Save Money with These 5 DIY Car Dent Repair Hacks

Car dents can be incredibly frustrating when they occur. While getting them repaired is typically easy, it can also be expensive. Luckily, there are affordable do-it-yourself (DIY) methods that can help you fix the damage yourself in certain cases.

The Importance of Fixing Car Dents

Regardless of how well your car operates, maintaining its exterior in pristine condition is crucial. This is especially important if you plan on selling the vehicle. Even small, unrepaired dents can decrease the value of your car. If there is also paint damage, the decrease in value becomes even more significant.

Paintless Dent Repair versus Traditional Auto Repair

Some damage can be reversed without the need to contact a specialist. Paintless dent repair is a cost-effective method to fix dings and dents if the damage is in the right place and isn't extensive. Unlike traditional methods that involve new paint and chemicals, paintless dent repair uses special tools to reshape the damaged metal, eliminating the need for bonding, sanding, or repainting. This method is typically faster and cheaper.

Five DIY Methods to Repair Car Dents

Here are some DIY tricks for paintless dent repair that could help you fix the damage yourself, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars. It's important to be cautious when attempting homemade fixes to avoid causing further damage to your car. If you prefer professional assistance, we also have some tips for you.

1. Purchase a Dent Removal Kit

Using a dedicated do-it-yourself kit makes dent removal a breeze. Various dent removal kits are available on the market, designed to tackle small, coin-sized dents or larger surface areas. These kits involve placing a small suction cup in the center of the damage and pulling it outward.

2. Try the Hot Glue Method

Certain DIY dent removal kits provide a hot glue gun. With this method, you cover the damaged area with hot glue and attach a plastic handle. Once the glue dries, you can gently pull on the handle to remove the dent. You may need to repeat this process for optimal results, which typically takes only a few minutes.

3. Use a Plunger

For medium-sized car dents, utilizing a bathroom plunger is a popular technique. Begin by creating a seal on the force cup and the dent using hot water. Then, push and pull to create a vacuum that will pop out the dent. Alternatively, you can purchase a plunger tool specifically designed for fixing car dents.

4. Employ the Hot Water Technique

By pouring boiling water over the affected area, the heat causes the metal to expand. This makes it easier to manipulate the metal and push the dent back into place. It's best if you can access the backside of the dent to push it out. However, please note that boiling water can damage certain paint jobs. If you're concerned about your car's finish or cannot access the dent's backside, this may not be the ideal solution for you.

5. Try the Hot and Cold Combo

If you prefer to avoid getting wet, using a hairdryer and a can of compressed air is a useful toolset. Begin by gently heating the area surrounding the dent with the hairdryer to prevent damage to your car's paint. Once warm, quickly apply cold compressed air to cool down the center of the dent. This may cause the metal to pop back into its original form. The entire process should take no more than five minutes.

Professionals for Dent Repair

If you prefer the utmost caution, seeking assistance from professionals is a wise choice. Consider the following options:

1. Mobile Dent Repair Specialists

Mobile dent repair offers the most convenient way to have your car dent fixed. Instead of taking your car to an auto body shop, the professionals come to you.

2. Automobile repair establishments

Those establishments that provide these services generally possess access to similar resources as those found at an automobile body workshop. However, the distinction lies in the fact that these tasks are executed by a proficient and skilled specialist. Services for repairing dents on the move typically commence at approximately $100.

Should the dent necessitate painting, be located on a body contour, or reside within an arduously accessible region, it may be advisable to transport your vehicle to an automobile repair establishment. These repair establishments possess all the necessary resources to assess the extent of the damage and proceed with remediation utilizing either paintless techniques or more conventional methods, or even consider replacing the affected panel altogether.

While engaging the services of an automobile repair establishment may potentially result in a higher cost, at the very least, you can be assured that the damage is being addressed by an expert professional. In most instances, minor dent repairs can amount to approximately to $150, whereas more significant damage or the replacement of bodywork could easily exceed a thousand dollars.

Will my motor vehicle insurance policy cover expenses for dent rectification?

Generally, damage incurred due to dents can be covered by an all-encompassing motor vehicle insurance policy. However, it is vital to note that if a claim is made, your insurance premium payments may increase. Consequently, undertaking a quick calculation to ascertain whether it is prudent to make a claim or bear the repair expenses personally becomes crucial.

Your deductible is the sum you are obligated to pay prior to the insurance company covering the remaining costs. It may not be advantageous to file a claim if the repair expenditure is below your deductible amount. In case of uncertainty, it is recommended to reach out to your insurance company for further clarification.

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