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Service Canada administers the CPP disability benefit program, which replaces lost income. It provides monthly benefits to those who qualify. You must fulfill age, contribution, and disability requirements in order to be eligible. I wrote this manual to describe the CPP disability process.  

With this knowledge, you can determine whether you are eligible for benefits and learn what actions to take next.  

Describe CPP Disability

CPP Disability is a program that replaces lost income. It is managed by Service Canada and provides disability benefits to those who qualify. You must satisfy age, contribution, and disability requirements in order to be eligible for CPP Disability. By submitting an application to Service Canada, you can apply. After reviewing your claim, they decide whether to accept or reject it. If accepted, you receive a monthly payment. Age 65 can receive these payments.

Invalidity Benefit under CPP

Service Canada provides the CPP disability benefit as a monthly payment. There are two different kinds of payments: the first is the standard CPP Disability Benefit. It is the most prevalent. The payments range from $558 to 74 and $1,538 67 each month. How much you contributed to the Canada Pension Plan determines the amount. Furthermore, the payments increase annually at the rate of inflation.

Post-retirement benefits make up the second. However, only those 60 years of age or older who already receive the CPP retirement benefit are eligible for this benefit.

Advantage Name Age Requirements Price points in 2023 Disability Benefits under CPP Older than 65 Not receiving the CPP Retirement Pension $558 74 – $1,538 67 Post-retirement CPP Disability Benefit Age 60 to 65 Receiving the CPP retirement pension already Or became disabled after beginning to receive the CPP retirement pension $558 (Fixed amount) 74

Children's Disability Benefit under the CPP

As a monthly payment, the CPP disability children's benefit is also available. It is provided by Service Canada to the children of CPP disability beneficiaries. However, the parent's disability continues to determine eligibility. Upon approval, each kid receives $281. every month 72 The primary caretaker of the child receives this benefit. The child is eligible to receive the payment if they are between the ages of 18 and 25 and are enrolled in school.

What to Look for to Determine Your CPP Disability Eligibility

Benefit eligibility varies by individual. So, below, we'll go over the prerequisites for each benefit. The standards for regular CPP disability benefits were included. Additionally, we are both eligible for the post-retirement benefit and the children's benefit.  

Age, contributions, a severe disability, a prolonged disability, and prolonged disability are the four main prerequisites for CPP.


Simple age restrictions apply. So, in order to qualify for regular CPP disability, you must be under 65. You must be 60 to 65 years old to receive the post-retirement benefit. Finally, the child must be under the age of 18 or between the ages of 18 and 25 and enrolled in school.


The contribution requirement, however, is more challenging to comprehend. Just contributing to the Canada Pension Plan is insufficient. Additionally, your disability must have begun when you had recent CPP contributions. In four of the previous six years, you must have paid. Alternately, if you have made contributions for 25 years or longer, you must have done so for three of the previous five years. The minimum qualifying period is known as this.

Severe impairment

A very clear definition of severe disability exists. You cannot perform substantially gainful work because of a mental or physical disability, in other words. In other words, your capacity for work is highlighted. Your unique qualities, such as your age, level of education, and professional background, are all considered Your insurance provider is ultimately interested in knowing whether you are employable. That is, not just on paper, but also in the "real world."

Sustained incapacity

The term "prolonged disability" has a defined meaning. It means that your illness or condition must be severe and long-lasting, or it must be fatal. Therefore, a severe disability (that is not ongoing) will not be eligible.  

For the Post-Retirement Benefit, there are additional requirements.

This is only for those receiving the CPP retirement benefit, as the name implies. Additionally, you are only eligible for it if you have received retirement benefits for more than 15 months. You can "convert the CPP retirement pension to the CPP disability benefit" if it has only been less than 15 months. If at all possible, you should always take advantage of the regular disability benefit because it will increase your retirement benefit when you reach age 65.

Other conditions for the Children's Benefit

Based on the parent's disability, the children receive benefits. Children may receive benefits when a parent is granted CPP disability. However, the child must be enrolled in school, between the ages of 18 and 25, and under the age of 18.

How Much Will CPP Disability Payments Be in 2023?

Your payment is determined by Service Canada using "the CPP disability benefit formula." As a result, your payment is $558 flat. 74 Additionally, you get money according to how much you contributed. Service Canada makes an estimate of your total benefit. In your My Service Canada Account (MSCA), you can see this.

Benefit (October) Average Monthly Payment 2022) Total Monthly Payment 2023 CPP disability benefit as usual $1,064 80 $1,538 67 Post-retirement CPP disability benefit $524 64 $558 74 Children's Disability Benefit under CPP $264 53 (for each kid) $281 (Per child) 72

The CPP disability payment retroactively

If the CPP disability benefits are retroactive, you might be curious. Will Service Canada reimburse you for the previous months, to put it another way? Yes is the response. But there are boundaries. For instance, the maximum amount of back pay you can receive is 12 months prior to the date of your application. It also includes the months between the time of application and the time of approval.

Read more: "Top 7 Questions About CPP Disability Retroactive Payments."

Dates for CPP payments in 2022

Once per month, Service Canada pays benefits. The CPP payment dates for 2022 are as follows:

  • 27 January 2023
  • 24 February 2023
  • March 29, 2023
  • April 26, 2023
  • May 29, 2023
  • June 28, 2023
  • July 27, 2023
  • 30 August 2023
  • 27 September 2023
  • Oct. 27, 2023
  • 28 November 2023
  • December 20, 2023

Do you desire a thorough examination of CPP disability payments? Check out our interview with Doug Runchey, a "CPP pension expert."

Which Medical Issues Are Eligible for CPP Disability?

Any medical condition can undoubtedly qualify for CPP disability. Service Canada places more emphasis on the severity of your disability than the severity of your diagnosis. You may occasionally receive a serious diagnosis. However, you might not have a severe disability. For instance, those who have multiple sclerosis can still work. It's crucial to understand that Service Canada concentrates on the disability you currently have.

Your diagnosis is nevertheless crucial. Your case will be decided by Service Canada using the Medical Adjudication Framework. A primary indicator of disability, according to this Framework, is your health.

Service Canada must consider the following elements when evaluating your disability:

  • The type of your illness
  • Functional restrictions brought on by the condition
  • Treatment effects
  • Medical advice
  • Interaction with additional factors, and
  • Specific Personal Qualities

Disability and Working under CPP

Only those who are unable to work for a living qualify for CPP disability. Service Canada defines "gainful work" as having the capacity to make $17,489 per year. 40 (before taxes) per year The rules explicitly state this.

Thus, by working you can reap rewards. Service Canada will permit you to make up to ,400 annually (before taxes) in 2022. You're not even required to inform them. However, once you make ,400 or more, you must disclose it.  

More likely they are to stop your benefits if you earn over ,400 However, Service Canada considers this on an individual basis. For instance, we have observed individuals earning up to $13,000 while maintaining their benefits.

Service Canada offers a vocational rehabilitation program for those who want to get back to work. When you're accepted into that program, you get to keep all of your benefits while attempting to find another job. Yes, even if your annual income exceeds $17,489 an annual 40 You keep your benefits if you don't succeed.

How to Apply for CPP Disability

To receive CPP disability benefits, you must apply. Fill out the Service Canada application forms to do this. Send them to Service Canada after that. They will contact you to ask for more details. To further explain things, they might however write to your physician or employer. They then decide whether to accept your application.  

Fillable applications

There are two forms in the application:

  1. The application form, which you complete
  2. The medical report form, completed by your doctor

Watch this video to learn more about the CPP Disability Medical Report.

Five Steps to Applying for CPP Disability

Seek the advice of your doctor.

First, discuss CPP disability applications with your doctor. Without the support of your doctor, you cannot receive CPP disability benefits. Therefore, be sure your doctor supports you.  

Learn more about what to do if your doctor refuses to complete disability benefit application forms.

Prepare your application, then submit it.

You complete the application. It can be completed online or on paper. Your My Service Canada account contains the online form. This application is very crucial. So, take your time when completing it. Try a practice application first, as we strongly advise. Fill out the final application after that when you have all of your prepared responses. The application is then mailed to Service Canada or submitted online.

Ask your physician to complete the medical report.

Additionally, you must deliver a paper copy of the medical report form to your physician. It is best to schedule a visit with your doctor just to finish the form. Your physician will complete the form at the appointment and mail the original to Service Canada. They could also give you a copy.

Participate in the medical adjudicator's process.

A Service Canada medical adjudicator will then call you. Typically, a registered nurse fulfills this role. To process your application is their job. To put it another way, they have the authority to accept or reject your claim. Therefore, be ready for a call where they will ask you more questions. Your physician or employer might be asked for additional details. Always work together with them Above all, assist them in obtaining the data they require.

Await the result.

Finally, wait patiently. Your decision may be made in 4 to 7 months. But that typically has less to do with the caliber of your application and more to do with backlogs. With your MSCA, you can find out the status of your application.

Read more:

Appeal for CPP Disability

Denials of CPP benefits are very frequent. Service Canada actually rejects about 60% of applications. However, a successful appeal could result in CPP benefits. Therefore, understanding the appeals process is crucial. Now let's examine it.

There are three levels of appeal:

  1. Appeal for reconsideration
  2. Court Case Hearing
  3. Tribunal Appeal


Reconsideration is the first level of appeal. Your appeal is handled by Service Canada. There is a 90-day cutoff date. Filling out a request form is required to begin the appeal. Then submit the form to Service Canada prior to the cutoff date. Additionally, you must send updated medical documentation in support of your appeal.

Study more:

Tribunal for Social Security (General Division)

You may appeal once more if Service Canada rejects the reconsideration appeal. The Social Security Tribunal (General Division) will hear this next appeal. Likewise, you have 90 days to submit an appeal request. You must submit a written request using the Notice of Appeal form.  

You then have up to two years to get ready for your hearing; this new amendment took effect on December 5, 2022. The judge makes a final determination regarding your claim during the hearing. In order to testify orally, you attend the hearing. Additionally, you'll need to respond to any inquiries the judge may have. Therefore, now is your chance to share your story.

The reconsideration is not the same as the tribunal hearing. Service Canada has no influence over the judge. Additionally, you have the choice to provide oral testimony. This appeal is your best chance to succeed because you can share your story.

Tribunal for Social Security (Appellate Division)

You may appeal the hearing judge's denial of your claim one more time. With the Social Security Tribunal Division, specifically You were not allowed to present fresh evidence or retell your story at the Appeal Division prior to the new SST changes taking effect. This made it very challenging for individuals to prevail at this point. On the other hand, appellants are now permitted to introduce fresh evidence in these cases as of December 5, 2022. This is due to the fact that these appeals will now be considered new proceedings. To put it plainly, the Appels Division now essentially functions as a second General Division hearing.

Appellants can now select the type of hearing for their appeal, which is another significant change to the Appeals Division hearing.

Tardy appeals

A deadline for an appeal can occasionally be missed. Fortunately, you can request an extension. However, you must move quickly. You must also have a valid excuse for missing the deadline.

More information is available at "How to Request an Extension of Time to Appeal a CPP Denial."

Following approval

The good news of receiving CPP disability benefits However, it might also bring a fresh set of difficulties. Below, we go over some typical issues you might encounter.  

Beginning of payments

Remember that payments do not begin immediately. Instead, it may take one to five months to receive your first payment. My Service Canada offers an online status checker. Give them two months, though. Then begin calling to find out what is happening. You can complain if you believe they are not treating you seriously.

Learn more about how to complain to Service Canada regarding CPP disability. ’


Stress is a major result of CPP disability overpayments. When you receive both a CPP disability benefit and another disability benefit in the same month, overpayments occur. Benefits for long-term disability are the most typical. The insurance provider may reduce your payment in this situation. If they've already given you money in the past, you must return the favor.

See "CPP Retroactive Payment and Long-Term Disability Overpayment" for more information.

Tax issues

Benefits from the CPP are taxable as income. When you receive a sizable retroactive payment, this could be a problem. Even though this payment was made to your insurance provider, you are still required to pay tax on it.  

Read more: "Paying Taxes on CPP Disability: Your Top Questions Answered"

Frequent Questions and Answers

What does CPP disability benefit mean?

A benefit that replaces income is the CPP disability. Service Canada reimburses those who qualify. Age, contribution, and disability eligibility requirements must be satisfied.

Who can receive CPP disability benefits?

You must be younger than 65 years old. Have contributed enough to the Canada Pension Plan Having a physical or mental impairment that prevents you from obtaining regular gainful employment

How do I submit a CPP disability claim?

Applications can be submitted online or on paper. Your physician completes a medical report. Service Canada evaluates the two forms. Your claim is then accepted or rejected by it.

What will the 2022 payments be?

The maximum amount payable in 2022 is $1,457. monthly 45 The typical payment is $1,064 80 per month, while the typical child benefit is $264. In addition, the typical post-retirement benefit is $524 per month. 64 each month.

How do I calculate my payment?

A formula is used by Service Canada. It has a set price. Additionally a sum determined by your contributions Your payment will increase the more you have contributed. Up to a $1,413 maximum 66 each month.

The CPP retroactive payment: what is it?

It is a one-time payment for the retroactive benefit. When Service Canada initially accepts your claim, you receive it. It represents any child benefits you may have received in the past, in addition to your own payment.

What are the advantages for the kids?

The child benefit is paid on a monthly basis. It is provided to children of CPP beneficiaries by Service Canada. $257 is the set payment. for each child

Which kids are qualified for the benefit?

Any offspring of a CPP disability recipient The minor must be under 18 years old. Or between the ages of 18 and 25 and a student

Has my family's income or wealth an impact on my CPP disability?
How long can I receive CPP benefits?
Can I work while receiving CPP disability?

As of 2021, you can make up to $5,900 annually. Following that, you must notify Service Canada of your income. They'll decide whether you continue receiving benefits. However, your benefits end once you reach $16,936 in income. 92 each year

Income from non-employment and CPP disability

No Unless the income is actually covert work income Investment-based passive income is not employment income. The exception being a day trader Alternatively, managing a portfolio of investments actively Employment income is not rental income. Except when you're a property manager

Is it possible to leave the country and still receive payments?

Yes But you need to inform Service Canada. Keep in contact with them

Does CPP disability pay for prescription, dental, or medical costs?

No There is only an income replacement benefit provided. Additionally, children's welfare

Do CPP disability payments subject me to income tax?

Yes The benefit is deductible from income.

How long should applying take?

It may require months. However, it depends on how quickly you complete the application. Furthermore, how long does it take to obtain medical records?

Get CPP disability is it difficult?

Yes, depending on the circumstances. 57% of initial applications are rejected by Service Canada. According to a 2016 audit, that figure

How can I check the progress of my application?

You can check your My Service Canada Account online or by phone.

How do I contest a rejection?

Utilizing the official documents Below are copies.

What is the deadline for an appeal?

You always have 90 days to file an appeal. This is as of the day you received the rejection. Or, as soon as you learn about it

What occurs if I don't meet the deadline

Get legal counsel right away. You may ask for more time. But you must act quickly. You must also have a compelling reason for missing the deadline.

The Social Security Tribunal's mission

It is a special CPP disability court.

Can I try to get back to work after getting benefits approved?

Yes Service Canada will assist you in going back to work. They may pay for your training because they have a unique vocational program. Additionally, they may permit you to keep your benefits even as you seek employment.

Lawyers and Representatives for CPP Disability

CPP disability is made so that applicants can do it themselves. Or with assistance from a friend or relative But sometimes it's challenging to prevail on your own. Even if you have a valid disability and should be eligible, it can still be very frustrating. It is typical for people to work with a representative in complex cases. A "CPP disability lawyer" may be involved here. Or another expert in the process Many lawyers will take cases on a no-win, no-fee basis. Before hiring a lawyer or advocate, do your research.

Every province in Canada has seen success with the representation of CPP disability clients that Resolute Legal has provided. All phases of the claim, including the initial application, reconsideration appeals, and the Social Security Tribunal, are assisted by our CPP disability attorneys. If you're dealing with an appeal, we can assess the circumstance and make recommendations to increase your likelihood of success. Part of our free claim review includes this. To request a free consultation, call us at (888) 732-0470 toll-free today. You can also submit a form.

Disability Resources at CPP

Province- and territory-specific offices

For CPP disability, Service Canada has designated offices. All correspondence must be addressed to your designated office.

Province Address Newfoundland and Labrador Service Canada, PO Box 9430 Station A, St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador A1A 2Y5 Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia Service Canada, Station A Street, PO Box 9430 NL A1A 2Y5 John's Quebec and New Brunswick Service Canada, Fredericton, New Brunswick E3B 4Z6 PO Box 250 Ontario Service Canada, Chatham, Ontario, N7M 6B2, PO Box 2020 Station Main Saskatchewan and Manitoba Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C 2N4 Service Canada, PO Box 818 Station Main Northwest Territories, Alberta, and Nunavut Edmonton, Alberta, T5J 2G4 Service Canada, PO Box 2710 Station Main Yukon and British Columbia Service Canada is located at PO Box 1177 Station CSC Victoria, BC V8W 2V2.

Service Canada can be reached at 1-800-277-9914. The equivalent number applies to all provinces.

Forms for CPP disability

The forms for all CPP disabilities are listed below.

Provider Canada

Tribunal for Social Security

The Disability Channel of CPP

Visit YouTube's "the CPP Disability Channel" to find out more about CPP. We create this channel and upload one to two new videos every week. Therefore, be sure to look it up.

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