Reevaluating the New Hudson's Bay Credit Card, the HBC Mastercard

Do you count yourself among the two million Hudson's Bay credit cardholders? You probably got it because of all the great perks it offers, such as Hudson's Bay reward points to encourage you to shop even more during all the Bay Days at the Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) and more.  

However, there is a lot more to this Capital One Mastercard than meets the eye. We've got you covered if you've never taken a closer look at the details of this credit card before.  

Since Capital One is pulling out of Canada, we'll start by discussing their Mastercard product before shifting gears to discuss the upcoming switch to the Neo Financial credit card. Proceed at this time  

Account Access for Your Hudson's Bay Credit Card

If you have been issued a Capital One credit card by Hudson's Bay and are curious how to access your account online, read on!

At the very least once a month, you should check each of your credit card accounts online to make sure that no unauthorized charges have been made. Please contact Hudson's Bay Credit Card Customer Service (details below) immediately if you notice any suspicious charges on your account.  

The sooner you can have those fees removed from your account, the less of an impact they will have on your credit rating. The last thing you want to do is end up footing the bill for someone else's purses and footwear.

It used to be possible to manage your Hudson's Bay credit card account on the Capital One website before the company relocated all of its operations out of Canada (even Costco was looking for a new partner). While it is still possible to get in touch with the company through that page, all transactions have been migrated to Neo Financial, which is discussed in greater detail below.  

Customer Service for Hudson's Bay Credit Cards

With a Hudson's Bay Company Mastercard, you could contact their fantastic customer service department, which was just one of many perks. They're available every day of the week, from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. EST. To reach us, dial 1-800-521-2364.

When contacting HBC's customer service, what sorts of questions can you ask? Some examples are as follows:

  • How many total points have I earned so far?
  • How do I use my HBC reward points to buy more stuff?
  • How many points are required to buy the things I want?
  • Can I only use my points in the store, or can I use them online?
  • When Neo Financial takes over for Hudson's Bay, what will happen to my credit card? (I'll elaborate below)
  • And more

So, it's clear that there's a wide range of issues that can be addressed by contacting their customer service. Do not worry if you feel they are not the appropriate person to speak with regarding a specific HBC-related matter. Canadians are as friendly as they are intelligent. In no time at all, the customer service agent will have you in contact with the proper department head.

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Who to Call About Your Hudson's Bay Credit Card

The following is a link to Capital One's customer service page for the Hudson's Bay credit card if you need to speak with a representative. Capital One has provided a mailing address and a phone number specifically for HBC members.

Open Letters

  • A Division of Hudson's Bay Company
  • P O Postal Service Drop Box 903; Stub Agincourt
  • Toronto, Ontario M1S 5M4

Clients Who Use Their Mastercard at Hudson's Bay

  • Cost-free domestic and international toll-free S 1-866-640-7858
  • Whereas in the United States and Canada S call us at 1-513-770-3782 toll free

Credit Card Holders at Hudson's Bay

  • For free domestic and international toll-free S 1-800-263-2599
  • Access to TTY Services 1-800-219-1009

Payoff for Your Hudson's Bay Card

Does your Hudson's Bay credit card have a balance? Once again, checking your credit card balance online is the most convenient solution. You can also check your account status by calling customer service.

Keep in mind that the interest rate is quite high at 19 percent. 99% - 24 99% APR on all outstanding balances; clearing your debt as soon as possible is highly recommended.

Contact HBC's customer service department if you're having trouble making payments on your Hudson's Bay credit card balance and they may be able to work with you to arrange alternative payment terms. If you explain your situation to them, they will likely be willing to suggest some alternate approaches. Keep in mind that if you don't ask, you'll never find out.

You Can Call This Number If You Have A Hudson's Bay Credit Card

For your convenience, we've compiled a complete list of all Hudson's Bay credit card-related phone numbers above. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Hudson's Bay or Capital One's customer service departments.

As Hudson's Bay is currently in the midst of switching over from the Mastercard to Neo Financial, this is especially pertinent. Down below, we'll take a closer look at this brand-new credit card.

We Compare the New HBC Mastercard to the Capital One

When compared to Capital One's Mastercard, the benefits of Hudson's Bay's new credit card, issued in conjunction with Neo Financial, are virtually identical. Listed below are the key distinctions between the two

HBC Mastercard


  • No yearly charges remain (yay! )
  • Up to 4 points for every $1 spent at Hudson's Bay
  • Everywhere else: 2 points for every $1 spent
  • Increase your earnings by taking advantage of the many opportunities presented to members only throughout the year.
  • Shop at Hudson's Bay and save 15% on your first order.

Don't forget that you can instantly redeem your Hudson's Bay Rewards points at any Hudson's Bay location or on com  

The Neo Financial Mastercard offers exclusive extras such as:

The new Neo Financial Mastercard comes with exclusive benefits, as detailed below.

  • With no overage charges
  • Points earned somewhere other than Hudson's Bay receive a 25% biannual bonus.
  • Apply for and manage your new Mastercard all in one convenient, individualized digital platform: the Neo Wallet app.
  • Early warning systems
  • With a few taps of the app, you can freeze or replace your card.
  • You can make instant, contactless purchases by linking your credit card with Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  • Enjoy free delivery at eBay now! for $45 worth of purchases [$29 for beauty purchases] at com

One of the best features of the new Neo Financial HBC credit card is the rewards program, which allows cardholders to earn cash back at certain stores that have formed partnerships with Neo Financial. Exactly who are these collaborators, you may wonder

  • Esso
  • Gas
  • Husky
  • Obviously (a web-based eyewear retailer).
  • Popeyes
  • Pharmacies that act as guardians
  • And more

The more widespread use of the Neo Mastercard is hoped to lead to acceptance at a larger selection of merchants, which is good news for those who have credit cards issued by HBC.  

Your HBC Capital One Mastercard points will never expire because they are associated with your HBC membership and not the card itself. Phew  

Present Capital One Mastercard holders had access to their cards until May 3, 2021.

Be aware that you will not receive a new Neo Financial card in the mail without your participation. To make a reservation and submit an application, visit their website. The good news is that this won't have any effect on your credit rating.  

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In other words, who is Neo Financial

Alberta's newest financial technology startup is called Neo Financial. Andrew Chau, co-founder and CEO of Neo Financial, is also responsible for the creation of the food delivery service Skip the Dishes. It's a digital bank, or neobank, which means it doesn't have any physical locations.

Fearing that a new startup will fail within a few years Please relax. ATB Financial, a financial institution and Crown corporation in Alberta, Canada, was founded in 1939, so even though Neo Financial is a relative newcomer, it has the backing of ATB Financial. With over $54 billion in assets, ATB Financial serves nearly 800,000.

Because Neo Financial doesn't have to pay rent or utility bills, they can offer better rewards and lower fees than traditional credit card companies. That's great news for you as a cardholder because it means you won't be subject to arbitrary fee assessments.  

If I stop making payments on my Capital One Hudson's Bay Mastercard, what will happen to it?

Points and all, your Capital One Mastercard can be moved to the new Neo Financial credit card. However, they do not automate the process for you.

The application process is solely online. It shouldn't take too long, and your new card will be mailed to you as soon as possible.  

In the spring of 2021, Neo Financial plans to begin sending out new cards. Which means the vast majority of HBC Capital One Mastercard holders in Canada have likely already applied for and received their replacement cards.

There's still time to get this done if you haven't already, so don't panic if you haven't. Plus, it's not a particularly unpleasant procedure. The entire process can be completed online, but if you have any questions you can always contact a customer service representative using the details provided up top.

When You Need To Log In To Neo Financial

If you have a Neo Financial Mastercard, you can access your account by clicking this link. Since Neo Financial is an online-only financial institution, there is nowhere to physically visit to conduct business with a bank teller.

All of your banking needs can be met by downloading their app or going to their website.  

Applying in person at any HBC location is also an option if you prefer to do so. They're eager to be of assistance to you.

You can use the Neo app to manage your new Mastercard with ease. With this app, you can do everything you could at a bank counter, from placing a hold on your card to replacing it to redeeming reward points to receiving proactive alerts and real-time notifications.

In a positive turn of events, this new HBC feature will particularly appeal to the younger, more tech-savvy generation. The traditional, yet fashionable, practices of Hudson's Bay Company have traditionally attracted a clientele of retirees.  

HBC is making a bold statement to the world by embracing digital banking and forming a partnership with a neobank in an effort to attract millennials and Gen Zers. Many new brands have been added to their selection, suggesting an effort to attract millennials and members of Generation X.

Have No Fear, the New Hudson's Bay Mastercard Has You Covered.

You now have everything you need to answer any questions you may have about your Hudson's Bay credit card from Capital One and Neo Financial in one convenient location. There is now absolutely no time for doubt or hesitation.  

In essence, HBC's rewards credit card still provides the same perks as it did before. If you frequently take advantage of HBC's amazing sales, you should apply for a Neo Financial Mastercard so you can continue to receive those incredible Bay discounts.  

If you're interested in learning more about mortgages, insurance, or credit cards, or if you'd like to do some comparison shopping, visit Insurdinary's website today to get a quote. Nothing bad will happen to you.

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