Ontario's Custom Home Construction Costs in 2023

Below is an estimate of the cost of building a home in Ontario and the aforementioned regions, including Midland, Penetanguishene, Collingwood, Blue Mountain, and the Muskoka cottage country. Beautiful craftsman-style houses can be found all over Ontario. Professional architects, interior designers, and custom home builders can create the home of your dreams and provide insight into worthwhile enhancements that will improve your quality of life. Extra features and trims, large rooms, stunning facades and curb appeal, and a few "must have" additions are common in custom and craftsman-style homes. The future of your family can be factored into the design of a custom home alongside cost-effectiveness and efficiency. In this article, we'll examine the process of building a custom home in Ontario, as well as some of the associated costs.

Proceed To The Price Breakdown

Calculating the Price of a Custom Ontario Home

The Value Of The Property

This is the current major event. There is not a single region in Ontario that has not seen a dramatic increase in land value over the past few years. The real estate market shifts have resulted in a population boom around Georgian Bay and its immediate environs.

There may or may not be a preexisting structure on the lot you're interested in. That means that in addition to the price of the house, you'll also have to pay for the land on which to build. To begin construction on your custom home, you'll need to demolish the existing structure, which will add to the total price.

Your Dream Home's Ideal Spot

Additionally, this is an important consideration. As was previously mentioned, land price is an overall Specific to location Everything is relative in the end. The cost to construct a custom home on a ravine lot in downtown Toronto is significantly higher than the cost to construct the same home on a comparable lot in Penetanguishene, Midland, or many other locations in Ontario. There will be more expensive and cheaper building lots even within the same neighborhood. In Ontario, the price of a plot of land on which to construct a building is proportional to its desirability in terms of proximity to desirable amenities, services, transportation routes, and bodies of water.

Planning And Building

If you want a custom home with all the bells and whistles, it's probably best to hire an architect or construction company to help you out. You can count on them to provide the necessary expertise, as well as knowledge of current residential design trends and styles. They can also help with acquiring the necessary legal paperwork and permits to construct your chosen structure on the land you've chosen, including arranging for building code inspections.

Finances administrative

Taxes, fees, and inspection expenses These should be taken into account from the start, so that there are no surprises later on. A good custom home builder will assist you in confirming all the requirements for building a house with the local municipality.

Dimensions (in square feet) and Stories

It's simple math that the more square footage you need to cover, the higher your total cost will be. There are two main components that determine the true cost of construction:

More of each will be needed if the building is larger.

Fabrics and Construction

The final price of a custom house will depend greatly on these two variables. The cost of construction will increase proportionally with the degree to which the plans are tailored to the specifics of the client's needs. Let's say for the sake of argument that you are visualizing a multi-story house complete with an elevator. The price tag for this addition will be significantly higher than that of standard staircase construction.

Aesthetic considerations can also lead to a higher final cost. Numerous rounded wall, stair, window, etc. details are just a few examples. can be much more expensive to make than their squared-off equivalents in terms of both materials and labor. Heated flooring, for example, is an expensive upgrade both initially and over time.

The price of a custom home can be affected by the number of high-end additions made to rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. Think about the cost of the granite or marble countertops, the pricier light fixtures, the different kinds of wood used in the cabinets and the appliances.

An Overview of the Per-Square-Foot Price of a Custom House

Statistics show that there is a large gap between the square foot cost of a typical production home and a custom-built home with upgrades and customizations in the Georgian Bay and surrounding area. Construction costs for a home of 2,000 square feet range from about $150 to $250 per square foot. The going rate for a luxury home of comparable size is between $350 and $400 per square foot. The price of your luxury dream home could increase by a factor of two depending on the number of additions and customizations you order. To a large extent, depending on the complexity of the upgrades, the additional cost will be on the material side, as the labor component is probably going to be roughly the same.

Custom Home Building Cost In Ontario for 2000 sq ft home.

The following is an example based in central Ontario; the range should still hold true in other regions of Ontario, though the price per square foot may increase due to transportation (distance) and access issues on more remote properties.

Let's take a closer look at the parts and pieces that make up the construction of a custom house. This way, you can see exactly what you're getting for your dream castle's $400-plus per square foot.

The Basics of Home Construction: How to Make Your Dream House a Reality

The basic steps and materials for building a house in the Georgian Bay area and its environs are the same no matter what kind of custom additions you have in mind for your dream home. The process of creating your dream home is broken down below.

Submission of Forms and Obtaining Necessary Authorizations

Permit fees are generally the same regardless of the type of house being built, with the exception of extreme circumstances. Some municipalities may have different requirements and fees than others. Zoning, grading, a septic system (if not municipally serviced), building permits, plumbing permits, and electrical permits are just some of the many necessary approvals for a new home.

Construction Site Excavation and Grading

Again, this will be fairly standard in terms of cost, with the obvious exception being the footprint size of the building, which will necessitate more extensive digging and leveling and thus a higher overall cost.

Laying the Groundwork

The time has come to start digging and leveling. The home's footprint is created by excavating a basement, erecting foundation forms, and constructing footings, which anchor the building to the ground. The plumbing and electrical systems are constructed in accordance with the blueprints and specifications.  

An inspection will be performed after the foundation and footings are finished to make sure they were installed correctly and are up to code.

The Building's Skeleton

Your future dream house's skeleton is now ready to be built. The floor, walls, and roof framing are all part of this. It is common practice to install a house-wrap barrier after the exterior walls and roof decking (typically plywood or oriented strand board, OSB) have been finished. This serves to prevent moisture from seeping into the freshly installed materials.

Siding, exterior doors, windows, and the roof can be installed after the framing is done. Waterproofing the building at this stage allows for the next phase of construction to begin inside.

Services for HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical Installation

All the new home's mechanical features are installed at this point. Following the blueprints and specifications, all the plumbing and electrical lines are installed. Components for climate control are set up. Some examples are:

  • Drains
  • Sewers
  • All taps, sinks, toilets, showers, and tubs must be plumbed for hot and cold water, as well as the incoming water line.
  • Plumbing and ductwork for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

After this step is complete, there are three more inspections and approvals necessary for the framing, plumbing, and electrical HVAC installations. The finishing touches on the inside can be added after all permits are approved.


Given the weather patterns in our region, this is a crucial first step. Insulation is crucial for combating temperature extremes (both hot and cold) and making indoor environments as pleasant as possible while minimizing energy consumption. Your brand-new, perfect-home's wall and roof insulation options can include:

  • Plaster of Paris panels
  • Foam should be sprayed to the specified depth.
  • Mineral wool foam
  • Fiberglass
  • Cellulose
  • Panels of varying insulation

Insulation types and R-values are typically determined in advance as part of the project's plans, drawings, and specifications.

Accessories and Drywall for the Interior

At this stage, the house's framework is concealed and individual rooms begin to take form. This includes the installation of drywall, tape, and texture used for decorative purposes on walls, ceilings, and trim. After the drywall is up, a base coat of paint is put on as a primer before the walls are painted in their final, custom colors.

Concurrently, any exterior work that needs doing, such as brick, stucco, or stonework, can be finished.

Moldings Inside

The home can now be given its final, finished appearance. Your dream for your home's interior will come to life as you put in place:

  • Baseboards
  • Door trim
  • Mouldings
  • Closet entrances
  • Banisters and handrails
  • Window ledges
  • Cabinets
  • Vanities
  • Fireplace mantelpieces
  • Any Decorative Molding Else

Next, the final paint coats and/or wallpaper will be applied over the primer.

Pathways, Pavers, and Patios

These are typically put in place during the final stages of interior construction. The installation of driveways is often delayed until this stage to protect the gravel pre-surfacing from being damaged by construction equipment and vehicles. Driveways are sometimes poured and completed before the rest of the house is finished.

Installation of New Surfaces (Flooring, Countertops)

Kitchen countertops and backsplashes made of stone materials like ceramic, porcelain, granite, or marble are examples. Broadloom carpet, hardwood floors, and vinyl flooring are alternative options.

At this point, once the driveways, walkways, and patios have all been installed, the exterior will undergo its final grading.

Fixtures and Mechanical Accents in the Bathroom

The house is nearly move-in ready. At this point, everything from electrical outlets and switches to light fixtures, electrical panels, and HVAC units has been set up. Mirrors and shower doors, as well as fixtures like sinks and toilets, are set up in the bathroom and kitchen.

Grounds Maintenance

Now that the grading is done and water is being directed away from the house, the exterior landscaping can be finished. Grass (sod), shrubs, trees, and other landscape elements are all considered landscaping.

A final inspection must be performed before a home can be declared habitable, and it must verify that all required components were installed correctly. A building official conducts this inspection, and any problems found there must be fixed before the project can be officially approved and signed off on.

The Breakdown of Expenses During the Construction of Your Custom House

The following is a very rough estimate of the proportions of the total construction cost devoted to the various parts and phases:

  • Approximately 40-45 percent of the total cost should be allocated to the following phases of construction: excavation, foundation, footings, framing, rough exterior, finish exterior, roof (including soffit, fascia, eaves).
  • Framed openings - 10-15%
  • Rough and final electrical, plumbing, and HVAC can account for 10-15% of a project's total cost.
  • Construction materials (15-20%)
  • 10% discount on flooring
  • Cabinets, countertops, and other interior fixtures: 10%
  • Railings and decking: 5%

As you can see, whether you're building a custom-designed mansion or a simple craftsman bungalow, the vast majority of your construction budget will go toward the same basic materials and labor. Specifically, there could be differences in:

  • Increasing R-values and energy efficiency through better insulation.
  • The price of roofing can be multiplied by three when switching from asphalt shingles to metal.
  • Lighting, interior doors, extensive use of woods over prefabricated materials, etc., all have the potential to more than double or even triple in price as upgrades are made.
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), electrical, and other

The steps involved in constructing a 2,000 square foot house in Ontario, Canada

In Ontario, the cost of constructing a custom home of 2,000 square feet can range from $400,000 to over $1 million. Custom home builders in Georgian Bay can provide you with a comprehensive, no-obligation estimate based on the specifics of your desired design and build. Get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Formation Phase % of build Low range High range 1) Excavation 4 $18,400 00 $32,000 00 2) Foundations / footings 4 $18,400 00 $32,000 00 3) Framing 17 ,200 00 $136,000 00 4) Overlay of Roofing 6 $27,600 00 $48,000 00 5) Entryways and Vents 9 $41,400 00 ,000 00 6) Eaves, Soffit, and Fascia 3 $13,800 00 $24,000 00 7) A rough electrical system 3 $13,800 00 $24,000 00 8) A Plumbing Rough-In 3 $13,800 00 $24,000 00 9) Intensely Heats Up 4 $18,400 00 $32,000 00 10) Subterranean Level 2 ,200 00 $16,000 00 11) Vapor retarder/insulation 5 $23,000 00 $40,000 00 12) Towels and blankets 2 ,200 00 $16,000 00 13) Drywall 5 $23,000 00 $40,000 00 14) Fill in / prime 4 $18,400 00 $32,000 00 15) Household Door and Moulding Trim 3 $13,800 00 $24,000 00 16) Flooring 7 $32,200 00 $56,000 00 17) Drawers and shelves 4 $18,400 00 $32,000 00 18) Close out the wires 2 ,200 00 $16,000 00 19) Repair plumbing 2 ,200 00 $16,000 00 20) Siding 7 $32,200 00 $56,000 00 21) Fencing and handrails 4 $18,400 00 $32,000 00 *Totals 100 $460,000 00 0,000 00

Totals can be affected by a wide variety of variables. This is just the average cost of construction and does not account for additional expenses like engineering, septic systems, fill materials, utility hookups, landscaping, etc. A higher or lower actual height is possible.

Home Building Cost Ontario

Cost-influencing variables during construction

  • Is there a preexisting home on the lot that can be demolished? How treed is the area? Can you describe the soil type (sand, clay, rock)?
  • Where do we stand, so to speak, in terms of footing conditions? What role does engineering play Do I need to use rebar? Is it a slab, poured concrete, or ICF base?
  • Wood studs, metal studs, or something else entirely? Cut by hand or truss? Bungalow, split-level, or multi-level roof?
  • Do you have a single door, a door with sidelights, or a double door in the front? Slider, casement, or hung windows, which do you prefer?
  • What material is the soffit made of? gutter system roofing gutter guards
  • Plug configuration, specialized outlets, and whether power comes from the ceiling or the ground
  • Do you need specialized plumbing fixtures and fittings?
  • The scope and nature of the heaters
  • Choice of insulation: blown, foam, or batts
  • Dimensions and types of heaters
  • Backer or drywall type
  • Characteristics of the Flooring
  • Quality and appearance of cupboards and work surfaces
  • Siding materials (wood, brick, stone, or vinyl)
  • Dimensions of the Deck and the Surrounding Area

Modifications and alterations to an Ontario residence under construction

Time for some high-end renovations to your own home! Here are some examples of what today's luxury or modern home design experts consider to be necessities in a custom home. Some of these aren't necessarily used in building or construction. However, these extras should typically be planned for before construction even begins. It would be challenging and expensive to retrofit any of these features into an existing home, rather than incorporate them into the design of a brand new home from the start.

Features of Modern Technology and Home Automation

Home Automation Features For Custom Home

Everything from the home's lighting to its appliances to its security system to even its doorbell can be automated and made "smart" today. It's important to think about home automation eco systems and find one that works for you as you plan your home's layout.

Improved Kitchens

Kitchen Upgrades and Modern Kitchen Design

Today's kitchen upgrades can include commercial-grade, restaurant-quality appliances, wine coolers, walk-in pantries, and warming drawers; the word "upgrade" doesn't quite capture it all. The pinnacle of kitchen extravagance

Grilling Area in the Open Air

Outdoor Kitchen Build For Custom Home in Ontario

In today's most luxurious custom-built homes, a kitchen that can knock your socks off is just the beginning. The best of the best also feature an outdoor kitchen, complete with cooking facilities (a built-in gas grill, food preparation area, refrigerator/freezer, sink, and seating area on the patio). All of these features should be located near a pool and hot tub, ideally one that has a waterfall or other water features.

Recreation Room/Media Room

Home Theater For A Custom Home

These have been around for a while, but recently, they've started to get quite sophisticated. These days, anything is possible, from an indoor basketball court to a bowling alley.

A Fitness Center in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Home Gym In A Custom Home In Ontario

Nowadays, it's hardly even a step up. Whether you opt for a basement gym or a specially designed room with lots of windows and mirrors, having a dedicated gym space in your custom home will help you establish the healthy routine of regularly exercising. day

Wellness Room

Custom Home Spa Bathroom

Similar to those found in hotels, but with the added convenience of never having to leave your house. High on the list of desirable features in high-end homes is a spa bathroom, complete with a towel warmer, heated floors, a spacious walk-in shower with multiple showerheads, and a deep, soaking tub.

How Much Does It Really Cost to Construct a Home in Ontario?

We hope this overview has been helpful, covering both the basics of custom home construction and the more advanced customizations that can make a house into a showplace. With locations in Midland, Penetang, and Collingwood, Ontario, Georgian Bay Homes is a widespread builder in the Georgian Bay region. Check out the most recent work we've done on kitchens, basements, bathrooms, plumbing, home additions, and cottages by visiting our featured projects page. Get in touch with us for a no-obligation estimate of your upcoming venture.

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