Information Necessary for Crossing the Atlantic on the Newfoundland Ferry

This is the Newfoundland Ferry, operated by Marine Atlantic

Marine Atlantic is the name most people think of when they hear "Newfoundland Ferry." They ferry passengers and cargo back and forth across the North Atlantic between Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. The daily departures and high volume of traffic attest to the ferry's popularity among tourists, residents who have found employment in neighboring provinces, and shippers of goods destined for the province.

Everything you need to know about catching a ferry to Newfoundland or from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia is covered in this article.

Waiting in line at the Newfoundland Ferry in Port aux Basques. At the Port aux Basques ferry terminal, waiting in line to board.

There are four ferry routes to Newfoundland, but the one most travelers take is the Marine Atlantic route from Nova Scotia. North Sydney, Nova Scotia, to Port aux Basques, Newfoundland, is the most common departure point for one of two ferries that connect Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Nonetheless, the four of them are detailed below.

The most common route for passengers taking a ferry to Newfoundland is from North Sydney to Port aux Basques. The 96 nautical mile journey takes about 6-7 hours on a ferry that operates year-round (although storms can cause delays). The ferry essentially links the Nova Scotia section of the Trans-Canada Highway to the Newfoundland section of the same highway.

Leaving from the same Nova Scotian port as the North Sydney to Argentia route, this ferry travels a shorter distance to St. St. John's, N.F. Getting to the capital city may be easier this way, but it still takes about 16 hours—more than twice as long as the ferry to Port aux Basques. The final destination of this ferry's 280-nautical-mile journey is Argentia.

Connecting Labrador and Newfoundland's Great Northern Peninsula, the ferry from Labrador provides access to the world-famous Viking Trail. Despite its proximity to Labrador, it actually begins in Quebec's Blanc Sablon. During the busy season, the ferry leaves multiple times daily, and the trip across takes less than two hours. While many people enjoy taking this route when traveling to Labrador from Newfoundland, few people make the trip in the opposite direction.

St Did you know that France owns a small group of islands called Pierre and Miquelon, located not too far from Newfoundland's coast? It's a hotspot for tourists in the summer because of its rarity and novelty. Travelers to the French islands typically board a ferry in Newfoundland; however, if you fly into St. Pierre and Miquelon, you can also board a ferry to Newfoundland. It requires about a 5 hours

ferry to Newfoundland

As the Marine Atlantic service between North Sydney and Port aux Basques is the most frequently taken route to Newfoundland, we will analyze prices for this route specifically.

The price of a ferry ride to Newfoundland varies widely. Is a vehicle involved in your crossing? Do you prefer walk-in access or a reserved sleeping space? Day or night, you can cross in the privacy of your own room or simply stroll on and settle into a soft chair. The communal seating options even mimic those found in airlines' premium cabins.

Rates of Travelers:

  • 13-64 year olds = $45 78
  • Free for kids under the age of five
  • Costs $20 for kids aged 5-12. 34
  • Pricing for seniors (65+): $40 23

Cabins: Cabin prices vary based on cabin type and crossing time. Two-berth, four-berth, deluxe, and reserved cabins are all available. Starting at just $11 25 – $169 25 dollars in addition to the vehicle and passenger fees There is a small television and a shower in each cabin.

Transporting your vehicle will cost more if it is a large motorhome than if it is a regular car or a motorcycle. A bus is closer to $300, while the average car costs around $115.

Visit Marine Atlantic's Pricing Page for the most up-to-date listing of current prices.

In order to guarantee yourself a bed on a night crossing, you should make your reservation well in advance. Daytime bed requests are met less frequently than nighttime ones.

Deluxe cabin on the Newfoundland ferry. Each deluxe cabin has a large window and a queen-sized bed. Different cabin options on the ferry to Newfoundland. Newfoundland Ferry Cabin with Two Bunk Beds

The MV Atlantic Vision, MV Blue Puttees, MV Highlanders, and MV Leif Ericson are just some of the ferries that Marine Atlantic operates. There will be a variety of cafes and restaurants on board, as well as bars, lounges, comfortable seating, Wi-Fi, and outdoor viewing areas.

Two hours prior to your crossing time is required regardless of the time of day. The ferries operate very efficiently and on time, despite the occasional delays. Two hours is plenty of time to check in, line up your vehicle, browse the terminal for last-minute souvenirs or refreshments, and board the boat with at least 30 minutes to spare before departure.

While waiting for your vehicle to be loaded onto the ferry, you can visit the terminal. Depending on the length of your trip, you may have anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to explore the vehicles and terminal.

You have the option of going straight to your cabin after boarding, or finding a seat somewhere else on the ship. The ferries are comfortable, clean, and spacious. There are people who can point you in the right direction. Before you leave, take some time to relax and take in the scenery.

Our previous voyage occurred during Covid, when most eateries and bars were closed and only a small cafe serving pizza, fries, and cold sandwiches was open. When Covid isn't an issue, though, there are plenty of great places to eat, play, and be entertained, right in the hotel. Ten years ago, we crossed at night and danced the night away to a live band.

Find out about the Facilities at Marine Atlantic.

Enjoying the views on the ferry to Newfoundland.

We must have taken the ferry to Newfoundland and back a dozen times, so we have some good ideas for making the trip enjoyable. It's not difficult, but it helps to have some background knowledge before diving in.

If you're worried about getting seasick, pick up a bottle of Gravol before you set sail. If you want to avoid seasickness, take the Gravol pill while waiting in line for your car rather than in the hours leading up to your trip. We've sailed when the sea was calm as glass and we've smashed into the cabin walls while trying to find the lavatory. The ocean can make some people seasick, so be prepared.

Make sure you only need to check in one bag if you're taking a car to your destination. The perimeter has been sealed off for everyone's protection. If you don't want to be rushed or forget anything, pack a small bag before you leave. There are some standard items that we always have on hand: Gravol, Tylenol, a book, a notebook, a pen, headphones, snacks, and water. These are matters of vital importance, but you should prepare in advance. You should allocate at least seven hours for the trip. Also, bring a camera.

Layer Up: Temperatures can dip depending on the season. The ship has heating, but like an airplane, it may be too cold or too warm for some passengers. The beautiful ocean views and fresh air outside are worth braving the wind for, so we recommend doing both. Consider bringing a coat or raincoat, a sweater, and possibly a hat and gloves. In addition, sunglasses

You may want to plan on staying the night at your destination if you are taking the day crossing. You should also consider reserving a room at a hotel near the airport. A typical ferry schedule has a noon departure and a 6-7 pm arrival. Driving at night can be dangerous due to the large number of moose in the area, even if conditions are ideal during the summer. Below, you'll find a list of hotels we highly recommend.

North Sydney, Nova Scotia ferry terminal. Traveling to Nova Scotia's North Sydney

How long does the Newfoundland ferry ride take?

It takes about 6 or 7 hours to travel from North Sydney to Port aux Basques on the most frequented ferry.

How much does a ferry ticket to Newfoundland cost?

From North Sydney, Nova Scotia, you can take a ferry to Port-aux-Basques for approximately $44 per adult and $115 per car. The cost increases dramatically for those taking an RV or other large vehicle.

How much does a Newfoundland ferry cabin cost?

The cheapest 2-person cabins cost $53. 50 for a day trip and $58 for a cabin that sleeps four 50 Prices for deluxe rooms start at $112 50 to $169 25

To Newfoundland, can you sleep in your car overnight?

No floor, deck, or vehicle sleeping is allowed. It is not guaranteed that passengers will be able to stay in their rooms in the event of a ship delay or switch. If you get out of your car, you'll lose access to it forever.

How many people can the Newfoundland ferry accommodate?

It all depends on which ferry you take. On the other hand, the Ericson can transport 500 people and 250 cars or cars' worth of cargo.

Is smoking allowed on the Marine Atlantic ship?

Only in the outdoor smoking areas, which are clearly marked, may cigarettes be smoked.

Where do I go to make my Newfoundland ferry reservation?

You can make a reservation over the phone, or you can go to www. marineatlantic ca, or call their toll-free reservations number, (800)341-7981, to speak with a Reservations Agent.

Does WIFI exist on Marine Atlantic ferries?

Free Wi-Fi is provided for passengers sailing between North Sydney and Port aux Basques. The ferry terminals also offer Wi-Fi for passengers. We have found that Wi-Fi is not always reliable. However, there were times when our cellular coverage was superior to that of the Atlantic provinces on land. The signal is especially bad for the longer trip to Argentia.

When is the best time of year to go to Newfoundland?

Our Things to Do in Newfoundland article can help you plan your vacation. Between the end of June and the beginning of September is when most tourists find Newfoundland to be at its best. The best time to see icebergs is between May and June, while the first signs of fall color can be seen in early October.

Hotels In Port Aux Basques 1024x683 St Port aux Basques' Christopher's Hotel

You might want to spend the night in North Sydney, Nova Scotia, or Port aux Basques, Newfoundland, depending on the season or the timing of your crossing. We advise against driving after dark, as there are many moose in the area at all times of the year. If you hit one, it will hurt.

North Sydney's Chambers Bed & Breakfast

The Chambers Guest House B&B is one of our favorite quaint accommodations in North Sydney. The current owner's great grandfather, a sea captain and merchant, built this lovely 1880 Victorian home, and it has remained in the family for four generations.

Staying at Cheryl Chambers' bed and breakfast is like taking a trip back in time, what with all the antique furniture, collectible china and glass, and warm hospitality. Prices range from to $100 per night for the four bedrooms, and some of them have private bathrooms. Fresh fruit, boiled or scrambled eggs, cereal with seasonal berries and yogurt, waffles with local maple syrup, and assorted homemade muffins, loaves, and cake are all included in the gourmet breakfast. Milk, juice, tea, and coffee are all examples of beverages.

You won't find a better deal anywhere in Canada, honest to goodness. Cheryl even provided us with complimentary wine and nuts during our stay. The house has a beautiful garden and is only a three-minute drive from the dock. Strongly suggested. For more information about Chambers B&B, please visit their website.

where to stay in North Sydney, Nova Scotia. North Sydney, Nova Scotia, at the Chambers Guest House B&B

St Inn of Christopher, Port of the Basques

There aren't any Victorian mansions here like there are in North Sydney. However, there are many inns and hotels to choose from. St. Christopher's Hotel is a large hotel with stunning harbor views and convenient proximity to the ferry dock, which is where we stayed on our most recent trip.

After weeks of staying in century-old homes with narrow stairways, it was a welcome relief to have an elevator in this older hotel. The room was enormous, and the beds were comfortable. You can park easily, and the on-site eatery serves delicious meals, including breakfast, just in time for your ferry departure.

Port aux Basques, Newfoundland Away from Newfoundland's Port aux Basques

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