How to Watch the 2022 Super Bowl Online

If you have cable and want to watch the game on an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, etc.), you can simply tune in to NBC, or you can stream it live on the NBC Sports app.

  • MONTREAL — A new study by researchers at the University of Montreal suggests that using technology to communicate with others is less effective than speaking to them face-to-face and that using remote video chatting may even require a higher level of concentration. Zoom fatigue, the authors write, is real and can be attributed to long periods of time spent in online meetings, such as those that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. The results of our study make it abundantly clear that technological advancement does not come cheap.

  • More classified documents were discovered at Vice President Joe Biden's home in Delaware, and his team is now attempting damage control. After Biden criticized Trump for taking classified materials to his Mar-a-Lago resort, Republicans were quick to label him a hypocrite.

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  • Anglophone students in New Brunswick will be able to participate in public consultations led by Education Minister Bill Hogan on the province's proposed French language curriculum beginning Monday night. Hogan will begin by broadcasting live on the provincial government's YouTube channel, responding to citizens' questions about the initiative submitted via social media. Hogan announced on December 1 that other consultation sessions would be held in Bathurst, Moncton, Saint John, and Fredericton. 15 that the revamped French language program will improve

  • Two of the three NATO surveillance planes temporarily stationed in Romania have landed at a base outside of Bucharest and will soon begin flying missions to keep an eye on Russian military activity close to the alliance's 30 member states. On Tuesday afternoon, planes from the Airborne Warning and Control System touched down at Otopeni air base, and a third plane is expected to arrive later that day. They'll be stationed there for a while. NATO's "eyes in the sky," the AWACS aircraft

  • EDMONTON — Alberta Health Minister Jason Copping says the province plans to add 20 more ambulances to Edmonton and Calgary during peak hours and implement other reforms to reduce bottlenecks hindering front-line care. At a press conference held on Monday in Spruce Grove, Alberta, Copping said, "All EMS workers across the province have been feeling the impact of the significant increase in 911 calls." to the west of Edmonton The number of calls has increased by as much as 30 percent in the past 18 months.

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  • To what extent does the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation wield too much sway? CEO Mark Suzman posed this question in the foundation's annual letter, which was published on Tuesday and lays out the group's priorities and budget for the coming year. With The Gates Foundation is the largest private philanthropist, with $3 billion to donate in 2023. Its spending power, thanks to its over billion endowment, is expected to last for decades. During a recent interview, I was asked

  • Authorities in Belgium tried to crack down on fan violence during the 2021-22 soccer season by banning more than 1,800 people from entering stadiums and fining them more money. Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden said on Tuesday that the sanctions "are a clear signal that bad behavior has no place in our soccer stadiums." The interior ministry set up a special unit to impose the sanctions as part of a crackdown in response to recurring incidents. The government's numbers suggest that

  • German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is under pressure to approve the export of Leopard 2 battle tanks to Ukraine, which would increase international military support for Kyiv. So far, Germany has been resistant to the idea, saying that Western tanks should only be supplied to Ukraine if there is agreement among Kyiv's main allies, especially the United States.

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    Those who purchase a four-week emergency food supply will receive a free 20,000 mAh wireless mobile charger. If the power goes out, will you be able to keep operating?

  • CLEVELAND (A.P. ) — Republican state Sen. On Tuesday, Matt Dolan announced that he will run for U. S Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, a Democrat, is expected to run for reelection in 2024, while the Republican Party hopes to flip his seat. Among Republicans, Dolan is the first to enter the race. He is a moderate from the Cleveland suburb of Chagrin Falls and a member of the family that owns the Cleveland Guardians of Major League Baseball. When he ran for the open U.S. Senate seat in Ohio, he presented himself as tough but pragmatic. S Senate Elections:

  • Canadian advanced air defense systems and additional armored vehicles are among the Western aid being sent to Ukraine in preparation for an expected offensive.

  • Windsor's council will support a plan to add 100 MW to the electric system via two natural gas-powered turbines, despite the fact that some locals are worried about the impact the project will have on the environment. At its east Windsor cogeneration facility on 244 Cadillac St., Capital Power hopes to install two peaking fired units. The firm claims it will only operate the facility during times of high demand. By a vote of 8-2, the council approved the proposal. Several people expressed their displeasure with that at the council meeting on Monday.

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  • The Alaska Legislature convened for its new session on Tuesday in JUNEAU, with the House electing a temporary speaker but no majority organization in place. A representative was elected by a 100% vote in the House. Utqiagvik independent Josiah Patkotak will serve as the interim speaker. Republican Senator Bernie Sanders was selected by the Senate. Kodiak Republican Gary Stevens was elected Senate president without any opposition. There are 20 senators, and Stevens is one of 17 from a bipartisan coalition. At the beginning of the following two l

  • Monday, British judges cleared the way for the Court of Appeal to hear challenges to the U.S. K plans by the government to send some refugees seeking asylum to Rwanda on one-way trips. An appeal by several asylum seekers, aid groups, and a border officials' union was dismissed by two High Court judges in December, ruling that the contentious policy is legal. On Monday, the same three judges said the claimants have the right to challenge the decision on the grounds that the plan is "systemically unfair."

  • Barrick Gold Corp., based in Toronto, claims it fell short of its 2022 gold production targets. According to the company, 4 Preliminary estimates put 2018 gold production at 14 million ounces, up from 4 million ounces predicted at the start of the year. 2,000,000 fluid ounces Production estimates for copper came in at 440 million pounds, right in the middle of the company's 420 million-to-470 million-pound target range. According to preliminary results for the company's fourth quarter, sales at Barrick totaled 1 An astounding 11 million fluid ounces of go

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  • Car industry billboards in Europe have been vandalized as part of a coordinated campaign by climate activists to draw attention to the industry's negative effects on the environment. The timing of the Brussels event was chosen to coincide with the centennial of the city's International Motor Show. Insight from Euronews

  • Breaking news for January 16, 2023 from Euronews at 6:11 a.m.

  • The Yeti Airlines ATR 72 crashed near Pokhara, Nepal, on Sunday, killing all on board. Dozens of people gathered to pay their respects to the victims.

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  • Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario, has dismissed concerns that more public money will go to for-profit clinics to expedite access to certain medical procedures. Provincial Premier Doug Ford has stated that the province is merely building upon the infrastructure that already exists.

  • Located in the historic St. Louis neighborhood of Outer Battery, floodlight owner St. John has a long list of pending lawsuits, and locals worry that his love of litigation prevents the city from taking action. Property owner Colin Way at the end of Outer Battery Road installed a powerful lighting system, prompting months of complaints from nearby residents about its intrusion into their homes and disruption of normal activities. Regardless of pending criminal charges,

  • Canada's new guidelines on low-risk alcohol consumption significantly reduce the amount of alcohol that can be consumed without harm. According to a recent report by the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction, alcoholic beverages are linked to seven different cancers, most commonly breast and colon cancers, as well as heart disease, liver disease, dementia, and respiratory infections. According to this study, drinking any amount of alcohol (even two standard drinks per week) is bad for your health.

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