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Methods for Modifying Step and Activity Targets on iOS Devices

Apple has paid close attention to the Apple Watch, making it the most popular fitness tracker and smartwatch on the market.

There is a good reason why the Apple Watch is more widely used than any other smartwatch or fitness tracker in the world. Whether it's software or hardware, Apple has been paying close attention to this product and updating it appropriately.

In-Context Reading

The Apple Watch does a lot more than just show notifications on your wrist. One such feature is automatic Activity and Fitness tracking, which requires little effort from the user. What, though, if you decide that you'd rather alter the activities' aims rather than start fresh?

In watchOS 7, what has changed in terms of exercise and activity tracking?

WatchOS 7 Hero

In watchOS 7, Apple has replaced the outdated "Activity" app with the new "Fitness" app. This gives you a more comprehensive overview of your necessary health data, plus some extras. Notably, the app's look and feel are identical to the Activity app of "ye olde" times, but now you have access to a greater variety of features.

With the introduction of iOS 14 and widgets, you now have access to a brand-new suite of fitness-related widgets. With or without an Apple Watch, seeing your progress toward your fitness goals in the form of "Fitness Rings" on your home screen is a huge motivator.

Updated Fitness Software

New Fitness App WatchOS 7

A snapshot of your most recent Activity and Workouts is displayed when you launch the Fitness app. Just below the Activity Rings breakdown, in the middle, is a record of your most recent workout.

When you select the Activity tab, you will see a summary of your day's rings broken down by the hour. Find out exactly when you burned the most energy and by what means. If you have been trying to get those rings closed, you can see your progress so far by tapping the Calendar icon in the main navigation bar. Meanwhile, you can see how you did the previous and subsequent days by swiping left and right.

This is where the Fitness app also displays your exercise logs, if you have been keeping one. You can see your most recent workout on the home screen, as we discussed earlier. If you tap that, you'll be taken into the workout itself, where you can view detailed information about your session, such as the type of workout you did, how long it lasted, how many calories you burned, and more

Awake Monitoring Is Now Built In

Sleep Overview WatchOS 7

The days of trying to decipher your sleeping habits with the help of a third-party app are over. Sleep Tracking is now available on the Apple Watch and iPhone, years after users first asked for it.

It is possible to set a Sleep Goal, log your sleep and wake times, and activate Sleep Mode all from the Health app. With the help of your Watch and the Wind Down feature, you'll be subtly reminded that it's time to turn in as bedtime approaches. Both the Apple Watch and iPhone have an automatic setting called "Do Not Disturb" that disables all notifications.

A "good morning" screen will appear on your Apple Watch the following morning (or when you wake up). This broadcasts the current time, date, battery status, and forecast for your watch. It's great to have a quick reference to all of this crucial data.

The Best Ways to Alter Your Exercise Objectives

Whether you're feeling under the weather and need to scale back your Activity Goals or you're raring to go and want to speed things up, it's simple to make the adjustment. As the Apple Watch streamlines many aspects of daily life, it's only natural that the company would make setting and modifying goals effortless.

Modify Your Expectations For The Next Step

  1. Retrieve your Apple Watch and launch the Activity app.
  2. Using a swipe or the Crown, navigate to the screen's bottom.
  3. Toggle between Altering Your Current Actions and Your Ending Objective
  4. Change the Target Motion to whatever suits your needs.
  5. Tap Update

Modify Your Running Plan or Your Standing Objectives

Apple doesn't allow users to change their Exercise or Stand targets. This is because these are the minimum and maximum daily requirements set by experts around the world. As a result, you should go out and shut those rings, and spend the day on your feet.

What capabilities does the iPhone have?

Regrettably, you can't modify your Move, Exercise, or Stand Objectives on the go with your iPhone. Even so, the Fitness and Activity app isn't totally pointless, as it does contain a fair amount of useful data. You don't have to leave the Activity Goals page to open the Health app because you're already presented with a comprehensive summary.

Put the prompts on a toggle

A little push in the right direction, or a slap on the wrist, is sometimes all that's needed. A regular vibration from your Apple Watch can serve as a gentle nudge to get you moving. Personally, I like how your Watch can serve as that last little nudge before you clock out at the end of the day.

  1. The Apple Watch app can be accessed from your iPhone.
  2. The My Watch tab can be accessed by scrolling down to it.
  3. Follow the link labeled "Activity"
  4. Check the boxes next to the reminders you want to receive on your Watch, and then hit the Save button.
  5. Choose the Previous Option by clicking the Back button in the upper left corner.

The Apple Watch is the best smartwatch on the market for a good reason.

I don't go to the gym very often, so I'm not exactly in tip-top shape. Although I am a regular user of both Android and iOS, there is one feature exclusive to the iPhone that keeps me coming back. It has nothing to do with how user-friendly the program is or how great iMessage is. False, that would be the Apple Watch Apple wants you to think that its products are the best in the market after you've tried the alternatives.

The Series 6 should have longer battery life and possibly a larger screen than our current model. The Series 5 is a great device that will likely last its users for years, but for the time being, and for most people, it is sufficient. That is, unless Apple makes it impossible to update to new versions of watchOS in the future.

Andrew Myrick

Andrew works as a freelance writer from his home on the US East Coast.

Over the years, he has contributed to publications like iMore, Android Central, Phandroid, and others. His current day job is with an HVAC company, and his freelance writing career is strictly nighttime.

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