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Renew Your Permanent Resident Card in Canada

Are you a permanent resident of Canada with an expired PR card? Whether you left the country for work, family emergencies, or other reasons, you can still return to Canada by renewing your PR card. This card shows your status as a permanent resident and it's important to have it while travelling. Learn about the renewal process and grounds for returning to Canada in our PR Card Renewal videos below.


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    How to Renew Your PR Card in Canada

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    Return to Canada with an Expired PR Card

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    Renew Your PR Card with Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds

    PR Card Renewal with Humanitarian and Compassionate Determinations

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    Get Your Common PR Card Questions Answered in Our Video

    Are you a permanent resident in Canada with questions about the PR card? Akrami & Associates is here to help. This video provides answers to common questions about obtaining and renewing your Permanent Resident Card. As a newcomer to Canada, you may have questions about when you will receive your PR card and why it's important to have it while travelling. We offer insight into these questions as well as many others.

    Get Answers to Your Common PR Card Questions

    Don't let questions about your PR Card renewal keep you from returning to Canada. Ms. Akrami and our team address concerns about the PR Card during travel and provide information about the renewal process. Watch the video to learn more.

    If you're ready to renew your PR Card, but are unsure about what documents you need or how to start the process, give us a call at 416-477-2545. Our team of immigration experts is ready to assist you with all of your immigration matters.

    At Akrami & Associates, we believe there is always a way forward.

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    Looking for assistance with your permanent resident card renewal? Sometimes, life circumstances may require you to leave Canada, which can make fulfilling your residency obligations as a permanent resident more complicated. But don't worry - we are here to help. Our team specializes in facilitating renewals with Humanitarian and Compassionate considerations, and we have a helpful video that explains the process for you.

    Additionally, if your PR card expires, it is essential that you take the necessary steps to renew it diligently. This is especially important if you are outside of Canada when your card expires, as it can bring additional complications. We have put together another video that outlines what to do if this happens to you, and how to apply for a permanent resident travel document.

    Renewing your PR card can seem daunting, but we've got you covered. Our PR card renewal steps video walks you through the basic requirements for filing a renewal request, inside or outside of Canada.

    Finally, if your PR card has already expired and you are outside of Canada, you may still have options. Our video on PR card expired outside of Canada covers the types of documents you can present to be considered for renewal under Humanitarian and Compassionate arguments.

    Don't let a expired or soon-to-expire PR card cause you undue stress. Contact us today and let us help you navigate the renewal process with ease.

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    Expired PR Card Video

    If you possess an expired PR card inside or outside of Canada, you may be unsure if this affects your residency status in Canada. However, renewing your Permanent Resident card may be an option if you meet the eligibility criteria. Check out our video to learn more.

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    Expired PR Card with Humanitarian and Compassionate Argument Video

    If you are living outside of Canada and your Permanent Resident Card (PR card) has expired, you may qualify to file a Humanitarian and Compassionate argument (H&C argument). To help you submit a successful H&C application, you may use three main arguments to support your case. Watch our video to discover more.

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    Expired PR Card and Outside of Canada Video

    If you have an expired PR card and live outside of Canada, renewing your Permanent Resident Card with Humanitarian and Compassionate Arguments may still be a possibility. Watch our video to understand what it entails and how to meet the prerequisites.

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    Canadian PR Card Renewal Video

    If you are a Permanent Resident of Canada, your primary status documentation is a PR card, which expires within five years, and needs to be renewed consistently until you obtain Canadian citizenship. Renewing your PR card with Humanitarian and Compassionate arguments may be crucial if you do not meet the residency requirements. Check out our video to discover how!

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    PR Card Renewal with H and C Arguments Video

    If your Permanent Resident Card has expired and you are unable to meet the residency obligation, you may still be eligible to renew your card with Humanitarian and Compassionate considerations. Our video provides more information.

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    PR Card Expired Video

    When it comes to maintaining your Permanent Residence status in Canada, you need to meet residency requirements by being physically present for 730 days in the last five years. If your PR card has expired while you were outside of Canada, you can return by obtaining a travel document. If you have failed to meet the residency requirements, watch our video to see how filing for a Humanitarian and Compassionate application may be your solution.

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    Revitalize Your Permanent Resident PR Card in a Snap!

    To keep your permanent residence status, being physically present in Canada for 730 days out of the most recent five years is the norm. Yet, there are scenarios in which this requirement can be waived. If you seek to renew your PR Card, this enlightening video surveys the available options to refresh your status and paves the way for your prosperous future in Canada.

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    So Your PR Card is Expired, and You Have an Important Trip Dead Ahead?

    Do you worry about leaving Canada with your expired PR card? This video will remove all confusion about the urgency of renewing your PR card before your next trip. Explore the steps you need to take to restore your PR status and achieve your dream of settling in Canada.

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