Legal Boating Permit in Ontario

Is an Ontario boating license from Transport Canada required?

Yes Eligibility requirements for a Canadian boating license ( License to Operate a Recreational Vessel includes all boats powered by motors in Canada, regardless of size or horsepower, and is not limited to any specific type of boat. You must have the card even while using an electric motor Initiate Study

Does having a Pleasure Craft Operator's License allow you to operate a boat anywhere in Canada?

The answer is yes; all Canadian provinces and territories use the same card. You could be boating in Ontario Quebec Greater Vancouver Area (BC),  Alberta Manitoba The Province of Nova Scotia Province of New Brunswick PEI Saskatchewan  or  Newfoundland The card has nationwide acceptance.

When using an electric motor on a boat in Ontario, do I need a Personal Craft Operator's Certificate (PCOC)?

Yes Everybody in boats must be operated by someone who has a valid Pleasure Craft Operator Card. any   propelled boats There are no exceptions to the rule that all boaters must follow this law. Any boat equipped with an engine of any size is considered a "powered watercraft," including a battery-operated trolling motor

I was wondering how much Ontario's boating license would set me back.

The online safety course required for obtaining a boat driver's license costs just $49. Add 99 for tax This accounts for the time spent studying, taking the final Transport Canada exam, and receiving your first boating license in the mail.

How old do I have to be to get a boating license in Ontario?

There is no legal minimum age to obtain a boat license, but older boaters are subject to additional regulations. The only requirement is a passing grade on the last exam.

How long does the boating permit last?

Neither your boating privileges nor your driver's license ever expire or require renewal.

What's the difference between a boating license and a Pleasure Craft Operator Card?

The Canadian government recognizes a pleasure craft operators card as evidence that the holder has successfully completed a boating safety course, acquired the skills necessary to operate a vessel safely, and is familiar with the regulations and customs governing navigation in Canadian waters. The owner of a pleasure craft is required to prominently display a registration or license number on the vessel's prow. Every recreational boat with a motor greater than 7 kW (10 hp) is required to have one. 5 kW) or higher

Where can I get a new operator's license for my pleasure craft if I've misplaced mine?

When you lose or damage your Pleasure Craft Operator Card, we'll need proof of its original issuance before we can replace it. For more information, please contact us at our toll-free number,   1-800-607-2329   to get in touch with an employee, or fill out the lost card form on our website, and someone will get back to you via email within 24 business hours (during business hours).

With an AceBoater online course under your belt In order to get new cards, go to and sign in.

Is a valid driver's license from Ontario required to obtain a Pleasure Craft Operators Card?

A valid driver's license is not necessary to apply for or receive a Pleasure Craft Operators Card. However, a Pleasure Craft Operator Card is required whenever a person operates a watercraft.

Should I keep my card on me at all times?

Every operator of a vessel must have a valid PCOC on board at all times and make it easily accessible to law enforcement if requested to do so.

When applying for a Pleasure Craft Operator Card, is Canadian residency required?

A Pleasure Craft Operator Card, a completed boat rental safety checklist (for power-driven rental boats), or an operator card or equivalent which meets the requirements of their state or country are all acceptable forms of proof of competency for non-residents.

How long does the boating safety course in Ontario take?

Three hours of studying are needed for Transport Canada. We at Ace Boater have designed a training program to make your online learning experience fun and engaging.

If I don't pass my boating test, what will happen?

Your chances of passing the final exam improve if you take it again. After waiting 24 hours, you'll get another shot at the test. Repeating the course is free of charge if you fail the final exam a second time. To comply with this Transport Canada requirement, one must have a thorough understanding of the rules and regulations governing the operation of a ship.

Time required to obtain a boating license A boating safety course can be completed in as little as three to five hours, allowing you to get your temporary certification and start boating legally in Canada immediately. In a few weeks, you should receive your permanent Pleasure Craft Operators Card in the mail. Just how challenging is the Transport Canada-required boating test? It's really not that hard Throughout the course, you will be provided with all of the information necessary to successfully pass the final examination. Plus, we have quizzes to ensure that you remember the material. You'll need 75% or better to pass the 50-question multiple-choice final exam. With the exam being open book, you can use our study guide to help you prepare. My goal is to become an Ontario boat operator. When and where can I take the Ontario Boating Exam? What if I go boating in another province? It's simple, just take our official aceboater boating safety course.

The Pleasure Craft Operators Card is accepted nationwide, from coast to coast in Canada and the United States.

In Canada, what constitutes evidence of operator competence?

To legally operate a motorized recreational boat in Canada, one must provide evidence of competency, such as a certificate or license, that attests to the individual's familiarity with boating safety procedures and emergency response plans. When using any motor, including electric trolling motors, or when not using any motor at all (such as when sailing), proof of competency is required at all times.

Competency can be demonstrated by any of the following:

  • License to operate a pleasure craft.

    Neither a hard copy nor a digital version of the PCOC is acceptable.

  • Certificate from a boating safety program in Canada that was completed before April 1, 1999 (when the current regulation took effect).

  • Certificate of Competency or Higher in the Marine Industry

  • Checklist for Boat Safety During Rental Valid Only During Rental Period

  • a valid operator's license from the visitor's home country or another acceptable form of identification

Credibility is demonstrated by   not   needful when the following occur:

  • The vessel is being piloted in territorial waters, either those of Nunavut or the NWT.
  • A foreigner who has been in Canada for fewer than 45 continuous days is allowed to operate the boat he or she brought into the country.
When boating in Ontario, what safety gear must you have?

All depends on the size of your boat. Browse our safety gear page here on Aceboater for all the details you need.

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