Sony Bluetooth Headphones: How to Connect to Your Phone, Tablet, or Computer

Due to the reduced number of moving parts, Bluetooth earbuds are more durable than their wired counterparts. This may be appealing to some, but it may leave them wondering if and how their new headphones will function with their other electronic gadgets.

In contrast to wired headphones, which have always been "plug and play," Bluetooth headphones now necessitate a modicum of technical know-how.

Follow these steps to pair your Sony Bluetooth headphones with your phone, tablet, or computer. These instructions should help you connect your Sony headphones to your computer, smartphone, or tablet running Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, or all of the above.

Pairing Your Sony Earphones With Your Device

When it comes to connecting to Bluetooth, Sony has established a universal protocol for all of their products.

When using Sony headphones for wireless pairing, press and hold the power button for about seven seconds. To begin blinking, the light should alternate between red and green or blue. At this point, you can stop holding the power button down and let the headset enter pairing mode.  

Stationary Couples

In order to watch videos or listen to music while they work, many people connect their mobile devices to their computers.

In order to listen to music or videos while working, you must first pair your earbuds with your computer. As a result, many people report increased productivity and concentration.

Connecting your headphones to your computer is a natural next step. It's a good way to prevent waking up anyone you're sharing a house with while you work.   

Connecting Sony Wireless Headphones to a Windows Computer

The first step in pairing your earbuds with a Windows computer is to put the headphones into pairing mode by pressing and holding the power button for seven seconds.

You should then press the Windows key and enter "Bluetooth and Other Devices Settings" into the search bar. Best-match is the option you should choose.  

Access the "Add Device" button in the Bluetooth and other devices setup menu. It needs to be up top, next to where you turn your Bluetooth adapter on and off.  

The process of connecting a computer to a wireless device is as simple as opening the "Add Device" dialogue and selecting the "Bluetooth" option. If you frequently use wireless devices, you should become accustomed to seeing this.  

Once you've picked out your Sony headphones, turning them on should automatically establish a connection.   

Sony Headphones and MacOS: How to Get It Working

The Macintosh Operating System (OS) is very similar to Microsoft Windows.

Bluetooth, on the other hand, can be found in a different location. You can see it in the bottom-right corner of your screen, in the status bar. To enable the Bluetooth connector and the option for it to appear in the status bar, you must first turn them both on from the Control Center.  

Control Center can be accessed by selecting "Bluetooth options" from the Apple menu. To display Bluetooth in the status bar, click the corresponding button here. Toggle this option on or off with the button above. The Bluetooth icon in the Status Bar can be used as a quick launcher to the Bluetooth settings in your computer's Settings menu.  

Once the computer's Bluetooth settings have been activated, you can pair your Sony headphones by clicking the "connect" button on the headphones.   

Cellular Telephones

How to Pair Sony Headphones with an Android Device

In a matter of three simple steps, your Sony headphones can be paired with your Android device. A Bluetooth icon will appear in the notification area alongside the other connection icons if Bluetooth is enabled.  

To check if your Bluetooth is active, pull down the top of the screen to reveal the notification menu. This will bring up the status bar with all of its additional settings options. Whenever Bluetooth is activated, its icon will change from gray to blue.  

Since the icon only serves as a toggle to turn Bluetooth on and off and not a direct link to the settings, you will need to bring down the menu once more to access all of the feature's configurations. To access Bluetooth settings, select the option from the menu by tapping the word "Bluetooth" directly below the Bluetooth icon.   

To access the Bluetooth settings, click that.

To connect your Android device to your Sony headphones, tap the name of the headphones. Your Android and headphones are now paired.

In-Ear Headphones by Sony: Instructions for iOS Devices

To connect Sony headphones to an iPhone or iPad is as simple as connecting them to an Android device. To get started, open your Apple device's settings and look for the Bluetooth options.

A simple tap in the Devices menu will pair your device with your Sony earbuds.  

"I have my headphones in, but I can't hear anything."

You may not hear anything through your headphones despite their connection for a number of reasons. If your mobile device detects that you have headphones plugged into it and assumes you're going to use them to make a phone call, it may silence the media playing on the device.  

If you are having trouble hearing your music or videos while wearing headphones, you should first verify that the volume for your media is turned up.  

Also, there are times when driver problems prevent your headphones from working with an audio source.   

Android Bluetooth Devices Troubleshooting on Windows

Try the audio troubleshooter first to see if that helps. Select "Find and Fix Problems with Playing Audio" from the search results when you press the Windows key or open the start menu. Click the "Headphones" option and "Troubleshoot" to see if the computer can resolve the issue.  

If your headphones don't appear in the audio troubleshooter, it's because the computer isn't properly picking up the signal from them. In this case, you'll need to manually download the drivers from Sony's website and install them.  

Methods for Fixing MacOS Sound Problems

The majority of headphone-related problems in MacOS are caused by the computer improperly setting the default audio device. Fixing these is as simple as adjusting a few sliders in Apple's system preferences.  

You can begin tweaking your Mac's audio settings by selecting System Preferences from the menu. A simple click will turn on your Sony headphones. Make sure they're using the default device so that they'll always use that when they reconnect.  

After turning on your headphones, if you still don't hear anything, try disconnecting them from your device in the Bluetooth settings. The next step is to try reconnecting the headphones to see if that solves the problem.  

Fixing Android Audio Problems

Turning off media audio is a common cause of Android devices' audio problems. To access the audio mixer, press the volume buttons, then the three dots in the very top right corner of the volume bar. Selecting this will reveal the volume control menu.  

You should find four individual volume bars once the additional customization options have been revealed. The media volume is the third slider, and the phone's overall volume is the fourth.  

How to Make a Quick Change:

Combining Two Voices: Marshall / Sony / To the Manufacturers of Altec Lansing Products, Inc.

Headphone/earbud Combination: Sony / Tozo / Aftershokz / JLab / Bose / JBL / Soundcore

In Conclusion

Because of the lack of uniformity in Bluetooth connectivity, it can be difficult to determine how one device will interact with another.

Since most Sony headphones are similarly programmed, the company has made this process easier than with competitors. That's why it doesn't matter so much which model you own, the pairing procedure is nearly universal.

And if you do get stuck, you can always do a quick Google search to learn something new and be using your preferred device again in no time.  

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