Procedure for Submission of Application

To gain access to the Alberta Student Aid system, you must first have your identity verified.

Access to the Alberta Student Aid system requires proof of identity.

Visit Student Aid Verified Accounts to find out more.

Get in touch if you need assistance with account verification.

The Alberta Student Aid Service Centre can be contacted for more information.
Just dial 1-855-606-2096 and press 2.

Financial assistance for college is available in the form of student loans, grants, scholarships, and awards through the Federal Government's Office of Student Aid. Financial aid might not be enough to cover all of your college expenses.

To be considered for funding from both the Alberta and Canadian governments, you need only fill out a single application. The vast majority of students receive funding from both, so you may end up with two smaller loans instead of one large one. Discover the ins and outs of financial aid and recognition programs

You need to:

  • Don't wait to submit your application! Until you apply and receive an award letter, you won't know how much money you'll receive. Apply at least 60 days before the beginning of classes to give yourself time to secure funding.
  • Each year, submit an application Financial aid for students is available for a maximum of one year at a time. You'll have to reapply if you want to extend your time in school.
Interest on student loans does not accrue while a borrower is enrolled in an educational program. No payments are required during your time as a student, and interest won't start accruing until six months after you graduate.

Full-time and part-time students have different aid calculations. Furthermore, the application procedure for student aid varies

Student Aid does not have any say in whether or not you are considered full-time or part-time based on your course load; rather, your school does. Some universities and colleges allow full-time students to enroll in fewer than the required number of credits before they are dropped to part-time status.

Talk to an advisor if you are unsure of your status as a full- or part-time student.

Prepare the following before you sit down to fill out an application:

Everyone should pitch in. Extenuating Conditions
  • Information that identifies an individual, such as name, address, phone number, email address, date of birth, and gender
  • Insurance Card Number
  • Enrollment Count in Alberta
  • total income from last year (Itemized Deductions, Line 15000).
  • Who to call in case of an emergency
  • Include any relevant academic details you can, such as the duration of your program, when it begins and ends, and your student ID number (if you have one).
  • facts about your finances, such as the amount of money you can expect to receive from your parents or other sources, the value of any scholarships or grants you may be eligible for, and the amount by which your annual income is expected to decrease while you are a student.

In Line 15000, dependent students should list their parents' or guardians' names, family size, and the number of other family members enrolled in higher education.

Please include your spouse's or common-law partner's full name, date of birth, Social Insurance Number (SIN), Line 15000, and anticipated annual reduced income if you are a married or common-law student.

If you are a student who is responsible for supporting a child or children under the age of 12, please include the child's full name, date of birth, and the amount spent each month on child care.

If you are enrolled in more than one school or are participating in an exchange or field study, please list your primary institution, secondary institution, and the total cost of your airfare (if any).

If you are a disabled student, please submit copies of your medical letter, a learning disability assessment, or other documentation showing that you are receiving disability assistance (such as AISH), as well as an estimate of equipment costs and an assessment fee.

If you plan on applying for financial aid and attending school full-time, the Student Aid Worksheet Full-Time can help you get organized. The application procedure will be simplified as a result.

Suggestion That Could Be Useful Never give out your social security number or let anyone else apply for credit in your name.

To apply for financial aid, full-time students must first create a Student Aid account. You can check your inbox for important updates from Student Aid by logging in.

This account is discretionary for part-time students. In addition, you can expect to get mail with crucial information.

First, you'll need to create a basic account, and then you'll need to verify your identity with MyAlberta Digital ID by doing one of the following:

  1. a valid driver's license from Alberta, or
  2. a valid form of identification

This ID card is available from Alberta Registry services for Canadian citizens and permanent residents who do not have a driver's license.  

Those who already have an Alberta Student Aid account can easily upgrade to a verified one. To have your account verified, go to MyAlberta Digital ID, log in, and follow the instructions.  

Before you can verify your MyAlberta Digital ID account, you must make sure the address on your driver's license or identification card is accurate. Changing any of these items could set you back 90 days or more in the account verification process. Discover More About Revising Your Paperwork  

Full-time and part-time students go about submitting their financial aid applications in different ways:

  • If you are a full-time student, you can apply for financial aid through your Student Aid account online.
  • All prospective part-time students are required to download and complete the appropriate application form.

Contact Student Aid if you need assistance.

It's Safe to Apply Online

Never give out any of your personal information, including your Alberta Student Aid account's user ID or password, to anyone.  

Check out Confidentiality and Safety if you want to learn more.

Additional paperwork may be needed in the following situations:

Disabled student population

If a student has a documented disability, they can submit either of the following forms of medical documentation:

  • Long-Term Incapacity
    Any kind of incapacity, be it physiological, psychological, intellectual, cognitive, linguistic, communicative, or sensory. or a permanent or chronic functional limitation that prevents the individual from engaging in post-secondary education or gainful employment.
  • Long-Term or Persistent Impairment
    Physical, mental, intellectual, cognitive, learning, communication, or sensory impairments; or functional limitations that have persisted over time and make it difficult or impossible for an individual to engage in gainful employment or pursue postsecondary education. or has lasted for at least a year and is not expected to last the rest of the person's life

If this is your first time applying, you'll need to fill out a Schedule 4 form detailing your disability and the assistance you'll require.

Likewise, you'll need to provide proof of your health by way of medical records, such as

  • Disability Documentation Form
  • duplicates of a doctor's note
  • something like a test of comprehension
  • Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) or similar documentation proving receipt of federal or provincial disability assistance.

To submit these items, either upload them to your Student Aid account or send them directly to Student Aid. If you are not applying for a grant for disability-related equipment or assistive services, or if you are applying while taking fewer than the normal number of credits, you do not need to resubmit this information.

See the Schedule 4 form or consult a school disability advisor for further details.

Those seeking financial support for assistive technologies and services are expected to provide cost estimates prior to receiving any approval. Each additional funding request requires new estimates.

Coupled or cohabiting students

You need your partner's signature on a Consent and Declaration form if this is your first time applying for federal student aid.

After your application for student financial aid has been processed, you will receive this document in your account's inbox. Although an electronic submission through your Student Aid account is possible, a physical signature is still required.

Many different educational institutions at once

Concurrent enrolment is the process by which a student attends more than one educational institution at the same time. Applying for financial aid through the internet is currently not an option. A paper application including the following must be mailed in:

Trade or study abroad

You must provide the following information if you are applying to an exchange or field study program.

  • Concurrent Enrollment/Field Study Form, Schedule 3, Part 2 (Exchange/Field Study), and
  • an official acceptance letter from the host institution or a letter of confirmation from the home institution (stating the dates of enrollment and departure, as well as the total cost of tuition, mandatory fees, and textbooks).

A Canadian student who is studying abroad

It's possible that submitting a Power of Attorney form for Alberta will be necessary if you're attending school outside of Canada. By appointing a Power of Attorney, you give another person the legal authority to make decisions on your behalf concerning your financial aid.

Legal forms are acceptable.

Flight school

You might be qualified for full-time financial aid if you are enrolled in a Commercial Aviation Training program or a Fixed Wing Training program. Commercial Pilot Certificate Application Form

Check out the Applications and Forms page for the aforementioned paperwork.

Student Aid will take a few days to process your application if there are no problems. Responding quickly to most job seekers Nonetheless, there are cases where the process takes up to 45 days.

Any of the following may show up in your Student Aid inbox:

  • A grant or loan award letter detailing the amount you stand to receive,
  • It's either a request for more details that weren't included in your original application, or
  • A letter of rejection

Requesting a review of your account is possible if you think you are entitled to more money or do not understand the reasoning behind your rejection.

To get the funds transferred to you:

  • The final step in completing your loan agreement(s) is your responsibility.
  • You need verification from your school that you're enrolled in the course you claimed to be in when you applied.

Please refer to your award letter for further details.

Find out what steps to take next after receiving student loan approval.

One week prior to the start of classes is the earliest that you can receive your funds. Financial aid will pay your school directly for tuition and required fees, and then deposit any remaining funds into the bank account you designate.

You might not receive the remaining funds in one lump sum. It could also be staggered throughout the year. Disbursement information can be found in the award letter or in the Student Aid Report.

We'll send you a check in the mail if you qualify for the Alberta Part-Time Grant.

Disability-related needs of students

Help with funding for adaptive technology and therapy services

Student Aid will provide you with details about the amount and intent of any grants you receive for disability-related assistive services and equipment.

Before the end of your current academic year, you must submit receipts for the adaptive services and tools you have purchased. To keep track of your money, fill out a "Reconciliation Worksheet."

Refunds should be sent back to Student Aid.

Payment for an Educational Evaluation

If a Learning Assessment determines that you have a learning disability, the Canada Student Grants program will pay for its entirety (up to a maximum of $3,500 per loan year). If a student's psychoeducational assessment rules out a learning disability but rules in some other permanent disability or persistent or prolonged disability, that student is also eligible for reimbursement.

You will be reimbursed by Student Aid after you have already paid for the assessment. No sooner than six months before the start of your studies is the evaluation to be taken.

Student Aid requires that you submit your receipt.

Leaving Canada for School

In the event that you are studying outside of Canada, Student Aid will not be able to transfer funds to a bank account outside of Canada. A Canadian bank account that you hold individually or jointly with another person is required.

Your funds will be held in escrow until the start of your program. Until your school verifies your enrollment and you begin classes, your student aid will not pay for your tuition or textbooks.

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