Lens Restoration: A Guide to Cleaning and Polishing Your Glasses

Scratched eyewear can cause serious discomfort and should be repaired immediately. Everyone who wears glasses has probably done it at least a few times. Perhaps you've broken a pair of glasses from careless handling or because you've dropped them too many times while bending over, playing your favorite sport, or carrying them around without a case. Scratched glasses are a nightmare for anyone who wears glasses, but especially those who rely on prescription glasses with strong lenses.

You've probably wondered how to get scratches out of glasses every time you've seen one. Never fear, for we are here to lend a hand.

Do not lose hope, for there is still a chance. If your glasses have been scratched, here is some advice on how to fix it.

Using Toothpaste to Remove Scratches from Glasses

Remove scratches by Toothpaste

You shouldn't bother with fancy toothpaste. To avoid damage to your teeth and gums, use a toothpaste that is neither abrasive nor gel-based. A small amount of toothpaste applied to a cotton swab or a cloth and rubbed over the scratched area of a pair of eyeglasses can help remove the scratch. Hold the rubbing motion for a few seconds and the scratches should disappear. Now, wash the glasses in cold, clear water and dry them off carefully with a soft cloth. You can try again if the scratch is still visible. This is the quickest, cheapest, and most effective method for restoring glasses that have been scratched.  

Using Baking Soda to Restore Scratched Glasses

Remove scratches by Baking Soda

  • Another practical method for removing scratches from glasses is baking soda, which can be found in most homes' pantries.
  • Mix a thick paste using one teaspoon of baking soda and half of a teaspoon of water.
  • Use a cotton ball or a soft cotton cloth to apply the paste to the scratched glass, and then rub the area in a circular motion for 10 to 20 seconds.
  • Make sure to give the glasses a quick rinse in cold water and dry them with a soft cloth. If the scratch on your glasses lens still exists, repeat the steps.

As an additional simple, cheap, time-saving, and ideal method to prevent hard scratches, baking soda is an excellent choice.

Packing List:

Cleaning Kit

Viruses are not something you should worry about. Make sure your glasses are germ-free by using an antibacterial solution and a high-quality, machine-washable cleaning cloth.


Using Car Wax to Remove Scratches from Eyeglasses

Remove scratches by Vehicle Cleaner Wax

Car wax isn't just for shine; it can also be used to repair scratched glass.

  • The scratched area of the glass should be treated with vehicle wax using cotton wool or a soft cotton cloth.
  • The scratch will disappear after a gentle rubbing.
  • Use a gentle cloth to wipe down the glasses.
  • Glasses lenses are scratched and difficult to clean, but the wax used to polish cars can help.

Wax used for cleaning vehicles is effective at concealing and erasing scratches.

Fixing eyeglass scratches with brass, silver, or metal polish

Remove scratches by Brass, Silver Or Metal Polish

Plastic frames can also benefit from the use of brass, silver, or metal polish to remove surface scratches.

  • Use cotton wool or a soft cotton cloth to apply a small amount of polish to the scratched areas of the glasses.
  • After a few minutes of rubbing, wipe the lenses clean with a soft, clean cloth to remove any remaining polish.

Lenses should not be treated with this cure, as it could remove protective coatings. Due to the high cost and lengthy process involved, not many people will attempt it.

Using Glass Etching Cream to Remove Scratches

Remove scratches by using Glass Etching Cream

To effectively remove scratches from glasses, use glass etching cream. Plastic eyeglasses can be etched with any commercially available glass etching cream containing hydrofluoric acid.

  • To etch glass, spread a thick layer of etching cream on the lenses' exterior and wait for it to settle, say, 5 minutes. Do not rub the lenses during this time.
  • The lenses are then wiped down with a fresh cotton cloth after being rinsed. As the scratches in the glass begin to peel away, so will the etching cream.

Lenses made of glass should not be cleaned with glass etching cream. Even though it's a pretty easy process, leaving the cream on the lenses for longer than 5 minutes is risky and can end up costing you.

Buy Glasses Online

There is no foolproof way to remove scratches from glasses, but the aforementioned techniques are effective short-term solutions. These solutions won't help if the scratch on your glasses lens is severe. Moreover, it is risky business because the lenses may become even more damaged through any of the aforementioned processes, and you may end up doing more harm than good. Also, the harsh chemicals can peel away at or otherwise damage any coatings you happen to have on your items. If you're not confident in your ability to fix your glasses' scratches, it's best to get professional help.

The Easiest Ways to Remove Scratches from Your Glasses

Lens care is an integral part of eye care because glasses, especially prescription glasses, are an essential part of our daily lives. So, if none of the aforementioned tricks work to repair the scratches on your glasses, you can choose from the following to give them a longer lifespan:

1) The Eyewear Cleaning Kit from Specscart

Eyewear Cleaning Kit

In addition to providing reasonably priced eyewear, we also include a cleaning kit with every frame.

Use a high-quality antibacterial eyeglass cleaner that comes with a washable cloth to disinfect your eyewear. Since the cleaning materials are responsible for maintaining the glasses' pristine condition over time, they should be of the same high caliber as the frames themselves. The cleaning kit sold by Specscart includes antibacterial liquid and ultrasoft microfiber to polish the lenses to a brilliant shine while protecting their delicate surface from scratches.  

The cost of Lensguard by Specscart is reasonable and won't leave a huge dent in your wallet. It's simple to operate, and it works well with lenses made of any material. e Eyewear cases can be made of plastic or metal. It's a great tool for getting rid of those pesky scratches on your sunglasses or glasses. Lensguard will improve your vision without lowering the quality of the product, so you can relax. Lensguard is available for purchase at both the Walkden Eye Test and the Bury Eye Test.  

(2) Glass Reglazing

Reglaze glasses

Fixing irreparably scratched glasses If the scratches on the lenses are too deep, the user can send in their current frames and Specscart will replace the lenses with new ones. Specscart will then replace the lenses in your current frame. In this way, you can get more use out of your current frame and keep more money in your wallet.

When it comes to your glasses or contact lenses, Specscart® is your hero. If your glasses have any scratches, Specscart will gladly take care of them for you, giving you clearer vision as a result. Keep in mind that any pair of glasses or sunglasses purchased from Specscart comes standard with anti-scratch and shock resistance features.

Prescription eyewear is just as scratch-resistant as regular eyewear, and the same methods apply to cleaning and polishing them. Although plastic is more scratch-prone than glass (and glass is easily broken), it is easier to remove scratches from plastic lenses.

As was previously mentioned, scratches on lenses can be removed using toothpaste. Use a glass polish instead if your lenses are made of glass. If that doesn't work, you can also try cleaning the lenses with a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda. Remove scratches with a microfiber cloth.

White spirit is also useful for covering minor scratches.

Coated eyewear is more likely to sustain scratches because it is softer than the lens material. Scratches can be avoided by protecting your valuables with a scratch-resistant coating, which is a thin, hard layer.

Here's what you can do if the coating on your prescription eyeglasses has scratched:

  • The scratches can be removed and the coating polished with baby oil. Microfiber cloth dipped in oil, rubbed over the scratch in circular motions, will remove light scratches from lenses. Make sure you give the lenses a good rinse and dry them off.
  • Other options include the aforementioned applications of toothpaste, car wax, and baking soda.
  • The anti-glare or anti-reflective coating can be removed as a separate option. Almost no scratches will appear on the lenses underneath.

An etching cream is the most effective method for cleaning plastic or polycarbonate lenses found in eyewear frames. A cotton swab can be used to dab the cream onto the lenses. For best results, wait 5 minutes before washing it off. The coating is being stripped off.

Some opticians may still use glass lenses, despite the widespread adoption of polycarbonate lenses in recent years. If that's the case, you can use some isopropyl alcohol to loosen the coating, and then scrape it off.

Warning: etching cream is harmful to glass lenses and should not be used on them.

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