p":"Since March, CAF members have been permitted to wear nursing T-shirts while in uniform and they can now be reimbursed for these items. The CAF\u2019s first Nursing and Pumping Policy provides CAF leaders the necessary guidance on inclusive practices with respect to nursing infants and requires all Commanding Officers to establish a lactation plan to support their members.","ethos.doing.init7.title":"Compassionate & Short Leave (Time Off)","ethos.doing.init7.p":"The Director of Compensation and Benefits has introduced new sub-types of compassionate leave and short leave, in the Canadian Forces Leave Policy Manual. To help reduce personal and family stress, CAF members will be able to request time off in the tragic situations of pregnancy or adoption loss, as victims of family violence, or as parents of young victims of crime. Short leave may be requested for family-related situations and religious and spiritual accommodation.","ethos.doing.init8.title":"Updated Uniform and Appearance Standards","ethos.doing.init8.p":"The updated Dress Instructions provide an inclusive, single standard for all and focus on removing the barriers to members\u2019 choice of clothing and other aspects of their appearance, honouring the diversity of our members in uniform while continuing to prioritize operational effectiveness and safety.","ethos.principles.title":"Ethical Principles","ethos.principles.1.title":"Respect The Dignity Of All Persons","ethos.principles.1.p":"Everyone must be treated with respect and humanity at all times and in all places. Everyone deserves to serve in a safe, inclusive environment. As military professionals, we must respect the dignity of all persons at all times.","ethos.principles.2.title":"Serve Canada Before Self","ethos.principles.2.p":"CAF personnel prioritize service to the country, the military and their teammates ahead of themselves as a personal commitment to mission success. As military professionals, we place service before self to maximize team effectiveness.","ethos.principles.3.title":"Obey And Support Lawful Authority","ethos.principles.3.p":"CAF personnel act decisively in following lawful commands and orders to achieve mission success. As military professionals, we always obey and support lawful orders and the authority that issues them.","ethos.values.title":"Military Values","ethos.values.1.title":"Loyalty","ethos.values.1.p":"Those who are loyal always show respect, challenge unacceptable behaviour, support their teammates in difficult situations, help others, ensure that their conduct and performance is always a credit to the CAF, ensure others\u2019 well-being and safety, and are willing to risk their health or life for that of another.","ethos.values.2.title":"Integrity","ethos.values.2.p":"Those who embody integrity take responsibility for their decisions and actions and accept the consequences, good or bad. They own their mistakes, learn from them and share their insights. They assess conduct and performance transparently and honestly. They are reliable and trusted to complete tasks, are sincere, trustworthy and honest, and act on what they believe to be right. Their conduct will stand up to the closest public scrutiny, they are dedicated to fairness and justice, never use their official role for personal gain, and instead of making excuses, they make things right.","ethos.values.3.title":"Courage","ethos.values.3.p":"Those who are courageous take calculated risks and learn from their mistakes, have the will and drive to get things done despite any danger or difficulty and do what is right despite pressure to do otherwise. They speak out and correct things when something is wrong, admit to needing help and accept it, resist peer pressure, remain steadfast in the face of adversity, and do what must be done despite personal risk.","ethos.values.4.title":"Excellence","ethos.values.4.p":"People who embody excellence seek opportunities for personal improvement, are curious, ask questions and seek advice. They embrace valid standards, they are open to experimenting with new concepts and processes, they help others to improve their standards of conduct and performance, they pursue lifelong learning through additional training and education, and they look for ways to improve their workplace, their trade, occupation and profession.","ethos.values.5.title":"Inclusion","ethos.values.5.p":"Those who are inclusive reject racism, sexism, heteronormativity, homophobia, xenophobia or any other form of hateful, discriminatory or hurtful behaviour, conduct or association. They take a proactive approach to prevent, stop and report such conduct and support those affected. Inclusive leaders and team members take deliberate steps to identify and challenge inequities both within their teams and within the institution.","ethos.values.6.title":"Accountability","ethos.values.6.p":"Those who are accountable live our ethos, help others to embody the ethos, do not hesitate to respectfully question or correct others (including superiors) and routinely discuss the application of our ethos in daily military service with others. They identify, report and change any elements of military culture that oppose the CAF Ethos.","ethos.expect.title":"Professional Expectations","ethos.expect.1.title":"Duty","ethos.expect.1.p":"Those with a strong sense of duty put the mission first, they are dedicated to the completion of a task despite hardship and obstacles, maintain a positive attitude, give focus and attention to the task at hand, are reliable, demonstrate initiative and complete tasks to the highest professional standards.","ethos.expect.2.title":"Accepting Unlimited Liability","ethos.expect.2.p":"Those who accept unlimited liability never give in or shy away from work, they are willing to push beyond personal limits to succeed, they do what needs to be done regardless of personal risk, they carry on despite risks and hardship, they ensure other\u2019s well-being, and they take calculated risks for unselfish reasons without thought for reward.","ethos.expect.3.title":"Fighting Spirit","ethos.expect.3.p":"People who embody fighting spirit push past their own perceived limits, they always take on tasks no matter how challenging they might appear, they remain calm, confident and demonstrate resolve in the face of extreme adversity, and they are relentless in ensuring high levels of ethical conduct across the profession.","ethos.expect.4.title":"Leadership","ethos.expect.4.p":"Leaders make difficult decisions based on sound moral principles and commit to them even in the face of adversity, they seek out and take on responsibility and are accountable for their actions, they recognize their own limitations and that of others, they mentor, coach and develop subordinates, and they provide professional advice to superiors. They also develop CAF culture by purposefully pursuing self-development for the benefit of their team, embodying all aspects of the CAF Ethos and inspiring the same in others, and, most importantly, they promote the welfare of their subordinates by creating a healthy workplace.","ethos.expect.5.title":"Discipline","ethos.expect.5.p":"Those who are disciplined are critical of their own conduct and behaviour first, and challenge unacceptable behaviour in others. They enforce discipline and uphold professional standards, they take ownership and do what is right without incentive or reward, they demonstrate self-control in the face of adversity, and they cultivate cohesion through teamwork.","ethos.expect.6.title":"Teamwork","ethos.expect.6.p":"Those who strengthen teams prioritize having a positive attitude and influence, they pull the team together to complete a task, they respect, recognize and develop the diverse talent within the team, always contribute to high morale, and foster a safe and healthy workplace.","ethos.expect.7.title":"Readiness","ethos.expect.7.p":"Those who take readiness seriously attain and maintain high personal and professional standards, they push themselves to higher levels of physical fitness, they maintain open and honest relationships with others, they balance military service and personal life to keep themselves, their family and their friends well, and they communicate honestly with their superiors to ensure such a balance.","ethos.expect.8.title":"Stewardship","ethos.expect.8.p":"Additionally, leaders that commit to stewardship make sure their subordinates are completely prepared for their mission, they prioritize their subordinates\u2019 well-being, keep their subordinates well-informed and highly motivated in the performance of their duties, and shepherd resources to allow for longer-term goals. Stewards ensure the long-term health, credibility and viability of the Profession of Arms.","apply.Title":"Apply Now","apply.Ready":"Ready to apply?","apply.Eligible":"Am I Eligible?","apply.StartApp":"Start application now","apply.continueApp":"Already started your application?","apply.continueApp2":"Return to the Applicant Portal.","apply.Info":"Need More Information?","apply.ContactLocal":"Contact your local recruiting centre","apply.FindOnline":"Find more information online","apply.Faq":"Frequently Asked Questions","apply.Facebook":"Ask us on facebook","apply.Browse":"Browse positions","apply.RegularForce":"Regular force (full time)","apply.ReserveForce":"Reserve force (part time)","apply.ReserveArmy":"Army - Reserve force (part time)","apply.ReserveNavy":"Navy - Reserve force (part time)","apply.ReserveAir":"Air Force - Reserve force (part time)","apply.NoLocation":"Use the tables below to search for a centre near you. If you are unsure about the difference between Regular and Reserve force refer to our frequently asked questions.","apply.RecruitCentres":"Recruiting Centres","apply.Name":"Centre Name","apply.Address":"Address","apply.Contact":"Contact information","apply.Type":"Type of centre","apply.RegTableCaption":"Centres listed below are for Regular Force (full time). Select Reserve Force above if you wish to see Reserve Force (part time) centres. For more information about the differences please refer to our","apply.ResTableCaption":"Centres listed below are for Reserve Force (part time). Select Regular Force above if you wish to see Regular Force (full time) centres. For more information about the differences please refer to our","apply.RequirementsAlt":"Requirements to join the Canadian Armed Forces infographic","paided.HeroText":"Paid Education","paided.Title":"Paid Education","paided.intro":"The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) has a number of paid education programs for a first-class education that will prepare you for a challenging and rewarding career.","paided.overview":"Overview","paided.programs":"Programs","paided.elibilityreqs":"Eligibility Requirements","paided.overview1":"Whether you\u2019re thinking of going to college or getting your post-grad degree, the CAF can help you get there with one of our paid education programs. If you qualify, the CAF will pay 100% of your school fees, including your tuition, books and academic equipment! Meanwhile, you\u2019ll earn a competitive annual salary and an excellent benefits package including health, dental, vision care and much more. Please be aware that online, distance delivery as well as co-op programs are not approved for paid education programs with the CAF at this time.","":"Military Commitment after Graduation","paided.overview2":"After you graduate from one of our paid education programs, you will be guaranteed a job in your field with the CAF. Your salary will continue to increase through professional experience and promotions. Each program requires two months of service for every month of paid education.","paided.value.title":"The Value of Paid Education in the CAF","paided.value1":"$3200 - $12,000","paided.value1.p":"the amount you will save on the annual average cost of tuition for a post-secondary education","paided.peryear":"year","paided.value2":"$27,600","paided.value2.p":"the annual starting salary you will earn from the CAF while attending your paid education program","paided.benefits":"Benefits","paided.benefits1":"Leadership Training","paided.benefits2":"Sports & Athletics programs","paided.benefits3":"Second language training","paided.benefits4":"Exciting employment opportunities in a wide variety of occupations post education","paided.benefits5":"Full-time salary, excellent benefits, and vacation pay","paided.benefits6":"Paid tuition and administration fees","paided.benefits7":"Free textbooks","paided.benefits8":"Challenging roles and tasks","paided.benefits9":"Meaningful work and the chance to help others","paided.benefits10":"Continuous opportunities for education, training, and personal development","paided.ncm.subtitle":"Skilled Trades","paided.ncmstep.acr":"Non-Commissioned Member Subsidized Training and Education Plan (NCMSTEP)","paided.ncm.highlight":"Training or education for authorized courses of study related to military occupations.","paided.rotp.subtitle":"Undergraduate","paided.rotp.acr":"Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP)","paided.rotp.highlight":"Obtain both an officer's commission in the CAF and an undergraduate degree.","paided.aloy.subtitle":"Indigenous Peoples","paided.aloy.acr":"Aboriginal Leadership Opportunity Year (ALOY)","paided.aloy.highlight":"One-year preparatory education open to Canadian Indigenous Peoples through the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario.","paided.spec.subtitle":"Undergraduate \/ Graduate","paided.spec.acr":"Speciality Programs","paided.spec.highlight":"Unique programs for specialized careers in the CAF. Includes social work, chaplain, dental and medical programs.","paided.reqs.title":"Eligibility Requirements","paided.reqs.p1":"Your application for a paid education program is also an application to become a member of the CAF for the length of your training and specific period of service afterwards. All applicants are required to meet both the general qualifications for the CAF, as well as the academic requirements for your field of study or technical program.","paided.reqs.p2":"To qualify for admission to the CAF and a paid education plan, you must:","paided.reqs.li1":"Be a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident","paided.reqs.li2":"Meet the minimum medical standard required for CAF enrolment","paided.reqs.li3":"Pass pre-enrolment tests including the Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (CFAT), an assessment of aptitudes and suitability for your choice of occupation","paided.reqs.li4":"Be 16 years of age to submit an application (with parent\/legal guardian consent if you are under 18)","paided.reqs.li5":"Meet educational requirements of the program (See program details above)","paided.reqs.p3":"For more information about joining the CAF, visit



To aid in flight operations, aeronautical control officers manage air traffic and direct aerial attacks.

In all of Canada's airspace, it is the job of Aerospace Control Officers to keep an eye on the skies and make sure nothing gets out of hand. They serve as a vital part of the Canadian Air Navigation System, regulating both civilian and military planes in all sorts of conflict and training situations around the world.

If you want to fly for the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), you'll need to take and pass the Aircrew Selection Centre's rigorous exams. This includes anyone who wants to be an air combat systems officer, air traffic controller, or pilot. Trenton, Ontario is home to the RCAF's selection center, where hopeful recruits spend two days taking online tests designed to gauge whether or not they possess the requisite knowledge, abilities, and character traits. Those interested in these three careers must first pass Aircrew Selection with flying colors. Check out the video for more info.

Typical Office Setting

Aerospace Control Officers can be stationed anywhere in the world, including ships, airplanes, and the field in North America, the Caribbean, and Europe. As their entry-level roles, Aerospace Control Officers in Canada may work as air traffic controllers at military airbases or as air defense controllers at the Canadian Air Defence Sector.

Compensation and advantages



Cmdr. Shannon Archer: Greetings, I'm Captain Shannon Archer from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. The 14 Wing Greenwood in Nova Scotia is where my position as an Aerospace Control Officer has me stationed at the moment.

In North American airspace, AEC Officers play a crucial role. Air traffic controllers for the Royal Canadian Air Force work out of control towers and terminals across Canada. They are highly trained to safely direct aircraft using visual and instrument flight rules.  

ARCHER: Being an Aerospace Controller has its perks, not the least of which is the ability to work both at home and abroad to support Canada's mission. In Haiti, for instance, the DART constructed an airstrip and delivered supplies.

On the ground and in the air onboard command and control aircraft called AWACS, AEC Officers serve as Air Battle Managers in air defense and air operations command centres around the world. Both anti-drug and full-spectrum operations require the expertise of Air Battle Managers. These endeavors are all different and must be meticulously prepared for. Air Battle Managers are experts in tactical command and control, tasked with optimizing the RCAF's and Allies' combat capability through the optimal placement of aircraft, sensors, and airborne systems.

Canadian Air Defence Sector Aerospace Control Officers oversee elite teams at their North Bay, Ontario headquarters, where they keep tabs on all air traffic in North America via a network of radar stations. They are in charge of keeping the skies over Canada safe from intruders and making split-second decisions in the event of a security breach.

Many people have asked me whether or not being an archer is stressful. Yes, it is stressful, but in a positive way, I must admit. Most air traffic controllers, including myself, are motivated by the stress that this job entails because of the unpredictable nature of the work and the constant need to adapt to new situations.                         

In addition to coordinating close-air support for the Army, AEC Officers may also be assigned to assist joint forces by sailing aboard Canadian warships as maritime fighter controllers.

The duties of an Aerospace Control Officer extend to a wide range of space operations. Space scientists at the helm of competent teams monitor orbiting debris for potential threats to mutual space infrastructure. As well as protecting the United States and Canadian forces stationed all over the world, they provide vital space-based information to operational combat units and relay missile warning information to NORAD.

The best part of being an Aerospace Controller, according to ARCHER, is interacting with planes and helping the Canadian military achieve its goals. I enjoy coming to work because of the people I get to know and because of the variety of tasks I get to perform and the settings in which I get to do them. Every day presents a brand-new and thrilling obstacle.

When an AEC Officer completes their training to become an Air Traffic Controller, they are typically assigned to one of the RCAF's six major air bases across Canada.

A majority of Aerospace Control Officers end up working for the Canadian Air Defense Sector, a combat reporting center, or one of NORAD's many Battle Control Centres in the United States after completing their initial training as Air Battle Managers.

Aerospace Control Officers can expect to manage and lead small teams across all settings. These opportunities for growth as leaders, as well as promotion in education and employment, will only increase as their careers progress.

ARCHER: Qualities necessary for a career as an Aerospace Controller include decisiveness, the capacity to formulate and execute a plan, the ability to monitor and evaluate progress, and the willingness to adapt to new circumstances. To succeed, you must maintain a high moral standard, admit when you’re wrong, and work hard to correct your mistakes. Your ability to prioritize information as it comes to and from you depends on your ability to multitask.

ARCHER: There are times when I get giddy while sitting in the tower or the radar sector. I can't believe I get to do this for a living. Air Force service and my job as an air traffic controller in the Aerospace Control industry allow me to contribute to this larger picture. Not many people have the opportunity to pilot airplanes like I do. Because of my job, I get to travel all over the world and all over Canada. The scenery is absolutely stunning. I look forward to going to work every day because I enjoy what I do.



  • Controller of Aircraft Traffic
  • Licensed Aviation Service Professional
  • Officer in Charge of Railroad and Harbor Traffic
  • Supervisor of Human Resources
  • Managing the Airport

The Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School is located in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, and is where new recruits spend their first 12 weeks of service. This course will teach you the basics of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), as well as general military knowledge, leadership principles, CAF regulations and customs, weapon safety, and first aid. Training exercises in force protection, field training, navigation, and leadership will give you a chance to put your newfound military knowledge to use. Basic training also includes a rigorous physical fitness program. Officers can choose to receive their initial training in either English or French, and completion of this training is required for advancement.

After you complete your initial officer training, you might be eligible to participate in a formal second language program. Depending on how proficient you are in a second language, training could last anywhere from two to nine months

Here you can find out more information about “Basic Training”.

It takes three to five months to complete training as an Aerospace Control Officer at the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Control Operations in Cornwall, Ontario. Candidates for the position of Aerospace Control Officer receive training in a wide variety of control techniques applicable to both air traffic control and air defense. Furthermore, they are taught and trained on the following simulator exercises:

  • Armament deployed from aircraft
  • Radar and ground-based control systems
  • Meteorology
  • The Methods of Radiocommunication
  • The Rules of the Air: Including Navigational Instructions
  • The features of aircraft efficiency
  • Procedures for piloting interceptor aircraft in accordance with command and control directives
  • In order to become licensed as an Aerospace Control Officer, one must first pass a test on local operating procedures.

Formal education and on-the-job experience can help aspiring Aerospace Control Officers hone their craft.

  • System for Flying Early Warning and Control
  • The use of Missiles and Spacecraft
  • Ground-Based Tactical Air Control Group.
  • Navy Fighter Control Operations at Sea

If you already have a bachelor's degree, the CAF will evaluate it to see if it meets the qualifications for this position, and if so, you may be eligible to skip over the initial training phase and go straight into the on-the-job training phase after completing basic training. There is a mandatory waiting period after completion of basic training and officer qualification training before a soldier can be assigned.

The Standardized Officer Training Program

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) recognizes the importance of higher education and will provide funding for qualified applicants to earn a bachelor's degree through the Royal Military College System. In exchange for serving in the CAF, recruits will receive a full-time salary, medical and dental insurance, paid vacations, and other benefits. Officer cadets are the standard entry point for students into the Canadian military education system, where they take courses that will benefit them in both their military and academic pursuits. Candidates' requests to transfer to another Canadian university may be granted on a case-by-case basis, depending on the requirements of the CAF. Each individual situation will be evaluated separately. You must apply to the CAF in order to participate in this program; however, if you are not accepted into ROTP, you should still apply to other universities in Canada.

Get more information about our Tuition-Based Training Courses on this page.

There are a number of cities across Canada where you can get this job with the Primary Reserve on the side. A common location for Reserve Force members to put in their time of service is at a local Air Force wing. They will not be transferred or posted anywhere. But if they don't like it there, they can transfer to another base voluntarily. They can also voluntarily serve in the Canadian military or another country's military.

Part-time and casual full-time Aerospace Control Officers usually work at CAF bases and tactical units within Canada.

Locate a Job Center to Apply at

Aerospace Control Officers can only work in the Reserves if they are already members of the Regular Force or if they are former military members who have the Aerospace Control Officer qualification.

Air Force Reservists receive the same level of training as their Regular Force counterparts, and are assigned to the same units and responsible for the same duties. Members of the Air Reserve may be called upon to serve up to 12 full workdays per month, with the possibility of additional full-time service as needed. Reservists receive 92% of the regular military salary. an annual salary equivalent to 8 percent of Regular Force rates of pay, a generous benefits package, and the possibility of making pension plan contributions

Air Force Full-time Part-time

Commander of Aircraft Combat Systems

Air Force Full-time Part-time


Air Force Full-time Part-time

Remote Controlled Aircraft Sensor Operator

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