"Mastering Your Entertainment: Unleash the Full Potential of Your Shaw Remote with These Programming Tips"

I. Program your Shaw Gateway remote control

A. Volume control

1. Press and hold MENU and OK buttons until POWER button flashes twice

2. Enter code 9-9-3-3 and POWER button flashes twice to confirm

B. Learn more about Shaw Gateway remote program

II. Program your Shaw Champ remote control with TV set

B. Press TV Power key

C. Press and hold down the OK key, and let go of it when the TV turns off

D. Find Champ remote manual

E. Watch video tutorial and learn more about Champ remote

III. Program Shaw Champion remote control with TV set and other devices

B. Press TV key or device mode key to be programmed

C. Press and hold down the OK key and let go of it when the TV turns off

D. Learn more about Shaw Champion remote

The Shaw Atlas remote control has been discontinued, but users can still program it using the following steps. First, turn on the device to be programmed and locate its code from the user's guide or the Atlas Remote Manual. Press the mode key for the device and hold down the SETUP button until the mode key flashes twice, then enter the code and test the device. The Atlas remote can also be set up for master power, allowing the main power button to control all devices at once, and the volume controls can be locked to an audio device. The Shaw Transport remote control has also been discontinued.

Champ Remote.png

Outline for "Programming Your Shaw Transport Remote to Work with Your TV":

    I. Introduction

    - The Transport remote is programmable only with your TV set and cannot work with other devices.

    II. Steps for Programming Your TV with Your Shaw Transport Remote

    - Locate the code for your TV from the user's guide or Transport Remote Manual.

    - Power on your TV.

    - Press and hold SET button, then release.

    - Enter the code for your TV set and press POWER button.

    - If the TV powers off, your remote is successfully programmed.

    III. Repeat Steps if Necessary

    - If the TV has not powered off, repeat steps 3-5 with the next available code for your brand of television.

    IV. More Information

    - Learn more about the Transport remote by visiting the provided link.

    V. Conclusion


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                        Section 3 - Fossil Fuel Emissions:


                          Fossil fuels are a non-renewable source of energy, which contributes to 75% of carbon dioxide emissions, released into the earth's atmosphere. The emission of carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels is the primary cause of climate change and harmful effects such as drought, sea level rise, and more. The shift from conventional means of transportation to electric vehicles and public transportation can help in reducing the emission of greenhouse gases that harm the environment.

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