Shipping Timeframe for Yesstyle in 2023: Revised and Updated

This article primarily focuses on the query of "How much time does it take for Yesstyle to ship its products?" Yesstyle is an online shopping platform based in Hong Kong that primarily offers cosmetics from Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. Additionally, it provides a wide range of clothing, accessories, footwear, luggage, and home & lifestyle products. Yesstyle ensures global shipping to guarantee customer satisfaction.

How Long Does Yesstyle Take To Ship

Shipping Timeframes for Yesstyle Products

Precise answer: It takes 7 to 20 days for the products to be shipped.

Methods of Shipping Shipping Duration Express: Between three and five business days Standard: From ten days to three weeks

Customers have two options for dispatching their purchased items. The express delivery method is the most favored choice due to its swiftness, taking around two to five weeks to deliver the purchase. On the other hand, the Standard shipping method is a bit slower than Express Delivery, as it can take up to three weeks to deliver the purchase. However, despite the longer turnaround time, this method is less costly. If speedy delivery is not a concern, customers can save money by opting for the standard shipping method.

How Long Does Yesstyle Take To Ship

What are the charges for shipping and handling?

Yesstyle offers free shipping for orders exceeding $35. The current value in INR is 2800; however, when I placed my order, free delivery was applicable for orders exceeding 2600 INR. These values are subject to fluctuations according to the current exchange rate.

Shipping costs for orders below $35 may differ depending on the shipping location. The fees can range from as low as $2 to as high as $100, depending on the shipping method chosen. Consequently, it is advisable to place an order that qualifies for free shipping.

Which shipping methods are employed by Yesstyle?

[Express Delivery]

Orders are dispatched using international courier services that operate in the majority of countries. EMS (Express Mail Service) may also be used, with distribution taking place through local post offices. Each package is provided with a tracking number. YesStyle retains the right to change couriers without prior notice and will exercise its judgment in selecting the most appropriate courier for each order.

How Long Does Yesstyle Take To Ship

[Expedited Shipping – only available in a select few countries]

Orders are dispatched using courier services or regular mail. All packages come with tracking numbers.

[Standard Shipping or Premium Standard Shipping] Orders are shipped via eParcel or Registered Post through the Post Office. YesStyle reserves the right to change shipping agents without prior notice and will determine the most suitable shipping agent for each order.

Why does YesStyle experience extended shipping times?

Due to its worldwide reach, YesStyle encounters complexities in the shipping process. The transportation of orders presents various challenges for any shipping company. One of the main factors is the prohibition on specific items. Not all products are legal in every part of the world, and as a result, shipping may be interrupted. In such cases, customers will receive a refund. Additionally, the time it takes for the store to deliver the merchandise to the shipping company affects the overall shipping duration.

However, the majority of organizations have established a network of interconnected supply platforms, streamlining the overall shipping process. Yet, it is crucial for the consumer to input the precise delivery address promptly. Another crucial aspect of shipping is the availability of the product within the same country as the consumer. In certain scenarios, the retailer may be located in a distant country from where the buyer placed the order.

For a successful shipping operation, the transfer of products must be meticulously coordinated. As it is a sequential process, any disruption will require time to resolve. Nowadays, consumers are provided with a tracking number, enabling them to track their shipment online. If the buyer discovers that the shipment has been stagnant in one location for an extended period, they should promptly contact the transportation provider. YesStyle also recruits designers from various countries worldwide, as long as their work is authentic and captivating.

Is a tracking number or code necessary to receive my package?

Each item shipped via Express Shipping is accompanied by a tracking number or code provided by the chosen courier, such as UPS, FedEx, EMS, or DHL. Orders made with Standard Shipping and Premium Standard Shipping may or may not include a tracking number in the confirmation email.

Orders eligible for tracking, regardless of whether they are shipped with or without Standard Shipping or Premium Standard Shipping, can be tracked through the local post office in your area. The tracking numbers and links for shipped orders can be found in the Order History section of "My Account" under the "Shipping and Tracking" category.

Can I have my package delivered to a Post Office box?

[Express Delivery] We discourage the use of Post Office boxes for orders intended for expedited delivery, as this may cause delays in receiving your package.

[Standard Delivery or Premium Standard Delivery] However, if your shipping method is modified to Express Shipping, which cannot be delivered to Post Office boxes, we advise customers not to use Post Office boxes.

What happens if my order cannot be delivered and needs to be returned to YesStyle?

All packages returned to YesStyle are categorized as "undeliverable." This can be due to an incorrect shipping address, unsuccessful delivery attempts by the postal service provider (e.g. recipient unavailable), or unclaimed shipments held by the courier agency.

When we receive packages that cannot be delivered, we will send an email to our customers requesting a shipment exchange. Reshipments are subject to handling charges and costs equivalent to regular shipping fees. Regardless of whether the initial shipment qualified for free delivery, reshipment costs will be applied.


YesStyle offers two shipping options for customers: Express Shipping, which takes 3 to 5 business days, and Standard Shipping, which takes 7 to 21 days. We trust that you have found the answer to the question, "How long does it take for YesStyle to ship?"

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