Occupational Outlook in Alberta for Citizenship and Immigration Officers

Canada's central government uses a system called the National Occupational Classification (NOC) to categorize and classify different types of jobs. This occupied alis space might not be representative of its parent NOC. Information collected from the NOC demographic is versatile and applicable to a wide range of fields.

Each time the labor market shifts significantly, the NOC system is updated. Different classification schemes are used for government forms and labor market data, which can result in inconsistent naming and grouping of occupations. Throughout history, this profession has been categorized as follows:

  • Officers of Immigration (1228) 2006 NOC 1) 
  • The 2006 Notice to Competing Security Offerors for Immigration, Employment Insurance, and Revenue Officers (B318)
  • National Occupation Classification for 2011: (1228) Employment Insurance, Immigration, Border Patrol, and Revenue Officers
  • Employment Insurance, Border Patrol, and Tax Enforcement Officers (1228) 2016 NOC

The 2006 National Occupational Classification (NOC) includes this work in one or more categories; it is therefore recognized in Alberta. Select a NOC heading to read up on each subgroup if there are several that share a common function.


Having a vested interest in conducting background checks to determine admissibility, tracking down and arresting suspected lawbreakers, and helping those who have been deported get the travel documents they need to return home


A desire to decide who gets to enter the country legally, who gets detained, and who gets deported


An interest in testifying as witnesses in immigration appeals cases

Use CAREERinsite's Interests Exercise to determine or modify your interest classifications.

By entering your interest code, you can determine if you have any inclination toward pursuing a career in a specific field.  

It was developed on the basis of the Canadian Work Preference Inventory (CWPI), which assesses one's preference for one of five different types of work: leadership, creativity, method, and objectivity, and socialization.

An ordered list of three interest codes relevant to this NOC group is provided.

If the code is all caps, it's a good bet that it's relevant to the job.

All lowercase letters indicate a less-than-ideal match.

Study Your Hobbies and Favorites

Standards of competence typically associated with this NOC population

You've got some skills

Perform the Abilities Exercise in CAREERinsite to record or modify your skill sets.

Formulas and Examples for the Common Questions

You have innate skills that facilitate the interpretation and implementation of certain kinds of information. Some skills will be easier to pick up than others depending on your innate talents.

The General Aptitude Test Battery (GATB) was used to display the abilities or aptitudes of this NOC group. There are 9 different abilities that can be assessed by taking the GATB. It classifies them as cognitive, visual, or physical.

Abilities are scored from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest possible.

Recognize Your Skillsets


Dated as of 03/02/2021

The responsibilities of the three distinct types of immigration and citizenship officers are distinct.

Officers tasked with vetting prospective immigrants and refugees use their knowledge of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) to do the following:

  • Assist those seeking permanent residency in Canada
  • Decisions on requests for citizenship, visa extensions, student and work authorizations, and other forms of immigration
  • Explain the rules and regulations to people who are applying for entry into Canada.
  • Check the status of people who have claimed refugee status and asked to be readmitted
  • Fight for their decisions in federal court or immigration appeals

Specifically, Citizenship Officers apply their knowledge of the law to do the following:

  • Reviewing and handling citizenship applications
  • Gather test results from citizens and evaluate their performance
  • Organize Naturalization Ceremonies

Refugees and newcomers to Canada have access to settlement services and language instruction thanks to the work of Settlement Officers, who oversee contribution agreements with these organizations.

Conditions of Employment

Corrected on: 03/02/2021

  • Needed Force Raise up to a maximum of 5 kilograms

Ordinarily, immigration and citizenship officials are available during regular weekday business hours. It's possible that you'll need to put in some extra time and some travel.

Even though the vast majority of people immigration officers interview are honest and pleasant, they occasionally face hostile or criminally involved individuals.

Attributes and Competencies

Corrected on: 03/02/2021

Immigration authorities require:

  • Practical reasoning and sound judgment
  • Social abilities
  • Effective communication abilities, such as those needed for job interviews, presentations, and writing
  • Abilities in planning ahead and prioritizing work
  • Competence in analysis and investigation

Also, they need to:

  • Honest
  • Independent and impartial
  • Workable, adaptable, and tolerant
  • Observant and careful

They ought to take pleasure in gathering data, analyzing it, establishing guidelines for their work, forming and implementing plans, and collaborating with others.

Required Level of Education

Modified on March 02, 2021

  • A Bare Bones Schooling Higher education for 2 years

Possessing a college degree, fluency in a foreign language, and previous experience working with other people are all advantages.

All recently hired immigration and citizenship officials are required to complete an in-house training program. Ongoing training in operational and organizational skills is provided after the initial training period.

Post-Secondary Programs allows you to refine or broaden your search for educational opportunities relevant to this field.

Mandatory Accreditation Procedures

Last Modified: March 02, 2021

  • Certification Not Controlled By Any Institution

Alberta does not have any provincial laws in place at this time that would govern this industry.

Working Conditions and Promotion Opportunities

Corrected on: 03/02/2021

The federal government employs citizenship and immigration officers. Canada's Public Service Commission is responsible for advertising available positions.

Experienced immigration and citizenship officials may choose to move for better job prospects. Individual initiative, interest, competence, employment record, and knowledge of applicable laws and regulations are all taken into consideration when making promotions.

The sections below detail the types of organizations where most people in this profession can be found. The information comes from the most recent U.S. Census.

One or more 2016 National Occupational Classification (NOC) categories include this work in Alberta.

There are 96 people employed in the 1228: Employment Insurance, Immigration, Border Services, and Revenue Officers sector. Only 6% of the labor force is employed in:

Job Prospects

The outlook for the labor market is affected by many variables.

  • Season (if applicable)
  • Geographical Position in Alberta
  • Turnover (the rate at which workers leave their jobs)
  • Increases in the number of available jobs within a given occupation.
  • Occupational Size
  • Employment-related trends and events, particularly those affecting the aforementioned sector or sectors

The province of Alberta is forecasting below-average annual growth of 1% for the 1228: Employment insurance, immigration, border services, and revenue officers occupation group. 3.0% between 2019 and 2023 For this industry, 39 new jobs are expected to be created annually, on top of the natural attrition rate.

With the baby boomer generation starting to retire in the coming years, the labor market is likely to experience more frequent and significant shifts.

Income & Wages

Corrected on: 03/02/2021

There are one or more 2016 National Occupational Classification (NOC) clusters that include this occupation in Alberta. Choose a NOC heading to read up on each individual NOC group if there are any.

  • Administration of unemployment benefits, immigration, customs, and taxation

Typical Salary

$32 45

Per Hour

Normal Wage

,483 00

Per Year

Common Time Spent


Per Week

Months on Payroll on Average


NOC 1228 Salary Structure

Unless otherwise specified, all of the data presented here applies to all sectors and all Alberta regions.

Unless otherwise specified, all wage figures are hourly. All other forms of payment, such as overtime pay, tips, benefits, profit shares, bonuses (not tied to production), and so on, are not included in base pay or salary.

Visit the salary profile to view the complete survey results for this NOC category.

A variety of other wage sources
Look into other wage sources [pdf] to round out this data and make a well-informed wage and salary decision.

What Is Meant By A Code Of Data Trustworthiness

To have a CV of 6 or less is to be considered highly reliable. 0% and 30 observations from the survey; or 50% or more of the total estimated employment in the field


This applies to both regular and temporary workers.

Intended for Both Full-Time and Part-Time Workers

Wages* Poor (5th percentile) Extremely high (upper 95th percentile) Average Median Starting $28 14 $33 65 $30 19 $28 54 Overall $29 31 $40 04 $32 45 $31 04 Top $31 48 $41 29 $33 70 $31 93

To see everything, swipe left and right. You can see everything by scrolling left and right.

Unless specified otherwise, hourly rates will be used for all wage estimates. Overtime pay, tips, benefits, profit splits, bonuses (not tied to production), and other forms of payment are not included in base pay.

Various hourly wage scales

  • Initial compensation: the typical starting salary in a given field
  • Total compensation: the mean wage of all workers in the industry
  • Pay at the top: the median salary for the highest-paid 10% of workers

Industry Information

Administrative Structures in the Public Sector ,823 Across the Board: ,483

Skills Shortage

The Corresponding Postsecondary Academic Discipline

  • The Disciplines of Business, Management, and Administration
  • Protective, Community, and Social Services

Currently as of Wednesday, March 2, 2021 Information in this profile is current as of the dates indicated. Details about salaries, job prospects, and degree programs are subject to change at any time. Verify this data before making any major life or professional choices based on it.

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