Methods for Copying Photos from an iPhone to a Computer

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AnyTrans is a free download that will improve your Apple experience by letting you move all of your data (photos, messages, contacts, music, etc.) iPad/iPod/iPhone to Laptop, and Laptop to iPad/iPod/iPhone

It's available for immediate download at no cost to you. dl_safe_img.png

When your iPhone is overflowing with photos, you may want to transfer a selection to your desktop computer. So, A Guide to Transferring iPhone Pictures to a Computer Don't Panic! Here are five methods to transfer photos from an iPhone to a computer. Whether you're using a Mac or a PC, we have you covered. To begin, let's

Using AnyTrans (Windows & Mac) to Copy Photos from Your iPhone to Your Computer.

AnyTrans is a cross-platform (Windows and Mac) data management solution for iOS devices. Your entire collection of iPhone images will be easily manageable with this app. Discover its primary functions in terms of transferring photos to and from an iPhone.

So, to transfer pictures from an iPhone to a computer, get the free AnyTrans trial and follow the instructions below.

Connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB cable and launch AnyTrans on your computer. Next, select Device Manager mode and then the Photos option from the drop-down menu.

Click Photos Under Device Manager

Navigate To Files In Device Manager For Images

Secondly, choose which photos you'd like to transfer from your iPhone to your laptop, and then use the "send to PC" button in the upper right-hand corner.

Import Photos from iPhone to Laptop

Transfer Pictures from an iPhone to a Computer

In addition to photos, videos, music, text messages, contacts, and more, AnyTrans allows you to transfer these items from your iPhone to your laptop (Mac or Windows PC).

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IOS 11 is the latest operating system for Apple's line of mobile devices. Photos taken with the High Efficiency Image Compression camera simply because Despite the fact that this new file format is significantly more space-efficient, it is not yet widely compatible with existing software. This means that HEIC images might not open properly in Windows. However, you shouldn't be concerned in the slightest The iMobie HEIC Converter, a free HEIC converter, could be your savior. Learn more about the HEIC file format and how to view it in Windows by reading this article.

AnyTrans is a helpful iPhone app for transferring photos wirelessly from an iPhone to a laptop when no USB cable is available or the iPhone is not recognized by the computer.

The AnyTrans app does much more than just let you move pictures between your iPhone and computer. It also lets you manage your iOS device's music, videos, and documents. You can use this app to wirelessly transfer files between two devices after installing it on both of them (it works with both iOS and Android).

The following steps require that your iPhone and laptop be on the same Wi-Fi network; using cellular data instead is not an option.

Step 1 Get the AnyTrans iPhone app.

Step 2 Go to on your computer. to your browser > Then you'll see a QR code here

You can scan the QR code with your iPhone by opening the AnyTrans app and then tapping the Scan button.

Scan the QR Code with AnyTrans Mobile App

Use the AnyTrans Mobile App to scan the QR code.

Step 3 Photos from your iPhone will then appear on your laptop, where you can browse through them and pick the ones you want to transfer by clicking the "Download" button.

Select Photos to Download to Laptop

Check Off Images, Then Save Them On Your Laptop

Use Windows Explorer to copy images from your iPhone to your computer.

If you own a Windows laptop, you can use Windows Explorer to transfer photos from your iPhone to your computer.

  1. You can access Windows File Explorer on your laptop by connecting your iPhone and clicking on This PC.
  2. Start by going to your iPhone's Settings > General > Storage > Internal.
  3. If you navigate to the DICM directory, you'll find a plethora of files labeled 100APPLE, 101APPLE, etc.
  4. To move the pictures to the laptop, open the folder you want to use and copy them there.
Upload Photos to Laptop with File Explorer

The Easiest Way to Transfer Pictures to Your Laptop

If your iPhone isn't being recognized by your computer, or if you're having trouble transferring photos from your iPhone to your computer, try the solutions outlined in this article.

Use the Photos app on your iPhone to send photos to your computer.

With the built-in Photos app on your Windows or Mac laptop, you can easily move your iPhone's photo library to your computer. To save images from your iPhone's Photos app, just do the following:

  • When using a Windows computer, connect your iPhone via USB, launch the Photos app (it should open automatically, but if not, open it from the Start menu), select Import, then choose From a USB cable, pick the photos you want to transfer, and finally, click Import and Continue.
Import iPhone Photos with Photos on Windows

Use Windows' Photos app to import images from your iPhone

  • To transfer photos from an iPhone to a Macbook, follow these steps: plug in your iPhone, open the Photos app (it should appear in the Launchpad, but if not, search for "Photos"), go to the Import tab, choose the photos you want to import, and then click Import XX Selected or Import All Items.
How to Upload Photos from iPhone to Mac with Photos App

Photo Transfer from iPhone to Mac Using Apple's Photos App

Image Capture, Preview, AirDrop, and the rest are just some of the methods for transferring photos from an iPhone to a Macbook. If you're looking for a comprehensive explanation of how to copy pictures from an iPhone to a computer, please continue reading our helpful guide!

Using iCloud Photos, you can transfer photos from an iPhone to a computer.

Using iCloud Photos, which can be activated on both the iPhone and the Mac, all of your iPhone's photos will be synced to your iCloud Photo Library. Then, your photos will be accessible on your laptop in the Photos app (on a Mac) or under This PC (on Windows). Additionally, you can go to iCloud and get your hands on the pictures there. on your laptop

  • To enable iCloud Photo Library on your iPhone, navigate to Settings > [Your Name > iCloud > Photos > Toggle iCloud Photo Library on.
  • To back up your photos to your Windows laptop from iCloud, follow these steps: Download Windows for iCloud; Install iCloud for Windows; Sign in with your Apple ID; Turn on "Photos"; The iCloud software will make a copy of your photos from iCloud. Photos can be viewed by going to This Computer > iCloud Photos > Downloads.
Upload iPhone Photos with iCloud for Windows

Windows users can use iCloud to sync their iPhones and upload photos.

  • Check the Photos option and turn on iCloud Photo Library after updating to the latest version of macOS and selecting System Preferences > iCloud from the Apple menu. After that, the Photos app on your Mac will automatically sync with your iPhone.

Send Pictures from Your iPhone to Your Mac Wirelessly

You can use AirDrop to transfer files from your iOS device to your Mac. Airdrop is a feature that lets you transfer photos from an iPhone to a Mac without needing to plug in a USB cable. And here are some precautions to take and specific instructions to follow:

The Steps You Must Take Before Attempting an Airdrop

  • Your iPhone and Mac must be in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi range of each other.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth should also be activated.
  • To easily accept files sent via AirDrop, set the receiver to "Everyone."

If Bluetooth on your iPhone isn't working, check out our guide on how to fix it in iOS 14.

Steps to Airdrop Photos from an iPhone to a Mac

Initial Step: Turn on AirDrop on Your iPhone and Mac

  • In the Finder window on your Mac, select AirDrop and then, under Allow me to be discovered by, select Everyone.
  • Navigate to "Settings" > "General" > "AirDrop" on your iPhone. Check that every eligible candidate has been chosen. Alternatively, you can access AirDrop and set Everyone as a recipient by going to your iPhone's Control Center.

Step 2: Pick an iPhone album and hit "Send"

  • View and choose which photos to sync by going to the Photos app on your device. The more photos you choose, the longer the transferring process will take
  • On a Mac, you can initiate an airdrop by clicking the "share" button and selecting "AirDrop."

Step 3: Get the Pictures on Your Mac

  • Tap the approved message when your Mac is on and ready to receive Alternately, if your iPhone and computer share an Apple ID, it will be delivered automatically.
  • Afterwards, the pictures will be downloaded to your Mac's Downloads folder.

To learn more, check out: How to Repair Your iOS Device's Wi-Fi Connection.

Finally, the Bottom Line

If you want to back up the photos on your iPhone, one option is to transfer them to your laptop. Leave a comment below if you have any ideas about this post. If you have any questions about AnyTrans or would like to try out its photo transfer features right now, feel free to send us an email.

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