Move to the United States from Canada

Immigrate to US from Canada

The United States and Canada are two of the world's largest economies, and they are geographically close to one another, so moving from one state to another is convenient from a logistics standpoint. Canadians looking to immigrate to the United States must adhere to US immigration law.

Our US immigration attorneys offer a variety of relocation packages, each of which includes a number of services that may be helpful if you are planning to immigrate to the United States from Canada. They can assist you in applying for the appropriate visa, such as a US spouse visa.

Transferring temporarily from Canada to the United States

If a Canadian citizen wishes to visit the United States for a brief period of time, they may take advantage of special regulations. They are not required to obtain visas in order to board flights, as many security checks can be performed in the airport itself.

But this isn't the case for Canadians who want to move to the US permanently or even just for an extended period of time.

People looking to relocate to Florida can contact our offices in Miami and elsewhere in the state.  

The Quick and the Dirty   Needed to enter the country


Immigration Visas for Permanent Residency (YES/NO)


Visas and their variations

Permits to stay temporarily, permits to work, and permanent resident cards What is the typical processing time for a US visa? ) 

anywhere from a few weeks to a few months

Staying within the scope of a valid temporary residence permit There is a 3-year minimum and a 10-year maximum, respectively, for each reason for a stay. Time required to obtain permanent residency (roughly )

10 years

Access to Visas for Investors (Yes/No)

To answer your question, yes (EB-5) visa

Is There Access to Any Kind of Special Immigrant Program? That's right, a TN Visa is possible! Is It Possible to Get a Visa So That You Can Join Your Family? Visas for fiancés and spouses are available. Necessary Criteria for Citizenship A permanent resident is granted 5 years, and a married couple 3 years.

Opportunities for Canadians to obtain a U.S. immigrant visa

Canadians, like citizens of other countries, have access to numerous visa and program options that make a long-term move to the United States possible.

Canada citizens can rely on the expertise of our US immigration lawyers for the following visas:

  1. for Canadians planning short-term visits to the United States, there is the B visa.
  2. the E visa for qualified foreign nationals seeking employment in the United States,
  3. The K visa, which allows Canadians to marry Americans, is available to those who meet certain requirements.
  4. In order to reunite families, spouse visas are also available.

The TN visa is an alternative option for Canadians and Mexicans, but it is rarely used because it makes permanent residency in the US more difficult to achieve.

No matter what route you take to move to the United States from Canada, our immigration lawyers are here to help you choose the appropriate visa, such as the US spouse visa.

The process of becoming a legal resident of the United States as a Canadian citizen

Many paths lead from Canada to the United States and the coveted Green Card. Employment and marriage sponsorship are two of the most common types.

In order to work in the United States, highly skilled Canadians typically apply for and receive an E visa. Local businesses can assist with relocation if they secure employment in one of these fields.

Canadian citizens need to prepare the following paperwork to apply for permanent residence in the country through employment:

  • U.S. Department of Labor Form ETA-750, which must be submitted by the US employer of the foreign worker,
  • the I-140 Form, filed by the employer with the Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS),
  • The Canadian visitor to the United States must fill out and submit Form I-485.

Citizenship and Permanent Resident Cards (Green Cards) are issued to Canadian immigrants based on these papers. After 10 years, the holder of the residence permit can choose between two options:

  • extending it,
  • citizenship in the United States

Canadians also have the option of moving to the US based on a fiancé or spouse visa. However, there are a number of additional guidelines to follow in order to obtain either of these visas.

The citizens of Canada and other countries who wish to immigrate to the United States can seek assistance from our immigration lawyer in the United States.

immigrate to US from Canada

A guide for Canadian professionals interested in migrating to the United States

One of the primary motivations for immigrants to take this route to the United States is the high demand for specialized workers in many US industries. Numerous visa categories are set aside for people with advanced degrees and professional experience, and many of these visas include the option to apply for permanent residency (Green Card).

The EB visa is for highly skilled workers, and there are three different sub-categories that they can enter the United States under. This option is also open to Canadians who want to move to their neighboring country.

The EB 1 visa is for people who have exceptional business, educational, scientific, research, athletic, or artistic skills. Foreign nationals who have extraordinary qualifications in the fields of business, arts, and science are now eligible for the EB 2 visa. Canadians with advanced degrees can immigrate to the US under this program. The EB 3 visa is the final subcategory of the EB visa and allows professionals with Bachelor's and Master's degrees to move here.

The United States welcomes immigrants from all over the world, and our immigration lawyers in the United States are here to assist those who are considering relocating to the United States from Canada and wish to apply for an EB visa so that they may be assured of becoming permanent residents of the United States.

Bringing loved ones to the United States

Many Canucks who originally settled in the US have since decided to make America their permanent home. They were able to obtain permanent residency and sponsor their family members as a result of this. Recent movers have the same opportunity to bring loved ones to the United States as anyone else.

Sponsorship is required for Canadian citizens to enter the United States.

  • related to an American citizen living in Canada;
  • depend on financial help from a Canadian relative;
  • Provide the Canadian with proof of your familial relationship.

Spouses, minor children, and both sets of parents can all move to the United States with the help of a sponsor. Some immigrants are prohibited from entering the country because of their health or criminal histories.

Contact our Miami immigration attorney for assistance with the paperwork required to move to the United States from Canada through sponsorship.

We're here to help in any way we can if you end up relocating here via some other means. Our services are not limited to just US citizens, however; we can help anyone from any country who is hoping to immigrate to the United States.

Drawing for visas

As a novel immigration program, the US visa lottery has attracted widespread attention from around the world. The State Department hosts an annual "visa lottery" in which 50,000 people with certain qualifications can be granted permanent residency in the United States.

Citizens of Canada who do not fall into the categories of business owners or highly skilled workers but who have completed 12 years of formal education (including both elementary and secondary school) or who have work experience equivalent to 2 years of training may enter the Green Card lottery. Members of their immediate family (spouse and unadulterated minor children) can join them in the United States if they are also granted asylum.

Our experts are available to answer your questions about the application process, which takes place annually between October 5 and December 4.

Instructions for Canadians seeking US citizenship

After establishing themselves in the United States, many Canadians eventually consider applying for American citizenship.

For those who have relocated to the United States from another country, naturalization is the most common route to obtaining a passport. These individuals must first have been permanent residents for a period of ten years, during which time they may apply for citizenship. This will relieve them of the burden of remembering to apply for a new Green Card every decade.

A Canadian national applying for US citizenship must demonstrate fluency in English and familiarity with American history and law. Americans will issue passports to Canadians who have been married to US citizens for at least three years.

Because there are so many different types of visas and because the process often involves multiple steps and a considerable amount of waiting time, immigration to the United States is not a simple matter. For this reason, Canadians who are considering relocating to the United States can rely on the expert advice of our immigration law firm in the United States.

So why do Canadians pack up and head south to Miami?

In terms of GDP, Florida is among the most successful states in the United States. In addition to this, numerous large expat communities call this area of the country home.

Entrepreneurs can start successful businesses and enjoy a high quality of life in Miami. Furthermore, the job market is robust, and Canadians can choose from a wide range of industries.

If you're a Canadian citizen thinking about making the move to Florida, our Miami immigration lawyer is here to help. Please also check out the video we've embedded below:

Americans of Canadian ancestry

As of the end of 2016, there were slightly more than 780,000 Canadian citizens living in the United States.

Besides these figures:

  • In 1960, Canadians made up about 10% of the international community; this shows that immigration from Canada to the United States began much earlier.
  • Around 15% of Canadians living in the United States were based in New York, 20% in Los Angeles, and 30% in Miami as of 2016.
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is home to 35,000 of these establishments.

Do not hesitate to retain our Miami immigration attorneys if you are a Canadian citizen seeking to immigrate to the United States via the state of Florida.

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