Preparation instructions for psilocybin mushroom tea

If you're looking for a new way to enjoy your go-to cannabis strains, you've probably already tried one of our weed tea recipes. As psychedelics continue to gain popularity and decriminalization at the state and local levels, shroom tea has entered the market.  

It's hard to beat a cup of shroom tea to relax with or to take you on a vivid adventure if you have access to psilocybin mushrooms from a reliable source.

The definitive instruction manual for brewing your own psilocybin tea

In 2022, the medicinal potential of psychedelics was recognized by a growing number of governments, and as a result, a wide range of psychedelics, including mushrooms, were decriminalized in Oregon, Oakland, and San Francisco. It's as if mushrooms just appeared out of nowhere; 2012 was dubbed by some as the "summer of shrooms" as a result of the widespread acceptance of psychedelic, community-based events during the year.  

However, mushrooms and mushroom tea have been used for thousands of years as a panacea, a recreational drug, and a spiritual aid. Mushrooms have been a part of human culture for far longer than we could have ever guessed, appearing in art as far back as 10,000 years ago in caves in Africa.  


How my experience with amanita muscaria, also known as the "delta-8 of mushrooms," went

We can learn a lot from mushrooms, especially in light of their increasing availability and the growing consensus that we, as a society, need to reevaluate some of our assumptions. And shroom tea is one of the most simple and effective ways to interact with them.

Psilocybin tea: how to brew it

Making shroom tea at home is a fun way to elevate tea time without worrying about anyone finding your stash, provided you have access to high-quality, whole shrooms. If you want to make these dishes, you'll need to find another use for your mushroom candies and gummies.

Inquire about the psilocybin content and other magical properties of the mushroom species you intend to consume or brew before doing so. What you need to know to cure your sadness with tea


Your mushroom tea serving size should reflect the strength you prefer and the number of times you plan to brew the same tea. There should be 2 cups of water and an eighth of mushrooms. To reduce the dose per cup, add an extra cup of water.

The mushroom selection is extensive. Penis Envy, Flying Saucers, and Liberty Caps are just a few of the most powerful varieties.

Tools necessitated

  • A strainer or filter for coffee
  • In a saucepan, pot, or kettle
  • Honest meat mincer
  • The teapot is a required accessory.

The necessary components

Once you have the shrooms on hand, making shroom tea is easy. Your favorite tea is welcome here. Since caffeine can dampen the effects of psilocybin, decaffeinated teas are your best bet.  

  • Choose 3.5 grams of mushrooms and eat them.
  • Two to three bags of caffeine-free tea or herbal tea (caffeine could affect your travels).
  • Sweeteners, medicinal plants, and other tisane accouterments
  • two cups of water

A rough time estimate

Creating a cup of mushroom tea, from start to finish, shouldn't take more than 20 minutes. We and other authorities advise a steeping time of 10–15 minutes, so that’s the bulk of your time.  

(Successo-images / Adobe Stock)

When using shrooms for tea, it is best to grind them up to release their full medicinal potential and make them easier to pack into a bowl or paper for smoking.  

Second, bring water to a boil.

Reserve the ground mushrooms and start your water on the stove. You can either bring the water to a boil directly in the pan or kettle and pour it in.

If you don't have a teapot, you can steep the tea bags and mushrooms in a saucepan with the heat turned off for 10 to 15 minutes. It is also possible to place the mushrooms and tea bags in a large bowl and pour the hot water over them.  

Four, separate the tea leaves.

After steeping for about 15 minutes, strain your shroom tea mixture into a teapot using a sieve or coffee filters to remove any remaining mushroom bits.   

Add any desired garnishes in Step 5, and savor!

Honey, ginger, or any other tea flavorings can be added at this point.  

Sixth, put your tea away to be enjoyed later.

If you don't plan on drinking all of your mushroom tea at once, you can keep the compounds fresh by storing it in the fridge in a glass container. For optimal results, use within a week or two.

To get the full benefits of the psilocybin in your mushrooms, it is essential to steep your tea for the recommended amount of time. Give it at least 10 minutes to steep for maximum effect.

When it comes to health, what are psilocybin tea's advantages?

If you want more control and a more authentic mushroom experience, try making some shroom tea instead of eating whole mushrooms or mushroom-flavored candy or gummies. It's important to note that unlike some food products, shroom tea does not contain any sugar, allergens, or varying doses.


Here are eleven gift ideas for mycophiles.

In liquid form, its effects can be felt more quickly than when ingested, and anecdotal evidence suggests that brewing shroom tea significantly mitigates the onset nausea that is commonly associated with their consumption. For those who don't want to be "high" for hours, the metabolization rate of shroom tea is typically higher.

  • Felt fine; no nausea or vomiting Having your stomach cramp up after eating raw mushrooms is a common negative reaction. After all, one needs only slightly poison themselves with fungus to experience the psychedelic effects of mushrooms, and this can wreak havoc on the digestive system.
  • Accelerated onset People's reactions to mushrooms vary widely, even when they've all taken the same dose at the same time. But because tea is ingested in liquid form, it is absorbed more quickly by the absorbent tissue of the intestines, resulting in a significantly reduced onset time.
  • Greater precision in dosing With only 1 gram of shrooms, you can experience the milder effects of the drug without the intense visuals. This includes heightened color perception, a heightened sense of humor, and an overall positive outlook on life. There is a greater range of dosing options with tea, from a single, extremely potent shot to a large mug to be sipped slowly throughout the day.   
  • Discretion The setting has a significant impact on the mushroom trip, and taking them in the great outdoors can prompt profound introspection. However, depending on where you live, taking mushrooms outside of your home can be extremely dangerous. For example, if you prepare a pot or thermos of shroom tea at home before going to the park, you won't have to worry about leaving any traces of it on your person, and you can drink your tea wherever you like. Don't let it get too chilly, okay?  
  • Adapts well to special diets For the sake of consumer comfort, anonymity, and straightforward dosing instructions, many mushroom sellers now sell their wares in the form of chocolate bars or gummies. However, not everyone can enjoy sweets like chocolate or gummies made from gelatin.

The effects of psilocybin tea, if any

Image by Eskimaks/Adobe Stock.

The strength and type of mushrooms used in a psilocybin tea determine its effects. Consuming shroom tea is equivalent to consuming shrooms due to its beneficial effects.

  • Joy and awe are amplified. Most mushroom users seek a positive emotional experience and the access that psychedelics provide to otherwise inaccessible regions of the brain. Besides distorting our vision, shrooms allow us to gain insight into our own personalities, the meaning of life, and the funny side of life.
  • Assistance for emotional and behavioral health issues According to recent research, magic mushrooms can be used to treat depression and anxiety. (See: a href="MY_REDIRECT_PREFIX" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">span>can magic mushrooms help with AI  
  • An increase in activity in the visual cortex There's nothing wrong with taking mushrooms for a good old psychedelic head trip. Mushrooms are entertaining, and you don't need a doctor's note or a self-diagnosis to use them.
  • Treatment of cancer may have hope Studies on animals suggest that cancer patients who take magic mushrooms for their ability to reduce stress and depression may also benefit from this substance. In addition to the physical toll, cancer treatment can take an emotional toll on patients. It's possible that those who take mushrooms will be better able to accept and fight their diagnoses.

Comparatively, the effects of shroom tea tend to set in much more quickly than those of eating mushrooms either whole or as an ingredient in another food like chocolate or gummies. Expect the effects of shroom tea to kick in within 30 minutes at the earliest because the psilocybin is infused to the water and is absorbed much more quickly and uniformly than when eaten whole.  

It may be affected by metabolic and environmental factors. If you want to avoid a bad trip in which you feel out of control, you should wait at least an hour after drinking your shroom tea before taking any more.  

When preparing psilocybin mushroom tea, how much should be taken?

Once you know how potent your mushrooms are, dosing psilocybin tea is a breeze. Some mushroom species may only need a gram for an intense trip, while others may need a higher amount to achieve the desired effect due to their lower or higher concentrations of various psychedelic compounds.

If you're not sure what to expect from your mushroom supplier, you should always check with them first. Always start with a low dose until you figure out how much mushroom gives you the desired effect if you don't know what kind you have.  

To adjust the strength of your tea, use the same guidelines that are provided in Leafly's mushroom dosing guide. In order to reduce the strength of the tea, you can adjust the amount of water used. Using only 1 gram of mushrooms and 8 ounces of water yields a much more potent cup of shroom tea than using 24 ounces and ingesting roughly zero milligrams of mushrooms. Only 3 grams, instead

Dosage Forms Dose Incidence duration Optimal for low 5g to 1g 1-4 hours People who are just starting out or who are only using tiny amounts medium 1.5g to 3g 1-4 hours Individuals with prior purchasing experience high 3g and up 2-6 hours Customers with a lot of prior experience

How long can you keep mushroom tea in the fridge?

Mushrooms and mushroom tea have an unclear shelf life. To get the most out of your mushroom tea, it's best to treat it like any other beverage you might buy at the store. It's best to refrigerate it after brewing and drink it within a week or two.

Tea's shelf life is drastically reduced due to its liquid content, while properly stored dried mushrooms can last for months. We can't promise it will last as long as some customers say it will.

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