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Pierre Poilievre, an MP, is elected by his fellow Conservatives as their new leader.

Obtaining 68.15 percent of the vote on the first ballot, Ontario MPP Poilievre easily won the election and is now in a strong position to lead the…

Pierre Poilievre, an Ontario MP, was elected as the new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

It wasn't much of a race in the end. With a staggering 68, Poilievre easily took first place. Fifteen percent of the vote in the first round, a decisive victory that puts the right-wing and populist politician in charge of a unified party heading into the next general election.

Poilievre was so successful that he almost managed to win every single seat in the country.

Poilievre's main opponent, former Quebec premier Jean Charest, was able to defeat him in only eight out of Canada's 338 electoral districts.

Aside from his six Quebec victories, Charest also took home Ontario's Ottawa-Centre and Toronto's University-Rosedale.

There was some viciousness during the campaign. Poilievre and Charest, a more moderate Tory, fought tooth and nail for control of the party and the presidency.

Poilievre claimed that Charest was a Liberal in disguise, while Charest portrayed his rival as a radical who enlisted the help of criminals connected to the Freedom Convoy.

Pierre Poilievre, a candidate for the Conservative leadership, walks past Jean Charest as Charest takes his seat on stage for a debate at the Canada Strong and Free Network conference in Ottawa on May 5, 2022. Canadian Press/Adrian Wyld.

Nonetheless, tonight party members made it clear who they believe is best suited to lead the party into the next election. Only sixteen points were given to Charest. Only 7.05 percentage points were cast as preferences in this election.

Poilievre, addressing a crowd of hundreds of Conservatives who had gathered to watch their candidate be crowned, attempted to mend those fences.

The lawmaker expressed gratitude to Charest for his efforts to prevent a "yes" vote in Quebec's referendum in 1995.

The Canadian people will be eternally grateful to you for making Canada your project, as stated by Poilievre.

Among Poilievre's other challengers, Conservative MP Leslyn Lewis received only 9 votes. Lewis was the only social conservative candidate. 69% of the total possible points

Former Ontario MPP and outspoken opponent of COVID restrictions Roman Baber was suspended for 5 Scott Aitchison, a member of parliament and a former mayor in Ontario's cottage country, received 0.3% of the vote.

Poilievre has been in charge of this administration since day one. Sixty-two members of parliament and seven members of the Conservative Senate caucus backed his bid, and he brought in over six million dollars in campaign contributions. 7 million On the other hand, only 16 MPs supported Charest and he only raised $2 7 million

Andrew Scheer, the current Conservative Party leader, claims that Pierre Poilievre recruited many new members.

The former Conservative Party leader backs Pierre Poilievre as the new leader, praising his ability to reach more Canadians with the party's message.

Poilievre's controversial approach to politics in Canada has caused a major shakeup. He has threatened to remove the governor of the Bank of Canada, a traditionally non-partisan position, for allegedly failing to control inflation.

Poilievre has spoken out forcefully against the federal government's vaccination mandate for public servants and international travelers due to the concerns that they pose for the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

He has also promoted his image as a fighter for the working class, blue collar people, and against the privileged and liberals.

In the course of his campaign for prime minister, Poilievre was highly critical of the World Economic Forum, going so far as to say that he would forbid his cabinet ministers from attending the annual summit in Davos, Switzerland if he were to become prime minister. However, he failed to mention it in his address.

Extreme conspiracy theories have revolved around the World Economic Forum (WEF), with some claiming that an elite cabal is plotting to take control of Western countries like Canada.

Poilievre says he will restore Canadians' power.

During his speech on Saturday, Poilievre emphasized the importance he places on the economy.

"People today feel as if they have no power over their financial and personal lives." Tonight, as Poilievre put it, "we take the first step toward replacing a government that costs you more and delivers you less with a government that puts you first."

The Amount of Your Paycheck When You Retire Your home I mean, your nation and all We'll take back control of your life and finances from the Liberals by stopping inflation in its tracks. "

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's nearly seven-year-old government has been beset by problems in recent months, including ongoing airport chaos and passport processing delays, and the new leader of His Majesty's Loyal Opposition will take the helm of a party eager to unseat him. High inflation and a clogged immigration system

Recent federal polling suggests the Liberals and Conservatives are still in a statistical dead heat despite these obstacles.

To make matters worse for the new Tory leader, the confidence and supply agreement Trudeau signed with NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh earlier this year could ensure the Liberals remain in power until the scheduled 2025 campaign.

Trudeau sent a tweet of congratulations to Poilievre after his victory.

I'd like to congratulate @PierrePoilievre on being elected tonight as the new leader of the Conservative Party. Parliamentarians have a responsibility to collaborate for the benefit of the public. To put it simply, Canadians deserve and expect nothing less.


The "Freest Country"

Poilievre ran on a thin platform, but his pledge to make Canada the "freest country on earth" was a major rallying cry. "

Conservatives will win the next election, Poilievre predicted, because Canadians are sick of the Liberal government's condescending attitude.

They could get by just fine without a central authority. What is required is an autonomous passport agency under the control of the government. The people of this country need a leader who will listen to their concerns and give them reason to believe that they will soon be able to afford basic necessities like housing, utilities, food, and retirement. He declared, "I will be that prime minister.

He promises to get rid of government "gatekeepers," his term for the bureaucrats who, in his view, only serve to complicate people's lives.

Indeed The crowd went wild when he promised to get rid of vaccine mandates across the board and end the federal government's "diastrous" ArriveCAN app for proving that you've had a COVID-19 vaccination before entering the country on Saturday.

PLAY | Poilievre's Whole Address

Pierre Poilievre, the new leader of Canada's Conservative Party, made it clear in his victory speech on Saturday that the economy will be his top priority.

When Poilievre was first elected to the House of Commons in 2004, he was among the youngest members of the legislature. His electoral district is Carleton, which is located in the Ottawa area.

As one of the party's most prominent lawmakers and productive lawmakers, he entered the leadership race with the support of many of the party's core supporters.

When the Conservatives won a majority in the House of Representatives in 2006, the lawmaker's star began to rise.

He became Harper's parliamentary secretary in 2008 after being appointed by Harper. Through his work in that capacity, the young Poilievre gained a reputation as an attack dog, with a style that was criticized for being too aggressive and, at times, immature.

Poilievre was tasked with leading the charge for democratic reform in 2013 and was subsequently appointed to the position. He briefly held the position of employment minister in the dying days of that government in 2015 before the Liberals took over.

The Poilievres have two young children. Since their 2017 wedding, he and his wife Anaida have both been working as political aides on Parliament Hill.

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