In order to renew your SIN as a temporary foreign worker, you must provide proof that you have met all of the criteria set forth by the Canadian government.

Canadian businesses often turn to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) to address shortages in the country's labor force or in-demand skillset. There are several possible entry points for these non-Canadian works:

  • By participating in Express Entry, an employer can help a foreign worker apply for permanent residency in the United States.
  • Canadian businesses can take advantage of the Global Talent Stream to hire foreign nationals who possess rare and in-demand skills.
  • Studies, specifically for international college students
  • Agriculture, which refers to labor performed in a agricultural setting such as a farm, nursery, or greenhouse
  • A caregiver is a temporary worker who provides in-home care for a child, an elderly person, or someone with special medical needs.  
  • Quebec, a region unique to the needs of temporary foreign workers looking for employment in Quebec.  

SINs are issued to temporary foreign workers regardless of whether or not they have permanent residency.  

Exactly what is a SIN?

A Social Insurance Number (SIN) is required in order to work or participate in any Canadian government-funded programs. The number has nine digits and is issued without cost to the applicant. The SIN is not transferable for use by any other party. Keep in mind that identity thieves and con artists can use your Social Security number against you.  

Numbered Identifier Numbers (PINs) Beginning With "9"

Your Social Security Number will begin with the number "9" if you are a temporary worker who has not yet become a permanent resident or a citizen. If your work authorization documents to remain in Canada are set to expire before your SIN does, you must renew your SIN before it becomes invalid. Your old SIN will no longer be usable after you've updated it.  

Learn your legal standing as a guest worker abroad.

In what situations is it necessary to renew your SIN?  

It's important to remember that you'll need to renew your SIN in the following cases:

  • It's possible that if you change your name
  • If you identify as a different gender
  • In case your temporary SIN (SINs beginning with 9) becomes invalid,

Any time the SIN's expiration date differs from the one listed on your work authorization document from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), you must update or renew your SIN as a temporary worker.  

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Employees on temporary contracts may have "implied status" in certain circumstances. This happens if your work permit expires before the IRCC makes a decision on your renewal application. For the time being, you can keep working even though your SIN has expired, provided that you submit your application for a new one. You must be currently located in Canada if you wish to maintain your employment status under these conditions. The IRCC will issue a new immigration document once your application is approved, and you must then change your SIN to reflect this.  

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Instructions for Obtaining a New SIN or Renewing an Existing One

A temporary foreign worker can apply for or renew their SIN in a number of different ways.

Find out how to get a SIN from the Canadian government.

Online SSN Application and Renewal

Click here to apply via the government website If you intend to submit your application online, you should have the following materials ready:

Submit an Application for a SIN or a Renewal of an Existing One

Requesting an appointment at your neighborhood Service Canada Centre allows you to submit an application in person. You'll require:

Find out how to register for a CRA My Account now!

Send a Postal Application for a SIN Number or a Renewal

This SIN application form can be submitted via postal mail. You must also include the following in your shipment:

Don't forget to include this address on your SIN application envelope:

Service CanadaRegistration Officefor Social InsurancePost Office Box 7000

Address: Bathurst New Brunswick, E2A 4T1

Document What is it Examples First and foremost proof of who you are Canadian government-issued identification and immigration status proof Documents Required To Prove Your Canadian Citizenship And/Or Prove Your Birth In The Country

– International Birth Registration Document

Records that are supplementary - A certificate issued by the federal, provincial, territorial, or local government
Proof of your identity, such as a passport from outside the country Documents accepted in Canada include: - Passport - Driver's License - Provincial/Territorial Identification Card

Alternative government-issued identification I D

Proof of residence Evidence of your identity and current address from a recognized institution Invoices from the bank, the utility company, the cell phone company, the credit card company, the mortgage company, and the landlord Lease agreements

Agreement to Work

Complementary Materials Present your current nom de plume. - Certificate of Marriage - Certificate of Divorce - Certificate of Name Change - Certificate of Adoption - Certificate of Notarization

Form for Editing the Landing Report

Check out the requirements to get a job as a Canadian citizen abroad.

In Conclusion

Foreign workers who aren't yet Canadian citizens or permanent residents have many options for finding work in Canada. While working temporary jobs, it is important to remember to take care of administrative tasks like renewing your SIN number.  

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