Individuals with a valid security guard or private investigator license.

Apply for a new license, reinstate an old one, or make changes to an existing one in order to work as a security guard or private investigator.

In Ontario, you need a license to work as a security guard or private investigator.

The date you were born determines when your security guard or private investigator license will expire. You can expect your first license to expire two years from the date it was issued. This means that if your first license was issued on October 1, 2019, and your birthday is December 15, 2019, your license will expire on December 15, 2020.

When your license is up for renewal, the new expiration date will always be two years from the current one and be based on your birthday.

You can apply for a license either online or by mail; however, online applications are processed more quickly. Before submitting an application, please make sure you meet all of the prerequisites listed below.

To Your Advantage Before You Apply

You must meet the following requirements to be issued a license:

Exhibit 1: You must:

Second, finish the training and examination by:

The following materials should be included with your application:

  • what ever number you got when you finished your Ontario exams
    • In the event that you have a valid security guard or private investigator license from another province, you may submit that license number along with a copy of the front and back of your license.
  • photo that is acceptable for passport purposes
  • credentials that verify who you are and whether or not you're allowed to work in Canada
  • Guarantor's signature and date on your Guarantor Information Form
  • the fee that corresponds to your license category

Submit an application via the web

Delays in processing

In some cases, the time it takes to review and approve an online application may be more than 10 business days. To better meet your needs, we are updating our infrastructure.

Applying for a license online is the quickest route to getting one.

There may be a delay of up to 10 business days in processing and approving a properly completed online application.

Eight weeks after your application is approved, your new license card will be mailed to you. A digital license is also available for you to download and print.

The following are necessities for obtaining a license via electronic means:

To renew a current license, you have until 90 days before the end of the license term.

Make sure your browser supports TLS 1.2 if you're having trouble with online purchases.

Send in your application by snail mail.

A properly submitted mail-in application may take up to 30 business days to process and be approved.

Your new driver's license will arrive in the mail within eight weeks after your application has been processed and approved. A digital license is also available for you to download and print.

In order to obtain a license through the mail, you must:

Where to send mail

Send your completed application to:ServiceOntarioOccupational Licensing Services OfficeP. O RR 4500, Kingston, Ontario

K7L 0E1

It is important to note that you must provide your email address on the application form if you wish to receive email notifications about your license (such as renewal reminders).

Price and timing of shipment


  • Private Investigator Registration Fee:
  • Cost of a security guard's license:
  • Pricing for a dual license is $160.

If you're submitting an application online, these methods of payment are accepted:

  • InteracOnline®
  • Payment with a credit card (Discover®, Visa®, or MasterCard®)
  • ATM card (Visa® or Mastercard®)

If you are submitting a paper application, you can send your fee in any of the following ways, all of which should be addressed to the Minister of Finance:

  • bank draft
  • postal or bank money order
  • paid in full by a certified check

Please be aware that we cannot accept any payment methods through the mail at this time.

There will be no reimbursements for any payments made. If an application is withdrawn, denied for ineligibility, or returned for errors or incomplete information and the necessary information is not resubmitted within 90 calendar days, the application will be considered abandoned. There will be a processing fee deducted from your payment.


A new license card will be mailed to you within eight weeks of the application's approval.

Obtain a digital version.

The digital version of your license is available for download and printing once your application has been processed and approved. The license card you will receive in the mail will serve as replacement for your digital copy.

Determine if a portable document format (PDF) version of your license is readily accessible for your review.

Update your driver's license info.

Confidential details

If any of the following apply to you, you must report it to the appropriate ministry immediately:

  • you've updated your identification data (like your name, address, or phone number).
  • If you have been convicted of, or found guilty of, an offense covered by Ontario Regulation 37/08 (Eligibility to Hold a Licence - Clean Criminal Record), you must report the conviction or finding of guilt within five days.

Adding or removing information from your driver's license is free of charge.


You need to update your license information, including your address.

Keep in mind that committing a crime will result in a license suspension.

To reiterate, you cannot alter your name in the online system. Requests to change one's name must be submitted in writing.

By mail

If you need to update your mailing address, phone number, or name on your driver's license, or if you want to add a criminal conviction, you can do so by sending the following information

Rebrand yourself.

A government-issued certificate of name change must be provided if your name has been changed in accordance with the Change of Name Act.

Please provide a copy of your marriage license or other official documentation proving your legal name change.

Marriage and birth certificates issued by the government must be presented if the woman wishes to revert to her maiden name.

Church-issued marriage licenses, for example, are not recognized as valid identification.

Changing your name on a driver's license is free of charge.

In order to legally alter your name:

Alter the type of driver's license you hold

In order to upgrade your license, you must have:

  • a scanned photo that, if necessary, conforms to passport standards for photographs
  • Proof of identity and work authorization in the form of government-issued identification
  • proof that your guarantor is willing to sign and date a Guarantor Information Form
  • if you are upgrading from a security guard or private investigator license to a dual license, your new Ontario Testing Completion Number
    • Please provide your out-of-province license number and a copy of the front and back of your out-of-province security guard or private investigator license if you have one.

Unless you are also renewing or restoring your license, changing your license category is free of charge.


To update your security guard certification:

Modify your private investigator certification to:

Should you decide to switch from a dual license (security guard and private investigator):

Change your license's classification and get it renewed or reinstated:


Send the following to the Department of Motor Vehicles to have your license classification changed:

Submissions Received Back

You have 90 days to respond to any questions or provide any additional materials after your application is returned to you due to an error or missing information. The application will be considered closed and the processing fee retained if the necessary documentation is not submitted within 90 calendar days. After 90 days have passed, you'll have to pay a new licensing fee if you submit the necessary paperwork.

Your ServiceOntario ONe-key account is where you'll go to make changes to your application and resubmit it if it has been returned to you after submitting it online.

A resubmitted online application may take up to 10 business days to process.

Getting your photo and necessary paperwork ready

Legally-required Photographs

For first-time license applications, a passport-style photo is required.

Standard photo expiration dates are six years. If the photo on file with your driver's license agency has expired, you will need to submit a new photo in order to renew, restore, or change the category of your license online. ServiceOntario can verify the authenticity of your photo if you are renewing, restoring, or changing the category of your license via mail.

Listed here is a model photograph that meets all requirements.

Your photo requirements are as follows:

  • a brand-new, never-before-seen photograph that hasn't been manipulated in any way (this specifically excludes photos copied from documents like passports).
  • this is not a "selfie"
  • Measurements: 50 mm x 70 mm (2 inches x 2 3/4 inches).
    • Between 31 and 36 millimeters (1 1/4 and 1 7/16 inches) is ideal for the vertical distance between the bottom of the face and the crown of the head.
  • distinct, crisp, and in focus
  • accompanied by:
    • white background with distinct separation between your face and the rest of the frame Pictures must accurately depict skin tones.
    • light that is evenly distributed and does not cast shadows, cause glare, reflect light, or cause red eyes.
    • Keep your chin up and your chin square to the camera.
  • taken while maintaining a poker face
    • open and observable eyes
    • lips sealed, not a grin in sight
  • recent photo of yourself (taken within the last six months)

Please take note that if your eyes are easily visible and the lenses are glare-free, you may wear prescription glasses. No sunglasses allowed.

Except when worn daily for religious or medical reasons, hats and other head coverings are not permitted. A full view of your face is required, and your head covering should not obscure your features in the photo.

Images that are not acceptable as examples

Examples of unacceptable images are provided below.

Provide documentation of your identity and legal right to work in Canada.

We require that you submit two forms of government-issued identification (ID) with both the front and back sides photocopied:

  1. Bring only one form of identification that verifies your identity (and that includes your full legal name, photo, signature, and date of birth).
  2. A supplementary ID documenting your right to work in Canada It's not possible to use the same ID for both applications.

To review before handing in your identification documents:

  • Select one form of identification from List 1 and one form of identification from List 2 from the list of acceptable documents.
  • You must use the same two forms of identification (driver's license and a photo ID) to both apply and meet with your guarantor.
  • At the time of application submission, all submitted identification must be in good standing (not expired, suspended, or revoked).
  • Both forms of identification must contain the same information, including the same first and last names, and the names on both forms of identification must match the names used to apply for the license.
  • Your identification documents must be either in English or French, or translated into one of those languages by a certified translator.
  • You must submit photocopies of your valid forms of identification that are in good enough quality for us to read both the front and back.

Required Proof

Pick one from List 1

To verify your identity, please use one of the following documents (which must contain your full legal name, date of birth, signature, and photo):

Warning: you can't use the same ID to prove your Canadian citizenship and your employment eligibility.

  • license to drive in any jurisdiction
  • in principle, any Passport that is currently valid
  • Obtaining an Ontario Identification Card
  • Document evidencing identity as a Canadian citizen (photo ID card).
  • Identification card from the Canadian Department of National Defense (issued within the past five years).
  • ID Card for the Canadian Armed Forces issued by the Canadian Department of National Defense
  • Valid Canadian Travel Document
  • Document for Seeker of Refugee Status (with Photograph)
  • Proof of Indian Blood Certificate
Pick one from List 2

To demonstrate your legal right to work in Canada, please present one of the following identification documents:

  • Documentation of Canadian Origin
  • Documentation of a Successful Birth (Attested)
  • Canadian Citizenship Documentation
  • Document of Canadian Citizenship
  • Card for Permanent Residence
  • Proof of Eligibility to Reside Permanently
  • Certification of Naturalization (issued prior to January 1, 1974)
  • valid student or work visa
  • Arrival Log (IMM 1000)
  • Validation of Indian Blood Certificate
  • Certificate of Retention
  • Birth Registration Document Issued in Another Country
  • Canadian Military ID Card
  • Canadian Forces ID Card from the Department of National Defense (DND)
  • Validation of Touchdown
  • Notice of Verification of Status / Verification of Status Verification
  • Document of Identity for Foreign Nationals in Canada (IMM183).

Formalities that don't cut it

These forms of identification are not going to be accepted:

  • Identifying Documentation for Medical Care
  • Identification card featuring a Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  • License to either possess or acquire firearms (known as a "PAL" or "POL").
  • Permission to Use the PSIS
  • Birth Announcement, Live Birth Announcement, Birth Registration Certificate
  • Quebec vital records issued prior to 1994
  • Proof of citizenship in Canada
  • In the form of playing cards, the Metis Nation

Try to locate a cosigner.

Original documents must be submitted to a guarantor to verify an applicant's identity.

A suitable guarantor would be:

  • The minimum age to participate is 18
  • Obtainable via telephone
  • a person who has known you for at least two years on a personal level
  • being able to verify your most fundamental identifiers (such as your name, age, physical description, and history)

Your guarantor doesn't have to be someone you've known for at least two years if you can't find one; they can be anyone else instead.

  • that person who employs you
  • anyone with a valid license to work as a security guard or private investigator in the province of Ontario.
  • an executive, manager, or proprietor of a security firm, private investigation firm, or other business compliant with the Private Security and Investigative Services Act of 2005
  • chiropractor
  • dentist
  • judge
  • Peacemaker and Judge
  • pharmacist
  • lawyer
  • mayor
  • physician
  • legal religious leader in the province who can legally perform weddings
  • Document Verifier
  • an officer of the law
  • any elementary or secondary school principal or educator
  • Expert Accountant
  • trained engineer
  • academic staff member at a public institution
  • veterinarian

Get the Guarantor Data Sheet here and fill it out. The applicant is free to fill out Section A, but the guarantor is required to finish Section B.

Keep the following tips in mind as you fill out the Guarantor Information Form:

  • The written word must be legible and presented in an orderly fashion. If you make a mistake, you should cross it out, update the information next to the mistake, and initial the new section. Please refrain from using tape or correction fluid.
  • Your guarantor must identify themselves professionally (as a police officer or teacher) or personally (as a family member or friend).
  • When applying for a license, you must present your guarantor with the same two forms of identification you will use to obtain the license. Each applicant must submit copies of two forms of identification.
  • The guarantor is responsible for verifying that the names on both forms of identification are the same.
  • Your guarantor needs to sign and date the form in order for it to be valid. Signatures can be digitally transmitted. The form is only valid for 90 days after it has been signed.
  • Online applicants must have a scanned copy of their completed application form ready to upload at the time they submit their application.

Warning of Debt Collection

In accordance with Section 11 of the Private Security and Investigative Services Act, 2005, ServiceOntario will collect your personal information in order to fulfill your request on behalf of the Ministry of the Solicitor General. Use of the data collected will include identification and the management of licenses issued under the Act.

The ServiceOntario call center can be reached at if you have any inquiries regarding the collection and use of your personal information.

  • Free phone number: (866) 767-7454
  • GTA: 416-212-1650
  • 416-212-6319

By mail:

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario

P O  Box 4500

Kingston ON 
K7L 0E1

Contact us

Questions can be sent to [email protected] or called in between 8:30 and 4:30 a.m., Monday through Friday. m to 5 p m :

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