Real Estate Broker Training (current as of 2023)

A career in real estate can provide excellent financial rewards. As a result, it presents a diverse array of possibilities. You can help people buy and sell houses, farms, and commercial and industrial buildings if you're a real estate agent. Other related fields include property management, development, mortgage banking, city planning, and real estate appraisal.

However, getting licensed as a real estate agent does require some schooling. Real estate professionals in Ontario can enroll in the Real Estate Salesperson Program at Humber College Real Estate. It's a 3-part course that covers everything a prospective real estate agent needs to know.

First, you must complete the pre-registration phase to become a Realtor.

In order to become a realtor, one must first enroll in and successfully complete 5 courses offered by Humber Real Estate, as well as 2 weeklong simulation sessions and 4 exams. Real Estate Fundamentals, Residential Real Estate Transactions (twice), Commercial Real Estate Transactions, and Getting Started are the available courses. After finishing both Residential Real Estate Transactions courses, we will conduct the first simulation session. The meeting following the closing of a commercial real estate deal. Exam after exam throughout the first four courses must be passed with a minimum score of 75% before you can move on to the next course. Here you can find the instructions for doing that.

Time spent on this stage averages around 150 hours, give or take depending on how quickly you can take in and apply new knowledge.

The second step is to become a member of RECO (Real Estate Council of Ontario).

Finding a brokerage to work for is the next logical step after graduating from Humber Real Estate College. You need to be working for a brokerage in order to become a registered member of RECO. In addition, you have only a year after finishing the Pre-Registration Phase to complete your registration with RECO. Once you've signed up with RECO, you can begin real estate transactions. Congratulations! You've Made It as a Real Estate Agent.

Part 3: After You've Registered

When your initial two-year registration period with RECO is up, you'll need to have finished the Post-Registration Phase in order to renew your registration. The Real Estate Salesperson Program's final phase, known as the Post-Registration Phase, consists of two electives and the required Compliance course.

Do you find the thought of working as a real estate agent appealing? Getting some work experience as an assistant to a real estate agent is a great way to determine whether or not this is the profession for you. A real estate license is not required for every real estate worker. Many people working in the real estate industry aren't properly certified. Assisting real estate agents in their day-to-day operations are non-licensed assistants. You can get a feel for what it's like to be an agent by working as a non-licensed assistant.

How can a Real Estate Agent Draw Customers?

A sizable portion of a company's revenue is likely to come from first-time buyers.

Many of the clients you'll be dealing with as a new real estate agent will be first-time homebuyers. The reason for this is that first-time buyers typically have not yet established relationships with licensed Realtors because they have not yet entered the market.  

Having a group to work with right off the bat is a big help. It's best to start out by teaming up with a real estate agent who is more seasoned or highly regarded. These real estate agents have a regular source of leads, either from their current clientele or from cold calling, and they may be able to pass these leads along to you.

Whether you're operating in a buyers' or a sellers' market, it can take some time before you see any financial rewards for your efforts. Remember that the closing date on a real estate transaction, whether it's a purchase or sale, could be anywhere from 60 to 90 days away, and that you won't get paid until then.

Aware of market developments and available apps like HouseSigma is also recommended. Since modern buyers and sellers have more resources available than ever before, a realtor's role is evolving to accommodate this. COVID is a good example of how real estate technology is evolving. No longer were open houses a regular occurrence in the Guelph real estate market. Using these, many real estate agents were able to better communicate with their customers. The question is whether or not open houses are necessary given the current state of the real estate market. As many people seem to think we don't, it's crucial that Realtors find ways to set themselves apart from the competition.

Just how much does Ontario's real estate license cost?

Classes for Signing Up

As mentioned in Step 1 above, you must complete the aforementioned coursework in order to obtain a license. There are both upfront costs and additional charges for registering. Assuming you don't flunk any classes or need to take any tests over, the total cost is $4,160. There are other expenses, such as program fees, retakes, and credit card chargebacks, but they might not be relevant to your case.  

Distinguishing between a Real Estate Agent and a Real Estate Broker

These two terms are often used interchangeably or confused with one another. There is a distinction between a real estate agent and a broker.  

Representative in the Real Estate Industry

According to OREA's definition, a real estate agent (also known as a "salesperson") must work for a real estate brokerage in order to engage in the profession. Every business transaction must go through the brokerage where the agents are employed. Typically, the agent is employed by a real estate firm's "Broker of Record." Despite the fact that Beth and Ryan Waller are based in Guelph, they are licensed to sell property throughout the entirety of Ontario.

Broker of Real Estate

A broker in real estate is a specialist who has put in at least two years as a licensed agent. After that, in addition to the requirements for becoming a real estate agent, they have the option of completing further training (three courses). After finishing, they can call themselves a real estate agent.

When a real estate agent becomes a Broker, he or she has the option of continuing to work for the same brokerage in the same role. However, one can now become a broker and then open their own brokerage, complete with the ability to hire real estate agents. A real estate broker's license is the industry's pinnacle designation.  

There is little point in becoming a broker if you just want to be a real estate salesperson and have no plans to open your own firm. Unless, of course, you're interested in the information provided by broker training courses.

Guelph real estate agents and realtors Beth and Ryan Waller.

Exactly what does a Real Estate Agent do?

Despite their differences, realtor and real estate salesperson are often used interchangeably.

Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) members are known as "Realtors." Realtors must renew their membership each year and take continuing education courses in ethics.

Realtors have an obligation to their clients to treat them fairly and with honesty at all times.   Those who wish to market their services as real estate agents can do so by using the registered REALTOR® trademark, provided they have completed the required training and paid the associated membership fees.

Things a Real Estate novice needs to know

Real estate is essentially a mini-business, so you should manage it as such.

Buying and selling property is similar to starting an ice cream shop. Your long-term viability depends on your ability to turn a profit. Not doing this is the single biggest mistake most real estate agents make. As a result, they don't budget their money and instead live paycheque to paycheque. The advertising costs could be too high as a percentage of their total sales.  

Create a customer profile and a marketing strategy based on that information, and get to know your target market before you launch your business. If you get this part right, your business will thrive for the long haul. If you make a mistake, you'll set yourself up for failure.

It's not all about making a buck

It's not all about making a buck, so keep that in mind. A paycheck certainly is welcome. However, if you act dishonestly, that's a short-sighted strategy at best. Customers can be persuaded to buy a home by using pressure tactics. A customer will never contact you again if the sale didn't feel honest or ethical to them.  

It is necessary to advise clients to abandon a property at times. Clients will begin to value your advice once you have a firm grasp of the market. Although it could cost you a sale in the short run, being truthful will pay dividends in the long run.

You can't make it as a hobbyist.

That you should dress the part is a cliche for a reason. You probably wouldn't want to hire a realtor who shows up in shorts and sandals to your listing appointment. Where they want to earn your confidence and must prove their competence. Most likely not  

People looking to buy or sell a home want an agent who will advocate on their behalf. Why should they hire you if you are unprofessional in your approach, do not return calls, and are not familiar with the local real estate market?

For instance, in today's Guelph real estate market, sellers will assume you have a basic understanding of the market conditions if you're going on a listing appointment with them.

Since you are the expert in the field, you should be well-prepared to address their concerns and offer direction. Similarly, this is crucial for succeeding in competitive listing presentations. Listing presentations are won by the most well-prepared, well-organized salespeople, not the most aggressively sales-oriented ones.

Improve your customers' overall experience.

The housing market is completely saturated. It seems like everyone wants to get in on the action when the real estate market is hot. However, the facts remain: in Guelph, 83% of realtors sold no more than three homes in 2021. If you do the math, the vast majority of realtors in Guelph earn below the federal minimum.

What is your plan for success? Having satisfied customers is a result of providing them with value. Value is a subjective concept, with varying significance depending on context. Who your customers are and what they care about is information you must have. Value-added staging, arranging storage spaces, and cleaning out dumpsters are all examples of ways to enhance service. In addition, media such as real estate-related blogs and videos could serve as a source of market information.

You can't enter the field of real estate and expect clients to find you without any effort on your part. The key to success is hard work and earning the respect of customers.

You should also be well-versed in your local market. Agents in Toronto focus solely on the city's real estate. Real estate agents in Guelph focus solely on the local market. Even if a plumber has some electrical knowledge, would you trust them to wire your house?

Create lasting bonds with others.

Your clients' needs will extend far beyond the scope of the actual real estate transaction. Referrals for mortgage officers, attorneys, contractors, inspectors, and others are common.

Not waiting for customers to initiate contact is a bad idea; instead, you should actively seek out and cultivate these connections. As a Guelph realtor, we can inform our clients of the best mortgage rates currently available and arrange for a home inspection to be performed on short notice. Or send a picture of a wiring problem to an electrician via text and receive a response in a matter of minutes. In comparison to other real estate agents, you have a tremendous advantage thanks to these connections.  

Know the total cost of everything.

Real estate is glamorized on channels like HGTV, making it seem like a moneymaker with no downsides. That has nothing to do with the real world of real estate, which is a career with very high costs. It's possible to end up with a negative annual income if you're only able to sell two or three homes. The costs associated with hiring a broker, joining a local board of realtors, purchasing insurance, advertising, and running an office are all very real. Plus, this is all before the government even starts taxing you.

Prospective realtors would do well to incorporate all of these factors into their initial business plans. When you first start out, it's important to keep your expectations low. Keep an eye on what other real estate agents are saying, both inside and outside of your market. are engaged in However, you should exercise caution because following the lead of others is no guarantee of success.

Is it true that you're a brand-new real estate agent in need of some instruction?  

Call us In that case, let us coach you.

It's not easy to break into the real estate industry. Most new real estate agents rely heavily on their brokerage for support due to the high startup costs and uncertain income potential of the industry. Nothing wrong with that, but keep in mind that they're giving the same advice to every other agent in their brokerage.

Here's where the help of a coach comes in

Your marketing efforts, personal growth, and accountability can all benefit from weekly one-on-one coaching sessions.  

Ryan only takes on a select few clients for his coaching services. He has worked as a sales leader for some of the world's largest corporations for over 20 years, in a variety of capacities, including at advertising agencies and marketing departments.  

In 2018, he put his knowledge to use by becoming a full-time real estate agent. Ryan and his wife Beth have been in the real estate business for only four years, but they have already expanded their team by two members, placing them among the top five agents in a market with over 700 agents.

Coaching packages begin at 0 USD per month; please get in touch if you're interested. If after 12 months, you are not seeing a return on your monthly investment, we will refund 50% of your money.  

Learn More About the Real Estate Professionals Beth and Ryan

Beth and Ryan began assisting Jesse Giovinazzo, a future real estate agent, in 2021. Jesse has long pondered a career in real estate. Twenty-one found him working as a real estate agent in Guelph, where he had previously attended school.

Since then, Jesse has proven to be an invaluable team member, assisting numerous clients in acquiring their dream homes. Even after Beth and Ryan's licenses expire in 2023, Jesse will continue working with them as an agent.

The Guelph real estate agents Beth and Ryan Waller are happy to answer any questions you may have. This may have something to do with learning how to become a real estate agent or with the steps involved in purchasing or selling a home.  

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