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"Pilot" City: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States, California, Los Angeles S
On this day in 2014, September 25th,
May 14, 2020[1]
One Season Two Season Three
4. Season 5. Season 6. The acronym HTGAWM stands for the American legal drama series How to Get Away with Murder, which was created by Peter Nowalk. Reviews were positive, and 14 million people watched the premiere episode in its premiere week.


First Season (2014-2015)

Season 1 Main Article

Annalise Keating embodies the ideal criminal law professor: smart, dedicated, resourceful, and magnetic. She's seductive, glamorous, unpredictable, and dangerous—basically everything you wouldn't expect. Annalise is as unflinching in court as she is in the classroom; she defends the most hardened, violent criminals, including those accused of fraud, arson, and murder, and she will go to almost any lengths to secure their release. Annalise appears to have it all on the outside: a successful career and a loving husband, Sam. However, her relationship with a Philadelphia police detective, Nate, will force her to face truths about her life that she never saw coming.

Annalise hires a group of the best and brightest students every year. They work in her law firm. The students vying for this coveted position include Wes Gibbins, a wide-eyed, likable boy-next-door recently accepted off the waitlist; Michaela Pratt, a confident, ambitious overachiever born knowing how to "lean in"; Connor Walsh, a sly, sophisticated heartbreaker used to getting any prize he lays his eyes on; Laurel Castillo, a quiet a sensitive idealist who is often underestimated, and Asher Millstone, an arrogant know-it-all from a privileged background. Frank Delfino, a local Philly boy made good, and Bonnie Winterbottom, a sweet, observant team player with a hidden edge, are two of Annalise's dedicated associates who supervise the students.

Time Period Two (2015-2016)

Season 2 Main Article

The students are still in shock over Rebecca's disappearance, but Annalise and her class must carry on as if nothing has happened. Only Annalise and Frank know that Rebecca was murdered and the two are determined to find out who killed her At the same time, Annalise makes the decision to represent a new client: two siblings who stand accused of murdering their parents. And back at Annalise's house, an unexpected visitor from her past drops in to surprise her and impart some wisdom. [3]

Three (2016-2017) Season

Season 3 Main Article

Professor at Middleton University Annalise Keating, her longtime friends Frank Delfino and Bonnie Winterbottom, and her students, the "Keating 5," are all connected by murder, deceit, fear, and guilt. Their past continues to haunt them as they try to put their lives and clients first. Annalise and her closest friends are doing their best to keep their secrets under wraps while the murder of Wallace Mahoney and Frank's whereabouts remain a mystery. Discord will arise in interpersonal relationships, and lies will multiply. Trouble will start when one of the Keating 5 is found dead in Annalise's home.

Fourth Season (2017-2018)

Season Four Season Four Main Article

After Wes' death, Annalise (Viola Davis), Michaela (Aja Naomi King), Connor (Jack Falahee), Asher (Matt McGorry) and Laurel (Karla Souza) all struggle to move on with their lives, but when a new mystery involving one of their own unfolds throughout the season, relationships are fractured, secrets are exposed and yet another terrifying truth is revealed Season 4 of "Fire at the Keating House" will reveal what led up to Wes's tragic death in this location.

5. Season (2018-2019)

Season 5 Main Article

Michaela (Aja Naomi King), Connor (Jack Falahee), Asher (Matt McGorry), and Laurel (Karla Souza) are all moving on to the next phase of their lives after Annalise's (Viola Davis) class action victory in the Supreme Court. According to ABC's tagline, a new mystery will develop involving one of their own, leading to strained relationships and the disclosure of previously unknown information. [5]

Year 6 (2019-2020)

Sixth Season Main Article

Season five focuses on Professor Annalise Keating's (Viola Davis) final law school class, as the lies, terror, and guilt that have always united her with her students prove more lethal than ever. [6]


Introduction to the Cast and Crew

While there is a large cast in How to Get Away with Murder, only the fourteen actors below have been given the "Starring" credit, denoting a significant role in the show. Except for Viola Davis and Timothy Hutton, they are listed in alphabetical order.

  • Annalise Keating - Viola Davis
  • Nate Lahey - Billy Brown
  • Seasons 1-3: Alfred Enoch; Post-Season 4: Wes Gibbins, as a recurring guest star.
  • Falahee, Jack / Walsh, Connor
  • Replacing Katie Findlay in both the first and subsequent seasons was Rebecca Sutter.
  • Gabriel Maddox as Rome Flynn (recurring role, seasons 5-7; guest star, season 4)
  • Michaela Pratt - Aja Naomi King
  • Asher Millstone, played by Matt McGorry
  • Character portrayed by Conrad Ricamora: Oliver Hampton (regular from Seasons 3-6; guest-starred in earlier seasons).
  • Karla Souza plays Laurel Castillo in the first five seasons, and she returns in subsequent seasons.
  • Season 4 recurring, and main for Seasons 5-7: Amirah Vann as Tegan Price.
  • Frank Delfino - Charlie Weber
  • Bonnie Winterbottom vs. Liza Weil
  • Emmett Crawford, played by Timothy Hutton (season 5 main cast)


Season Shows (in terms of total viewers, in millions) Ep 1 Ep 2 Ep 3 Ep 4 Ep 5 Ep 6 Ep 7 Ep 8 Ep 9 Ep 10 Ep 11 Ep 12 Ep 13 Ep 14 Ep 15 Season 1 14.12 11.94 10.81 9.79 9.97 8.68 9.18 9.25 9.82 9.18 8.34 8.44 8.86 8.99 8.99 Season 2 8.38 7.53 7.22 6.81 6.95 6.27 6.49 6.71 7.19 5.82 4.88 4.86 4.53 4.80 5.29 Season 3 5.11 4.33 4.40 4.00 4.29 4.07 4.08 4.32 4.95 5.41 4.69 4.92 4.66 4.92 4.92 Season 4 3.96 3.88 3.88 3.56 3.56 3.56 3.71 3.72 3.80 3.54 3.68 3.26 4.14 3.36 3.83 Season 5 2.93 3.02 3.22 2.74 2.93 2.91 3.02 3.13 2.84 2.74 2.58 2.74 2.57 2.56 2.76 Season 6 2.43 2.56 2.23 2.10 2.25 2.16 2.21 2.28 2.16 2.91 2.78 2.81 2.77 2.70 3.20 Episode pages contain the most up-to-date information on ratings.
  • Season one's premiere, appropriately titled "Pilot," has 14 million more viewers than any other episode. Over 12 million people saw it.
  • Season 6 Episode 4 "I Hate the World" has only 2 viewers, making it the least watched episode of the entire series. Ten million watchers


When: Thursdays at 10 p.m. Eastern Time. The series premiered on ABC as part of their new "TGIT" (Thank God It's Thursday) lineup, which also included Grey's Anatomy (at 8 p.m.) and Scandal (at 9 p.m.).

The series airs in the same timeslot with identical advertising on CTV in Canada, though in the Atlantic Time Zone, viewers in the Maritime Provinces can catch it three hours earlier on CTV Atlantic.

On February 10, 2015, the show premiered on TV2 in New Zealand and the Seven Network in Australia. Beginning with the second half of season two, the show has been broadcast on 7flix in Australia; like in the United States, it is part of a specific time slot devoted to Shonda Rhimes' dramas.

Sony Channel (Asia) will air the show no more than 12 hours after it first aired in the United States in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Indonesia. You can catch it on Star World Premiere in India.

Availability on DVD and the Internet

Both seasons of How to Get Away with Murder are available on DVD in their entirety.

Two seasons of How to Get Away with Murder are available on DVD, and all six seasons are available to stream in their entirety on Netflix. In accordance with our agreement with ABC Studios, new seasons will be added one month after the season finale airs.

Hulu typically uploads the newest five episodes the day after they air on television. In addition, most online video retailers (like Amazon and iTunes) sell individual episodes for purchase.


  • The regular cast members are listed in alphabetical order by their second names, with the exception of Viola Davis (who is listed first because she is the series' lead actress) and Timothy Hutton (who is listed second because he is given the "and" credit). [7]
  • Historically, the going rates for 30-second TV commercials have been:
  • ABC and Viola Davis agreed to make the show a limited series, airing for no more than 16 episodes per year. [13][14]
    • Since maintaining the show's tone over a longer number of episodes would have a negative impact on the show as a whole, Shonda Rhimes considered shortening the season to 15 episodes. [15]
  • This show's set is right next to Scandal's, and the two ensembles quickly became close. Jack Falahee, referring specifically to his recent conversation with Scott Foley, says, "They've all come down and given us pieces of advice." We really appreciate all the helpful advice and reassurance we've received. "[16]
  • There are times when the actors aren't informed of upcoming plot developments by the scriptwriters. The actor who plays Wes Gibbins, Alfred Enoch, has said that he didn't know his character was a murderer until the table reading of the first season episode "Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me," in which it is revealed that it was Gibbins who killed Sam Keating. He also mentioned how it was a totally new approach to work. Actors may benefit from not knowing the ending if it causes them to experience more genuine, in the moment emotions, which may translate better on screen; whether or not this was the case is open to debate. [17]
  • As a result, many of the characters ended up differently than Peter Nowalk had hoped they would. To paraphrase his initial impressions, he believed Bonnie would be "bubbly and the antithesis of Annalise: the nice cop to the bad cop." Her actress Liza Weil, however, added "a real heaviness to the role that was so much more interesting." [18]
  • The American legal system serves as a loose inspiration for the show, and executive producer Betsy Beers' lawyer husband, Bruce Cormicle, serves as a legal consultant. But while the basic structure of the legal system and the specific points of law discussed are grounded in reality, legal commentators have noted that the scripts also deviate greatly from the real world in many ways. [19]
  • A sex scene between Connor (Jack Falahee) and Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) was not merely censored, but entirely excised, from an episode of How to Get Away with Murder that aired in Italy in July 2016. It didn't take long for Italian fans to notice something wasn't quite right, and they took to Twitter to alert Falahee that the scene had been manipulated. After Falahee tweeted his disgust, Shonda Rhimes and Pete Nowalk also took to Twitter to vent their frustration with Rai Due, an Italian television network. Falahee made the initiative to disseminate a Change. petition on demanding that the station remove the censorship and advocating the use of the hashtag #LoveIsLove As the online uproar grew, Rai Due aired the original, unedited episode the following week, saying that the edited version had been the result of a misunderstanding. [19]
  • The sexually progressive content of How to Get Away with Murder has garnered a lot of attention. Season 2 guest star Kendrick Sampson, who played Caleb, said in an interview that he wasn't prepared for how far his scene with Aja Naomi King (aka Michaela) would actually go, whereas the regular cast members must be accustomed to the exposure. To prepare for the massive sex montage scene in Season 2 in which nearly every character is hooking up, he says the cast went on a "sex diet" and refused to eat from the plentiful service tables. [19]

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