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defeating the 407 plate refusal problem

The best way to avoid losing your license plate because you failed to pay a $407 fine.

A woman who owes 407 ETR around $25,000 contacted me last week. She was curious. Ignoring a 407 plate and what to do about it Being a qualified receiver of debts and having written on the topic before, I thought it was common knowledge that there is only one real sure-fire way to beat them when you show up to pay your renewal plate fee and they refuse to give you your plate sticker. Since this is still a topic of inquiry, I figured I'd post a Brandon Blog to refresh everyone's memory.

The failure to pay your 407 tolls you can expect a letter in the mail demanding payment. The 407 is infamous for being a haven for toll evaders, but how often do they get caught?

Information gathered from the 407 ETR about 2% of toll evaders voluntarily pay up, according to the company's collection agencies and police forces. However, 407 ETR has the most powerful collection tool; Ontario has the ability to enforce denying plates against those who have a 407 toll bill that is past due Inquiring minds want to know The Secret to Overcoming the 407 Plate Scam

How do I dispute my 407 tax return?

It's futile to dispute your bill with 407. The tolls are calculated based on your usage of the toll road They have recorded your on- and off-ramp movements. Your license plate and car's photo are also on file. As a result, unless you can provide evidence that the sum you were billed is accused of a lie , resisting it is futile You can try to bargain with it, but you can't win a fight with it.

Can you bargain the 407 dollar bill?

The 407 bill is one of the most dreaded pieces of mail received by Ontarians. The 407 bill gets its name from the nearby 405 freeway, where tolls are collected. Your 407 bill is your trip-specific toll obligation. You'll have to fork over 407 cash if you use the 407.

407 ETR, the company responsible for maintaining the 407 freeway, issues the 407 bill. Pay your 407 bill immediately if you have received one. A collection notice will be sent by the company if payment is not made.

Customers who have racked up significant tolls and would face "exceptional hardship" if their request to have them waived was denied can take advantage of 407 ETR's Exceptional Hardship program. legal identifier The consumer can spread out their payments over a set period of time rather than making one large payment.

407 ETR's decision is final and binding. There is no way to appeal their decision. It's clear there isn't much room for bargaining.

As we shall see, a 407 bill can only be successfully negotiated with the help of a official receiver of insolvent assets

defeating the 407 plate refusal problem

Do license plate denials due to a "407" rating hurt your credit score?

It's common knowledge that failing to pay a traffic ticket can result in a slew of fines and penalties, but you might not know that failing to pay your 407 ETR tolls can do the same thing. In the same way that unpaid traffic fines can affect your Score for Use in Borrowing because of this, you financial standing If you are chronically late with your bill payments, the company may hire a collection agency to pursue payment from you. Once a collection agency has it, a report is sent to the Bureaus of Credit Reporting The consequences of such reporting on your Credit rating

How to Appeal a Denied 407 License Plate: Can the ETR Withhold Wages?

Wage garnishment is possible if and only if 407 ETR files suit and wins. However, they do not file lawsuits They rely instead on their innate suspension of registration plates in order to prevent access to New registration plates

The true collection tool is preventing people from learning how to circumvent 407 plate denial. Because of a ruling by Canada's highest court, 407 ETR had to make these changes.

Only a licensed insolvency trustee can advise you on how to avoid having your license suspended for failing to pay your 407 tolls.

Denying Identification tags were ruled to be a valid method of collection Only one expert in all of Canada is capable of defeating the 407. Thus, if you are unable to challenge or negotiate the 407 bills, you have no choice but to defeating the 407 plate refusal problem A long shot, if there ever was one The "Moore Decision" from Canada's highest court addresses this very issue.

Our firm, Trustee Ira Smith inc. as Receiver , has helped people bargain down their 407. Since our clients do not dispute their debt and understand the importance of making payments, they are a pleasure to work with. The 407 is taken on by our company. To initiate contact with them, we first informing 407 ETR of its status as a creditor bankruptcy or offer to the public

defeating the 407 plate refusal problem

Defeat the "Moore Decision" and unpaid highway tolls to get your 407 plate reinstated.

The title of my blog is 407ETR FAIRNESS-ONTARIO COURT OF APPEAL GUARANTEEING NEW BEGINNING I explained to you how the Ontario Court of Appeal reached its decision in 407 ETR Concession Company Limited v. The Moore Decision, In the Matter of the Bankruptcy of Matthew David Moore, by the Superintendent of Bankruptcy

The owners of the highway took their case to the The Highest Court in Canada (SCC) The Supreme Court issued three decisions on Friday, November 13, 2015, all of which addressed the same overarching question: to what extent is the federal government's Insolvency and Bankruptcy Act (BIA) trump state laws that claim to address financial issues like debt and foreclosure. bankruptcy in Canada The SCC gave a definitive affirmative response.

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled against the 407 To determine if the plate denial provisions of the The Highway 407 Act in direct opposition to the release clauses of the BIA The position taken by 407 was that the provincial regulation regarding plate denial must take effect after an individual's release from debtor's prison Several provincial attorneys general, including Ontario's, have argued for their jurisdiction's authority to strictly enforce all vehicle licensing laws.

After reviewing the case, the SCC agreed with the Moore Decision, which concluded that the discharge provision of the BIA circumvents and trumps the Highway 407 Act's provisions for rejecting plates.

What happens to ETR debt settlement if a debtor files for bankruptcy or a consumer proposal?

As a result of the Supreme Court's ruling, pre- bankruptcy The ETR is entitled to recoverable damages for amounts owed. BIA combined with the plate rejection system implemented S.O. 1998, c.28, the Highway 407 Act cannot be used to obtain pre-application fees Therefore, 407 etr Debt settlement in the financial realm is feasible.

After submitting bankruptcy or client submission , in which 407 ETR is listed as a creditor on the sworn Statement of Affairs, 407 ETR will waive the rejection of your license plate for any past-due payments from before you filed for bankruptcy. Insolvency Assignment , the submission of client submission (including any interest or other fees that may have accrued on those balances) The Transportation Ministry will be instructed to update its files accordingly.

In the following cases, plate denial will be lifted:

  • you have not incurred any new financial obligation with 407 ETR that could keep you from beating your 407 plate denial since you originally filed your appeal. consumer proposal or bankruptcy ; and
  • The Transportation Ministry has no outstanding debts against you (e. g tickets) that result in a license plate rejection

After the outstanding balance has been removed from your account, you will be eligible to renew your plates with the Province.

The end of discriminatory plate denial: Strategies for obtaining a 407 plate

407 ETR must, and is doing so in light of the SCC ruling For those who have had their plate renewal applications denied and who have submitted either bankruptcy or a consumer suggestion Plate revival is issued after the 407 ETR debt is cancelled, including all penalties and interest.

Surprisingly, not a single shred of evidence supporting the 407 ETR's prerogative to refuse credit to anyone was presented at any of the Court hearings, including this one before the SCC. The 407 ETR is providing you with credit when you get your transponder so that you can use the toll highway now and pay later. It's the same as when you use your credit card and the bank expects you to pay for the things you bought when you get the bill.

Overcoming the 407 plate denial barrier: a summary

Thanks for checking this out; Defeating the 407 Plate Denial Brandon's Blog: Something to Read If you're worried because you or your company are facing significant debt challenges and you believe that you won't be able to overcome them, read on. bankruptcy call me if that's your only choice. That you persist in this manner is not your fault. You have only been taught conventional methods for addressing money problems. These outdated methods are no longer effective.

The Group of Ira Smith uses cutting-edge methods to help you get out of debt while Keeping out of debt Get the help you need and deserve with our help.

The pressure is extremely high. We're aware of what's making you uneasy. We'll take a close look at everything, from your finances to your emotional wellbeing, and come up with a fresh strategy that's tailor-made for you. Put your worries behind you as we disperse the clouds above you. We'll come up with a plan to help you settle your debts. We know that we can help you now

We know that people and businesses in dire straits financially require a practical rescue. The doesn't adhere to the principle of "one size fits all." The Ira Smith Group Everyone isn't required to bankruptcy filing in Canada Most of our customers never even consider Many individuals and businesses rely on us to help them avoid bankruptcy

Because of this, a fresh reorganization process for Getting out of debt that is custom made for you It will be one-of-a-kind in the same way that your financial struggles and pain are. If any of these sound like something you've experienced and you're serious about finding a solution, We encourage you to get in touch with Ira Smith Trustee & Receiver Inc.

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We will get you or your company back on the road to well-balanced, problem-free operations and remove the stresses that have been holding you back. Resuming Activity, At This Time

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