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I'll be discussing my experience with Poshmark, an online marketplace for fashion, today.

When August came to a close, I put my wares on the market. Items I've sold have all come from my own closet or been passed down through the generations in my family. Items are either gently used or never used. Some of the merchandise still has or had tags attached. Post an ad for it if the item still works and is in good condition. Poshmark is a free service. I've had a lot of success selling things from Forever 21 that I initially didn't think would sell. It's wonderful to pass along gently used garments to a new owner who will put them to good use. Why not make some money, especially if you were going to donate them anyway?

Since I'm based in Canada, I can't take advantage of UPS's free shipping boxes offer. In addition, Poshmark requires a $12 purchase fee from each buyer. The cost of insured shipping will be total. My mother has been saving all the boxes from my online shopping, so I haven't had to buy any.

Try hitting up your loved ones to see if they have any unwanted clothing or boxes you could use. If you do approach others for clothing to sell, agree on a method of dividing the proceeds beforehand. First, you should reach a compromise on the split (whether it's 50/50, 70/30, or 100/0).

If you're a seller on Poshmark, you know that even if you make $25 from a sale, you won't keep the full amount after paying taxes and the site's commission. If you haven't discounted shipping for the buyer, you'll make just over $19. Poshmark charges a flat $3 fee for any purchase under $20. 95 They take a 20% cut of any sale over $20. You will lose even more money if you reduce the cost of shipping for the buyer.

You, the vendor, should:

  • Prepare for shipping by stocking up on sturdy containers, polymailers, packing tape, tissue paper, scotch tape, bubble wrap, and air pillows to cushion fragile items.
  • Do not be shy about sharing your own listings
  • Daily, share the listings of others and follow new people.
  • Include fresh postings at least once a week Don't throw in all the kitchen sink at once if you're just getting started. Incorporate them slowly.
  • Relist an item if no one shows interest in it after you've had it for sale for a while with no success. Perhaps you could be more descriptive, or you could lower the price a little.

With regards to your listings:

  • Always double-check your clothing and note any flaws in the description. If you tell the truth, you'll have fewer complaints. It's not your fault if someone complains even though you clearly stated their issue in the description.
  • Get rid of wrinkles by steaming your clothes (this is optional but will make you look better) (It's a gesture of concern.)
  • In order to properly see colors, you should either use natural light or lighting that is neither too cool nor too warm.
  • Use the store's own images and description text if they are still available, and use your best writing skills to sell the item.
  • Price your items a bit higher than you anticipate them selling for. Don't forget about the Poshmark charges, either. You'd have to ask $25 or more for an item and then lower the price to $20 if you wanted to sell it.  
  • It's the buyer's responsibility to fork over $12. Price of $.99 Let's pretend you have a tag-intact pair of jeans. They cost you $100, right? Don't count on making that money back for two reasons: 1) the Poshmark listing fee requires you to list the items for more than $100, and 2) the buyer isn't going to pay $100 plus $12. Additionally, for shipping is required. In particular, if you can find these jeans in stores.


  • Keep an iron or steamer in your home.
  • Dryer sheets give my clothes a nice, clean scent while they're in storage.
  • Invest in a fabric sander. Not only are these useful if you are in the clothing business, but they are also They have the power to revitalize worn-out sweaters. Clothes may not always look brand new, but they will last longer and be less likely to fade. You can find cheaper ones on Amazon, but I highly recommend the Wonder Lint from House of Wonderful. It makes me think of a baking hand mixer. Although it is not quite as large as the first fabric defuzzer I purchased (which cost only $10), it is still larger. The $10 version is effective as well, but the Wonder Lint model is larger than standard battery-operated lint rollers, making it ideal for cleaning larger areas.

You've just made a sale, so congrats!

  • Make sure everything is well protected by wrapping it in tissue paper and, if necessary, brown paper or bubble wrap.
  • Include a short thank-you note to the purchaser. Thank you notes need not be formal. You can use homemade cards or even blank index cards to express gratitude to the customer for purchasing from your wardrobe.

My wardrobe is currently on hold while I'm away. Since I first started selling, I've averaged about five transactions per month. Going to the post office for something that isn't urgent wouldn't be socially isolating. I opted to do this, but I know that many others (especially full-time sellers) will keep at it because it's their primary source of income. I temporarily halted my closet organization for a number of reasons:

Even though I'm not actively selling on Poshmark right now, that doesn't mean I don't visit the site frequently. I still follow people and try to spread the word about other closets' listings. There's no better time than now to keep taking photos of products and creating detailed listings. It's a perfect opportunity to review past ads and update their photos if necessary.

A few of you may have inquiries concerning Canadian taxation of personal income. As I am not a specialist in this area, I recommend seeking the advice of a competent expert. To avoid giving anyone false information

You can sign up for Poshmark using my invite code JENC26 and get $15 CAD off your first purchase. Once you've made the purchase, I'll get a $15 credit to use toward a future purchase.

Visit my closet on Poshmark!

Visit my Poshmark closet by following my Instagram!

Feel free to send me a direct message on Instagram or fill out the contact form if you have any questions.




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