How to Prevent Skunks from Living Under Your Deck in 6 Easy Steps

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It can be challenging to eliminate pests such as rodents and other small animals from under the deck. Getting rid of critters like possums and skunks from under a deck is a major hassle for most homeowners.

Mice and rats will nest in areas that are completely protected from the elements.

Needless to say, skunks wreaking havoc under your deck are the last thing you need. There will be a lot of stress in your life and you won't be able to get a good night's rest because of it.

Skunks have comparatively long bodies, measuring between 40 and 90 cm in length.

Also, their front legs are equipped with sharp claws for digging. Skunks are easily recognizable from a distance due to their white and black coloring.

However, some skunks have a cream-colored appearance, so it's important to identify them first before taking any kind of action.

A skunk's stripes are easily its most defining characteristic. You can tell them apart from one another by their distinctive patterns of striping, which range from a single longitudinal stripe to multiple diagonal stripes running along each leg.

Skunks that make their home under your deck are also likely to be discovered rooting around in your trash cans.

Anything from larvae to bird eggs to worms on the ground is fair game for these creatures because of their omnivorous nature. As a bonus, skunks enjoy eating honeybees, so if you have a large garden full of flowers that attract honeybees, you should be aware that skunks will likely destroy your garden in order to get at the bees.

Most skunks won't bite a human, but that doesn't stop most people from being afraid of them.

Skunks are usually harmless animals, but you should still exercise caution around them. Skunks' most offensive defense mechanism is not their bite, but rather the pungent, incredibly disgusting smell they can release.

To defend itself, a skunk will spray an extremely offensive-smelling liquid, which can even cause an adult to cry if exposed for extended periods of time.

Also, skunks can sometimes be carriers of rabies; if one bites you, you may need to visit your doctor for rabies shots. Clearly, you need to do something about the skunks living under your deck.

To help you get rid of the skunks under your deck, here is a quick reference.

Just What Was It That Hooked Them?

Skunks Near Deck

Finding out what enticed the skunks under your deck is the first step toward developing a successful plan for removing the skunks from your property.

Skunks prefer to live under decks and houses rather than in the forest because there is more food available in these areas.

For instance, skunks are likely to be attracted to your property if your vegetable garden is not adequately protected and fenced.

Skunks prefer the insects that live in tall grass, but they will happily rummage through trash cans and compost heaps if given the chance.

Knowing the main causes of a skunk population boom near your home can motivate you to take decisive action.

Keep in mind that more skunks will invade your property if you do nothing. They will keep coming back no matter how often you get rid of them.

In light of this, it is imperative that you take preventative measures to increase safety. After you have installed your fencing and determined that no additional skunks will be able to enter, you can develop a plan to remove the skunks currently residing in your yard.

To assist you, we have provided the following detailed instructions:

Eliminate All Organic Food Options

Macadamia Nuts

Skunks are only going to set up shop under your deck if there is a reliable food source there. So the first order of business is to eliminate all vegetation and other potential food sources.

Skunks are formidable scavengers and will consume anything they can get their stinky paws on.

Cleaning up the area around your nut and berry producing trees in the garden should be a regular occurrence. Rake up any fruit or berries that may have fallen to the ground, place them in a plastic bag, and dispose of them in the trash.

Skunks are attracted to even the smallest bits of vegetation, so even grass clippings need to be thrown away regularly. Fruits and vegetables in a garden should be picked as soon as they reach full ripeness.

Skunks typically avoid eating ripe fruits and vegetables. But if you don't tend to your garden, they'll be running amok in it. In addition, many people hang bird feeders from balconies and roofs.

The skunks won't go to the trouble of climbing up and destroying the birds' nest, but they will eat any seeds that fall to the ground.

A tray placed under the feeder can prevent this from happening. You should also regularly clean the area around the feeders to remove any stray seeds that the birds may have dropped.

Because of this, skunks will lose access to an essential food source.

Wrap Up Your Garbage

Trash Bin with Lid

Do not leave trash cans or bags outside overnight. It's a common mistake, one from which many suffer the repercussions in the future.

There is a good chance that skunks and other rodents will get into your trash if you just tighten the bag and leave it on the porch until morning.

Skunks, like raccoons and other rodents, are perfectly content to subsist on the trash you throw out. You should be aware that merely placing the trash inside your regular trash can is not guaranteed to get rid of the garbage.

Skunks and other rodents can be a nuisance when they figure out how to open your trash can's lid.

You should purchase a trash can with a locking lid to avoid trash scavengers like these. You can easily open the lid and dispose of trash in these trash cans because they have a latch. Garbage men will simply open the can and remove the trash.

The use of a compost bin is required for any successful composting effort. If you leave the compost pile open and unattended, skunks will dig into it, so keeping it sealed off is essential.

If you do these things, the skunks may be forced to find new food sources, and they may decide to move.

Third, Put a Cap on It

Broken Lattice Around Deck

If you have checked the area thoroughly and determined there are no skunks present, you may wish to install a few panels to seal off the area under the deck.

Skunks may only be a problem if they come to your property at night, when you can hear them scurrying around under the deck and then leaving again in the morning.

Seeing this means skunks are looking for a new home, so it's time to get rid of them. The best course of action would be to install panels over all the cracks and crevices under the deck that the skunks could use to gain access.

Setting Up Electrical Work

Deck Lighting

Skunks avoid being seen, so they prefer dark, out-of-the-way places to live. Putting up lights around your deck and property can help deter skunks from settling there. To be clear, this is not the gold standard by any means.

The installation of solar-powered outdoor lighting can help you save money on your monthly energy bills. If you're concerned about your carbon footprint, installing motion-activated lights could be a good idea.

When the motion detector is triggered, the lights will come on immediately.

Make Use of Chemical Repellents

Chemical Repellent

To get rid of skunks in your yard or under your deck, you can use one of the many repellent chemicals available for purchase.

You'll need to strategically place chemical repellents around your yard and under your deck, and then reapply them every few days.

You must consistently position them in the same areas to deter skunks. Skunks, for instance, can be scared away with dog urine.

You could buy products containing the urine at your local hardware store. Use this to protect yourself from skunks.

The skunk population will gradually decrease in these areas over the next few days. If you'd like to keep squirrels and skunks away from your home, you can choose from a number of different pepper sprays on the market. Use a spray bottle to apply them to the trees and the ground beneath your deck.

In addition, ammonia is an effective skunk deterrent that can speed up the process of getting rid of skunks. A solution of ammonia soaked rags placed under the deck will help prevent mold growth.

The ammonia smell, however, can be quite pungent, so that's something else you might have to endure.

Skunks can be effectively repelled by citrus peel in certain situations. Spreading citrus peels under the deck can help prevent termites, and if you don't have any orange peels on hand, you can always substitute lemon peels. Both are effective solutions for skunk control, and you won't go wrong with either.

No. 6: Laying a Spynet

You can purchase humane traps to catch the skunks and remove them from your property. Skunks can become very defensive when cornered, so be wary lest you be sprayed with their noxious spray.

One viable option is to use a spring-loaded skunk trap, which will make capturing the animal a breeze. Skunks can be difficult to get rid of because they may spray in every direction if they feel threatened. In some cases, it's advised that you don a face mask and other safety gear.

Face away from the door as much as possible to avoid being sprayed. It's possible that a skunk will leave the trap calmly once it realizes it's being released into the woods, but extra precautions shouldn't hurt. In this way, skunk removal from your property will be quick and easy.

Keep in mind that it's preferable to remove skunks from your property in a humane and gentle way. Many people's first reaction to a frustrating situation is to pull out their rifles and start shooting at the animals, but this is obviously a terrible idea. This is a highly inhumane and impatient act.

It only takes a few simple measures to permanently eliminate the skunk menace. A little bit of time and effort is needed, but the end result is worth it.

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