"Revitalize Your Health with this Delicious Blender Celery Juice Detox Recipe + VIDEO"

Discover the power of Celery Juice with this amazing Detox Celery Juice Recipe! Join the conversation around the natural health benefits of this miracle drink that is making waves in the health industry, from celebrities and hippy gurus to everyday folks like you and me. As a mom, I was willing to try anything when my daughter Ava fell ill for two solid years with no answers from expensive tests, scans, or doctors. That’s when I discovered Celery Juice, and it changed our lives, bringing us greater health, relief from pain, and renewed happiness.

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It all began in the fall of 2017, when Ava came home from school complaining of severe abdominal pain. After weeks of tests, scans, and specialists, we turned to natural healing methods, visiting Chinese herbalists, and functional medicine doctors. They all ran their own tests and offered many recommendations, including supplements, elimination diets, and more, with some relief but never a cure.

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But after almost two years, our friend recommended the book Liver Rescue by Anthony William. It was a life-changing moment for us, as it helped us connect the dots between Ava’s liver and her bodily functions. All the toxins she was exposed to in her food and environment, including stress-induced toxins, were causing a breakdown in her body.

So, we turned to Celery Juice, made easily in a blender, that helped detoxify her liver and reduce all her symptoms over time. While I can’t claim to be a doctor or health expert, our experience with Celery Juice has been so profound that I am compelled to share our story with you. Join us on this journey and learn how to make Celery Juice, understand its many benefits, and find answers to your most frequently asked questions!

We were curious about Anthony’s methods, so we decided to give them a try. Specifically, we started drinking celery juice every day for a lifestyle change. It’s been almost two years now, and we wanted to share the verdict.

Our family has experienced remarkable improvements. No more pain, and all “faux” food allergies, including gluten, have disappeared. Our digestive tracts have been restored, and we are off all medicines and supplements. Our mystery symptoms have vanished, and we feel alive again.

Not only have we experienced these benefits, but we’ve seen positive results in other areas as well.

For myself, I’ve experienced less joint pain, fewer headaches, and fewer mid-life hormone symptoms. No more bloating or water weight gain.

For Dan, he’s experienced decreased stress/anxiety and better digestion.

For our son, Carson (age 16), he’s seen reduced acne and better digestion.


Millions of others are doing what we’re doing, drinking celery juice to heal their bodies. According to natural healers, there are a plethora of long-term benefits to drinking celery juice, some of which we’ve experienced firsthand.

Celery protects and heals your liver, helps detox from sugar, reduces inflammation, fights infection, supports weight loss, fights cancer, heals digestive issues, reduces bloating, fights skin issues, prevents UTIs and high blood pressure, balances blood sugar levels, helps to lower cholesterol, prevents and heals ulcers, fights depression, anxiety, and panic attacks, relieves insomnia, reduces fatigue, reduces migraines and nausea, decreases joint and muscle pain, decreases allergy issues, helps to heal blurred vision or twitching eye, calms disruptive hormones and mood swings, reduces brain fog, heals thyroid issues, and relieves symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Medical Medium

How is this possible? According to Anthony William, celery is not technically a vegetable, but an herb with medicinal qualities. In its concentrated form, celery’s natural cluster salts, minerals, and nutrients gently pull toxins from the body, restoring the digestive tract and liver, and healing other ailments connected to digestion and liver health.

Drinking celery juice has been a natural remedy since the early 1960s or possibly even earlier.

The world-renowned Anthony William, also known as the @MedicalMedium, has revolutionized the healthcare industry by writing a plethora of books advocating for the consumption of celery juice and an abundance of fruits and vegetables. With over three million followers on Instagram and numerous success stories displayed on the internet, William's work has garnered immense attention. Those suffering from chronic illnesses should peruse his literature, available on Amazon for a comprehensive guide.

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In his book, Liver Rescue, the Medical Medium recommends drinking celery juice every morning as part of a cleansing protocol. Fresh juice should be prepared, and 16 ounces should be consumed on an empty stomach, with no addition of any other ingredient. The juice should be left to work its magic for 30 minutes. Only fresh fruits or veggies should be consumed after the juice, followed by the introduction of fats in one's daily diet.

The Medical Medium emphasizes a pure diet with more fruits and veggies and fewer fats. In one of his books, he even provides a list of foods to avoid for those struggling with chronic illnesses, including whole grains, complex carbs, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats. Additionally, the Medical Medium also recommends reducing sugar intake, including artificial sweeteners, since it induces sugar cravings.

If you have been following a low-carb, high-fat diet and are experiencing health problems, William suggests revisiting your carbohydrate intake, particularly fruit consumption, to address your health concerns positively.

Making celery juice at home is an easy task to accomplish. Celery is the only ingredient required, and either a juicer or high-power blender can be used, with no need to add water, lemon juice, or any other ingredient. The juice should be strained, and served fresh.

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In conclusion, if you're looking for a radical change in your dietary habits, William offers a refreshing perspective in discovering the beneficial properties of celery juice and consuming an abundance of fruits and vegetables.

If you're uncertain about integrating celery juice into your daily routine, consider starting with blended celery juice, a method that most people can accomplish using a blender. As you begin to make larger batches to accommodate your family's needs, you may want to invest in a high-quality juicer. I personally use this juicer, which delivers excellent cold-pressed juice. However, a friend of mine prefers this more affordable option. Additionally, there's an easy-to-clean juicer alternative that may also meet your needs at an attractive price point. Inexpensive hand-powered models may also be an option if you're on a tight budget. I personally use this model for travel purposes, and I've found that it works well.

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To prepare the celery, begin by washing and separating the stalks. Wring out any excess moisture and slice off the leaves on the tops of the stalks, as they tend to add bitterness to the juice. Run the celery stalks through your juicer once it's switched on.

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If you don't have a juicer and don't want to buy one, you can opt to make celery juice in a blender. All you need is a high-power blender, a fine-mesh strainer, and a glass or pitcher to collect the juice. To begin, cut and wash the celery stalks, removing the leaves as before. Roughly chop the celery stalks into pieces, bearing in mind that larger ribs may need to be cut more finely if your blender isn't particularly powerful. Add the celery to the blender, secure the lid, and blend on high until the mixture is smooth. Pour the blender contents through the mesh, which should be placed over a glass, and patiently wait for the juice to settle beneath the pulp. As the juice slows, press down on the pulp using your hand or a spoon to extract the remaining liquid. Discard any leftover pulp.

Benefits of Celery Juice #ASpicyPerspective #celery #celeryjuice #celeryjuicebenefits #medicalmedium #cleanse #healingStrain the Celery Pulp - How to Make Celery Juice #ASpicyPerspective #celery #celeryjuice #celeryjuicebenefits #medicalmedium #cleanse #healing

For the complete printable detox celery juice recipe, click here and enjoy!

The Medical Medium advises that drinking 16 ounces of celery juice on an empty stomach in the morning yields the best results. It is recommended to wait 20 to 30 minutes after consuming the juice before drinking anything else. Typically, one large bunch of celery can fill one 16-ounce glass, although the taste may vary depending on the bunch. Some celery juice glasses might be saltier or sweeter than others, and the bitterness typically associated with celery is concentrated in the leaves, which should be removed before juicing.

While raw celery offers ample fiber, it is the juice that provides the medicinal healing properties, and consuming it in a single glass of juice can match the nutrition of a whole bunch. Drinking celery juice may not yield significant results for those who are young, healthy, and active with no noticeable ailments. However, individuals struggling with physical symptoms may witness remarkable changes through celery juice, like Ava did. Although it is ideal to use organic celery, juice made from conventional celery is still beneficial so long as the stalks are washed thoroughly.

Upon starting the celery juice regimen, the detoxification process may result in side effects, especially for individuals who follow a typical American diet. However, consistent consumption can establish the body's tolerance and promote proper functionality. The individual healing time through celery juice varies depending on the extent and duration of the ailment and liver health. For the author and their family, changes began within 2-4 weeks and continued to drink the juice regularly. Ava, on the other hand, felt completely healed after five months of juice consumption. Additionally, stories are present of people healing conditions like Crohn's disease and Lymes Disease through celery juice, which might take anywhere from one to two years to fully recover. Therefore, it is recommended to commit to a one-month celery juice regimen to see significant results.

Detox Celery Juice Recipe #ASpicyPerspective #celery #celeryjuice #celeryjuicebenefits #medicalmediumjuice cleanse

Creating Celery Juice with a Blender: A Comprehensive Guide

Begin by gently separating the celery stalks and ensuring that you thoroughly cleanse them. Remove any excess moisture with a quick shake. Next, remove the leaves from the top of the stalks, as this is where most of the bitterness will come from. Proceed to roughly chop the celery. If you have a high-powered blender such as a Vitamix or BlendTech, you may wish to slice the celery into 3-4 inch segments. However, if the potency of your blender is in question, chopping the celery into smaller pieces is recommended.

Combine the chopped celery with your blender and ensure that the lid is tightly secured before powering up the blender to puree the celery into a smooth consistency. Place a mesh strainer over the container in which you intend to collect the juice. Slowly pour the celery pulp, allowing for it to separate from the juice below. As the flow begins to slow, use a spoon or your hand to press the pulp and extract all the remaining juice from it. Discard the pulp.

One serving of this delicious celery juice yields 16 ounces and contains 81 calories. It has a carbohydrate content of 15g, with 3g of protein and 1g of fat. The juice is high in sodium, containing 404mg, and, more importantly, boasts of a potassium count of 1313mg. In addition to being rich in fiber with 8g, it is also a great source of Vitamin A at 2267IU and Vitamin C at 16mg. Calcium and iron are also present, with 202mg and 1mg, respectively.

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